New music for the anthropocene in the margins of classical and experimental music.
  • LIMINAL is a programme of performance and development events hosted by Edinburgh’s beautiful Queen’s Hall, and curated by New Music Scotland award winner, Michael Begg.

    The season comprises showcase performances, along with an informally scheduled series of Liminal Nights in the Queen’s Hall bar.

    There are also Liminal labs where musicians, music technologists, programmers, scientists and researchers will explore new musical territory, and find new proposals for articulating the increasingly urgent messages uncovered by environmental and ecological data.

    The programme is made possible through an award from Creative Scotland’s Open Lottery Funding.

    The Liminal Labs are brought about through an ongoing development process between Michael Begg, and the staff and students of Napier University and the University of Edinburgh.

    The lab work has also benefitted from a valuable award from the Help Musicians UK Fusion Scheme.

    This page will be updated with event details shortly. But in the meantime, please follow @liminalnights on Twitter to keep up to date with announcements and offers:

Black Glass Ensemble

  • The Black Glass Ensemble uncover new music for the anthropocene in the margins of contemporary classical and experimental music.

    Black Glass premiered at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh on February 13th 2020

  • For more information on the Black Glass Ensemble, visit the following:

    Black Glass on SoundCloud

Liminal Nights

  • LIMINAL NIGHTS – keep your eye out for this infrequent series of intimate events in the Queen’s Hall Bar.

    Local(ish) artists, and guests from further afield try out new works, new experiments, new collaborations.

    Tickets are cheap. The atmosphere is informal and friendly, and the newly re-furbished bar will keep you fed and watered in good style.


    News Soon!


    Wednesday, October 16th 2019
    Ben Chatwin & Pete Bradley
    Michael Begg & Clea Friend

    Thursday 27th June 2019
    Chris Connelly
    Michael Begg
    Linda Buckley

Liminal Labs

  • LIMINAL seeks new music for the anthropocene in the margins of classical and experimental music.

    Liminal Labs – A series of investigations into the territory where data, composition and programming come together to address the liminal position we now occupy on Earth.

    Data sonification – the ability to extract meaning from datasets through sound – form the foundation of these workshops, which we are running in collaboration with teachers, researchers and students at Napier University and the University of Edinburgh.

    Get in touch with us if you have an interest – as a researcher / data scientist / musician / programmer – and would like to become involved. Just send an email to: contact (at) omnempathy (dot) com

  • Experimental instrument deriving music from a NASA dataset of solar eclipses