Winter leans in

In the morning and in the evening – the two are closer together now that the winter is starting to nuzzle into the house – you can feel the urgent approach of darker days, colder days. The end of the year is looming larger in the minds eye and I can taste Christmas in the morning mist.
I can also see that my little boy is ready to learn about Santa and I am looking forward to that with no reservations – despite the academic jackboots stomping on Christianity, despite the turgid explanations of the basic human need for festivals to break long, lean spells of cold and dark and reify our communal bonds. Yes, despite all reason I am looking forward to instructing my son in the rites of Santa – carrots and Christmas lights marking out a reindeer runway in the garden, single malt and shortbread by the chimney for Mr. Claus, letters pleading the good cause for presents. So with only the slightest trace of a heavy heart I have to report that all the myths we fight against are safe for at least another generation.

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