Fortress Longing: Track Listing and Credits

Release Date 13th June 2011


Human Greed
Fortress Longing:
The Internal Campaign for the Safe and Complete Return
of the Sleeping Egyptian to the Desert

An Omnempathy/ICR Release (OMIC2)

I. Invocation
II. Malagathens:hotel
III. Fortress Longing
IV. British Museum
V. In Absentia Variations
VI. Weeping Bees Of Heraklion
VII. Anxiety
VIII. Changing Of The Saddest Guard II
IX. Accumulating Sorrows In The Second Act
X. The Green Line
XI. Solar Wind
XII. An End To Death

Arranged and Produced by Michael Begg
String Arrangement on The Green Line: Julia Kent
Vocal Arrangement on Weeping Bees of Heraklion by Laura Sheeran,
Texts by Michael Begg
Cover Painting
Lamb No. 5 by Nicole M. Boitos

Human Greed:
Michael Begg
Deryk Thomas

Tommy Aashildrød
Joel Begg
Sam Begg
Susan Begg
Nicole Boitos
Julia Kent
Jean Marie Mathoul
Colin Potter
Laura Sheeran

Special Limited Edition Extra Disc:

By Michael Begg & Colin Potter