Soft, lost and submissive

This event occurred a few days ago. I reported the event to a friend by mail, and I canot get the event out of my head. So, I’ll just report it here direct from the mail originally posted…

“I left my work room this afternoon and, in the hall, a bird flew into my face. What a fright – for both of us. The little thing – red breasted but bigger and more skinny than a Christmas robin went into our bedroom and flew from the headboard to the wardrobe to the changing table. It was only when it had flown itself through panic and into exhaustion that I could get close enough to pick it up and show it the proper way out of the window – “this is glass. You can’t see it, but it hurts”

I expected it to make a token attempt to peck me – the way that living things do. But it didn’t. It was so completely submissive. I could have cried. Strange co-incidence that St Francis of Assisi came on board at the MySpace list the other day.”

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  1. Not had such an experience as this myself for at least a few years now, when a bird flew into my old workplace and sent myself and everybody else there on a mission to help it back outside. These days, the nearest I come to this is rescuing moths, spiders and suchlike. I don’t subscribe to the idea of killing anything, where I can help it, although, somewhat paradoxically, I am happy to both tuck into a meal with certain animals involved and would be only too glad to see the ground swallow some people up…

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