GDPR, your data, and Omnempathy

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25th May, 2018.
Having followed the advice of ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office – we do not believe there is the need to “re-inforce” consent for our mailing list. We will not, therefore, be sending out an email explicitly requiring you to subscribe, or re-subscribe.

That said, the ability to unsubscribe shall continue to be – as it always has been – clearly and simply outlined on any message sent to any of our mail lists; general newsletters, press, promoter and retail information.

Regards the personal data held by Omnempathy – it continues to be very little. Your email address (which is NEVER passed on to any third party) and, if entered by you, your name. Your email address is also associated with any items that you have ordered from the website. We do not hold any information whatsoever about your banking details as all of our orders are handled by Paypal.

Thank you.