Human Greed – Fortress Longing

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Sorry, Special Ltd Edition with Deshret bonus disk now SOLD OUT

The eagerly anticipated fourth album from Human Greed – FORTRESS LONGING: the internal campaign for the safe and complete return of the sleeping egyptian to the desert – is now available. A special limited edition (120) features an additional disc, Deshret, featuring a new 35 minute reworking of Fortress material by Michael Begg and Colin Potter.

Michael Begg is joined, once more, by erstwhile visual artist Deryk Thomas, and a handful of other performers and friends: Antony and the Johnsons cellist Julia Kent once more lends grace to the proceedings, whilst Fovea Hex colleague Laura Sheeran provides vocal arrangements and harmonies. Nicole Boitos – who painted the blue lamb featured on the cover of the recording also provides a reading voice to Begg’s texts, as does the Norwegian singer Tommy Aashildrod. Further vocal chants and singing bowls are provided by Charlemagne Palestine collaborator and 48 Cameras leader Jean Marie Mathoul, whilst Colin Potter, with whom Begg already collaborates on Fragile Pitches and Fovea Hex also contributes – notably in the 30+ minute work, Deshret, included as an extra disc on a limited edition of the release.

In Fortress Longing Human Greed has delivered a singular and hypnotic work of disagreeable beauty!

Buy Fortress Longing (Standard Edition) direct from Omnempathy’s Store