Fovea Hex in Germany

A unique distillation of Fovea Hex will be appearing at this year’s Geräuschwelten Festival, in Münster, Germany, on May 7th, as Clodagh Simonds and Michael Begg take to the stage, …

Discogs Store Updated

Please visit our recently updated Discogs store where we stock a broad range of European and Asian avant-garde exploratory music titles – often at sale prices.

Spem in Alium – 30 minute erosion FREE DOWNLOAD

For the month of December my 30 minute erosion of Thomas Tallis’s sublime Spem In Alium is free to download from the Omnempathy Bandcamp: <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a> &nbsp;

World Fair In Landscape

The paperback edition of Michael Begg’s World Fair In Landscape is now available on demand from Lulu… The book features text from the album World Fair accompanied with Begg’s  …