year of the pig

I am told that it is Chinese New Year tomorrow and that they will be welcoming in the year of the pig!

This morning held the first taste of spring so I am happy to go along with this as some kind of beginning. I took my son down to the beach at Yellowcraig, where the atmosphere was beautiful, if vaguely surreal. Hush of spring tide. Piercing blue sky. Clean smell of fresh seaweed and brine. There were a few people walking the thin bar of sand between the water and the beach grass, hand in hand and largely in silence. There was a languid air about the whole scene despite everyone being wrapped up to the ears in jumpers, mittens and scarves. It was like we were all stunned and dazed by the end of winter…

And all I could think about between jumps of small dunes was how I would use three mics in order to best capture the surf. Clearly polluted by a long week of long nights mixing down material for Pigs and Chickens. (I’ll try not to read too much into the album title and this being the year of the pig)

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