Fortress Longing

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2012 release by Human Greed

In Fortress Longing Human Greed has delivered a singular and hypnotic work of disagreeable beauty

“Staggeringly beautiful music… utterly dreamlike… one of the albums of the year”
Brainwashed (Fortress Longing)

“A studio master creating an album of of mystery and imagination… contains so many moments of sheer perfection. Impossible to pin down. Impossible to put down”
Was Ist Das

“A rich release full of hidden drama. Excellent.”
Vital Weekly

“Fortress Longing has the confidence and construct of a single orchestral symphony… with the unpredictable power to chill or destroy”
Musique Machine

“A gorgeous one-hour aural journey”
Francois Couture

“The music unfolds as a beautiful symphony from a parallel universe… It is a grand and compelling masterpiece of unprecedented splendour.”


2012 release by Human Greed Michael Begg is joined, once more, by erstwhile visual artist Deryk Thomas, and a handful of other performers and friends: Antony and the Johnsons cellist Julia Kent once more lends grace to the proceedings, whilst Fovea Hex colleague Laura Sheeran provides vocal arrangements and harmonies. Nicole Boitos – who painted the blue lamb featured on the cover of the recording also provides a reading voice to Begg’s texts, as does the Norwegian singer Tommy Aashildrod. Further vocal chants and singing bowls are provided by Charlemagne Palestine collaborator and 48 Cameras leader Jean Marie Mathoul, whilst Colin Potter, with whom Begg already collaborates on Fragile Pitches and Fovea Hex also contributes

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