Goodbye 2011 – Reviews & Interviews

Fovea Hex’s album, HERE IS WHERE WE USED TO SING reached the best of year lists in a number of publications, including Brainwashed ( “one of the few stellar, flawless albums of the year”), Caleidoscoop and Canada’s Textura, who named it Album of the Year. Clodagh Simonds also offered her own listening list of the year to Textura –

Human Greed’s FORTRESS LONGING also received an honourary end-of-year mention in Was Ist Das, whilst the same outlet named Michael Begg’s subsequent low key digital release, LIVE DARK ARTS AT THE CLASSIC as “the most spectral and un-nerving live album I have ever heard”.

In the wake of Fortress Longing there were a number of noteworthy interviews with Michael Begg: