An Introduction to Fortress Longing

Episode 7 of Thomas Bey William Bailey’s recommended “Belsona Academy” podcast features a 30 minute Human Greed special.

“Join us on this weeks Belsona Academy for a journey into Human Greed’s Heart of Darkenss (and into other much more nuanced and indescribable states of being as well) Courtesy of Michael Begg we have an HG exclusive to this show entitled “Introduction to Fortress Longing: the interior campaign for the safe and complete return of the Sleeping Egyptian to the desert.” Building upon a psycho-ambient repertoire that has earned HG comparisons to Arvo Part Henryk Gorecki and other purveyors of lush emotionality this new piece is Begg’s first recorded narrative in 10 odd years. In it he deals with an illuminating moment of confrontation of death, and the singular after effects”

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