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Many people are aware that 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing, “The Man Who Cracked The Enigma Code”, much of whose work remained secret until after his untimely death in 1952. Less well known is that his Mother was Irish, and his favorite song was Molly Malone, which, so the story goes, he insisted on rendering on the violin to the police who came to arrest him on charges of gross indecency, before agreeing to make his statement to them.

The recording by Matmos of Clodagh Simonds (Fovea Hex / Mellow Candle) singing Molly Malone, was first featured on their FOR ALAN TURING ep, part of a work commissioned in 2006 by The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at Berkely CA on the opening of their new Mathematics Hall. It will be available as a free download for three days only, March 16, 17, and 18, from the Fovea Hex Bandcamp page . Matmos anticipate that the full FOR ALAN TURING ep will be digitally re-released to coincide with Turing’s 100th anniversary in June 2012


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Goodbye 2011 – Reviews & Interviews

Fovea Hex’s album, HERE IS WHERE WE USED TO SING reached the best of year lists in a number of publications, including Brainwashed ( “one of the few stellar, flawless albums of the year”), Caleidoscoop and Canada’s Textura, who named it Album of the Year. Clodagh Simonds also offered her own listening list of the year to Textura –

Human Greed’s FORTRESS LONGING also received an honourary end-of-year mention in Was Ist Das, whilst the same outlet named Michael Begg’s subsequent low key digital release, LIVE DARK ARTS AT THE CLASSIC as “the most spectral and un-nerving live album I have ever heard”.

In the wake of Fortress Longing there were a number of noteworthy interviews with Michael Begg:


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Fovea Hex – I:I:XII Hail Hope

View/Purchase in the Omnempathy Store

I:I XII Hail Hope

Fovea Hex

Ladies & Gentlemen!
The darkest day is here again – time to take cheer!
It seems we are not alone this year in feeling that our claim is even more resonant than before – the darkest and most midnight hour is the hour to begin to sweetly sing about the breaking dawn…..
and so….
We are happy to announce that HAIL HOPE, is making a timely reappearance. Timely, and tangible, in the form of a CD single.
Whilst Carol remains, as before, a slide and shift through darkest night, Lullaby (debris mix) has been revisited by spectral voices and pulses, and produced by Michael Begg.
If you like your dark a little sweet, your lightness a little sinister, and your promises lustrous, you’ll take these two strangely perfumed songs deep into your own winter cave and learn again to sing.

Digital Release available from from Dec 21st €2.15, and you can order CD at Bandcamp for €6 (inc P&P) and receive immediate download of digital files in a format of your own choosing, plus delivery of CD from Jan 4th

 Buy from Omnempathy Direct

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Fovea Hex – Here Is Where We Used To Sing

The eagerly anticipated album from Fovea Hex, HERE IS WHERE WE USED TO SING has finally arrived and is now shipping from the Omnempathy Store…


Brainwashed say – “the more I listen to the album, the more I fall in love with it. Sublime”

Musique Machine say “With a microscopic attention to the qualities of every sound, each of the eleven tracks has a deep richness that almost overpowers… It binds so deftly the studied traditions of song craft with the free experimentation of sound art to make them seem like wholly natural ingredients of a new form” 5 stars

REMEMBER – the Special Edition of the release with a bonus disc, THREE BEAMS, featuring remixes by William Basinski, Colin Potter and Michael Begg is only available from Janet Records, Die Stadt, ICR and Omnempathy.

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Fovea Hex : Here Is Where We Used To Sing : album release date announced

From Janet Records:


Following the critically-acclaimed NEITHER SPEAK NOR REMAIN SILENT trilogy, it may seem to you as if silence has been reigning quite a while. In reality the Fovea Hex engine resumed its humming and purring after only a brief spell of rest. We just like to take our time. Perhaps you have been wondering where have we been? Well… all along, of course! At times vertical and at other times horizontal, at times singular and at other times plural, in darkness and in light – in assorted rooms, studios, caves, stables, attics, hotel rooms, and lodges, where we have spent a certain amount of time not playing anything at all, but just sitting there – maybe speaking, maybe not. The rest of the time we might have been found plucking, strumming, humming, intoning, bowing, belling, pressing, singing, striking, bouncing, yelping, forwards, backwards, and mirror-image-wards, and all for those shell-like ears you think of as yours! The usual suspects were there, helping Clodagh Simonds bring these eleven new pieces to light (Laura Sheeran, Cora Venus Lunny, Kate Ellis, Colin Potter, Michael Begg, John Contreras, Julia Kent, Brian Eno, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Marco “Il Bue” Schiavo) and some less usual ones dropped in as well, who prefer to remain nameless, and whose preferences we are always glad to honour…….

And so Fovea Hex unfurls another scroll of gorgeous and uneasy listening, partly grounded, partly shifting, and as wholly beguiling as ever.

And on 18th April.2011, HERE IS WHERE WE USED TO SING will be available in digipak CD, FLAC, MP3 formats. (No pre-orders are being taken but get in touch with us if you’d like to note interest and reserve a copy. Send no money!).

A limited edition of 400 copies will include a bonus cd, THREE BEAMS, featuring remixes of three of the tracks by William Basinski, Colin Potter and Michael Begg. This edition is available exclusively from Janet Records (IRE), Die Stadt (DE), Integrated Circuit (UK) andOmnempathy (UK).

To warm you up, and to keep you sweet until April, enjoy these three small treats….

We also invite you to join us online on Facebook and YouTube – whilst not forgetting those who linger in Myspace……

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Fovea Hex : HAIL HOPE!

from Janet Records;
There is a new Fovea Hex album hovering in the Very-Imminent-Future, but it seems to want to belong to 2011 and not 2010 – so, to show how much we appreciate your patience, we’ve prepared a special Present: HAIL HOPE! – a Solstice Single for you to download. The first 200 downloads are *F*R*E*E*!

To download visit the Fovea Hex Bandcamp page:
Track Information:
ONE: Carol X X I : X I I : X
(Simonds / Lunny / Begg)
produced by Michael Begg

vocals: Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran
harmonium: Clodagh Simonds
violin, viola: Cora Venus Lunny
beds, strands, and strips of things; beams of light, dark places: Clodagh Simonds, Michael Begg

TWO: Lullaby X X I : X I I : X
produced by Matt Waldron

vocals: Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran, Jessica Way, Matt Waldron, Michael Begg
harmonium: Clodagh Simonds
cello: John Contreras
midwife: Colin Potter

released 21 December 2010
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Laura Sheeran: Music for the Deep Woods

Laura Sheeran’s digital album, Music for the Deep Woods, is freely available for download from This Is Open Music and can be found at this URL:

Human Greed’s Michael Begg (both Laura and Michael have previously worked together in Fovea Hex) contributes to a beautiful track called Ag Chuimniu

Ag Chuimniú (SWALL)
Michael Begg (fovea hex/human greed) – ambient soundscape
Saoirse Wall (SWALL) – lyrics/songwriter
Laura Sheeran – guitar/vocals/synth

Ag Chuimhniú by laurasheeran