Dogs, Dinner & Distribution: a slice through the moment at hand

I live out of town, in a quiet village. Outside in the evening light at this very moment there is a group of dogs and their owners practicing crossing the road. It is an empty road in the middle of the countryside – very pastoral with the new wheat stubble glowing in the fields – and there is a woman teaching the villagers how to cross the road with a dog.

I am hiding in my room while my wife speaks with a stranger downstairs about heating systems, tiling and the price of oil for condenser boilers. This is a pain, not only because we cannot eat our evening meal, but because I have a glass of red wine sitting down there awaiting my attention. I am too much of a coward to go down and claim it and run the risk of having to speak with someone.

I have just read another frustrating email from someone in America wanting to know how he can get hold of Human Greed CDs. This is frustrating because we have STILL not managed to negotiate US retail distribution. And, form the slight evidence that I have to hand, Americans are reluctant to pay in anything but dollars, don’t like using a Paypal store and don’t like using European online retailers.

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