Fragile Pitches – Colin Potter & Michael Begg

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Boomkat – “Massive in scale and often brutally powerful… this is clearly an album shaped by the hands of two seasoned masters in the art of soundscaping.”

Vital Weekly – “Slow, minimalist changes of glacier like moving masses. This is of course the kind of music that needs its time to develop. A great work indeed. Potter is one of the masters of the genre, and this release is easily one of his best.”

Brainwashed – “…a sublime hybrid between the real world and a fantastic alternative… Although it is a live album, Fragile Pitches never truly feels like it happened here on earth”

Musique Machine – 5* – “Circular, tidal movements slowly change into intense, ringing carillon chords setting off the defensive trills and squawks of unknown creatures at night. Shimmering curtains of constantly moving timbres play the same note over avalanches that ultimately reveal a solemn waltz on the wind before it disappears along with all other reverberations into the cathedral’s interior, swallowing like a black hole.”

Buy Standard 2CD Edition

Fragile Pitches Sampler by OMNEMPATHY