The newly released Blind Cave Salamander record “Troglobite” features a guest contribution (electric piano, kaoss pad, glass and groans) from Human Greed’s Michael Begg

From Shayo Recordings:
Blind Cave Salamander is a project by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo – former member of italian band Larsen – and Paul Beauchamp, backed up by sound designer, producer and engineer, Marco Milanesio, and legendary cello player Julia Kent.The music reflects an unusual mix of electronica, strings and guitars, drones and field recordings.A fine collection of sounds that at times lean towards hypnotic lullabies and at others towards abstraction. BIind Cave Salamander unravel shadowy, nocturnal landscapes, into lush, bucolic soundscapes.”Troglobite” features also the experimentalist Michael Begg (Fovea Hex + Human Greed) as well as Little Annie’s pianist Paul Wallfisch.

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