Fragile Pitches

Fragile Pitches is a project of Colin Potter (Nurse With Wound, Monos, Fovea Hex) and Michael Begg (Human Greed, Fovea Hex). The work was originally commissioned in 2009 by Unique Events to be performed in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the city’s formal New Year celebrations. Prior to the St Giles Cathedral performance, Michael Begg performed sections from the work at St Mary’s Collegiate Church in Haddington, Scotland.

“Fragile Pitches allowed the sizeable audience to breathe deep on its frosty atmosphere. By far the most radical event to grace this year’s celebrations… In turns eerie, contemplative and majestically other-worldly… magnificently put the avant-garde into a populist arena without ever labouring the point. Here, then, was a real festival for the people. Which, by definition, constitutes something resembling revolution in its most creative form.” Neil Cooper, Glasgow Herald

The work was subsequently commissioned to be performed in Legnica, Poland in 2010. In this case the setting was not a church, but a 19th century theatre space.


Fragile Pitches 2CD

Released in June 2010 by Omnempathy/ICR, the live recording of Fragile Pitches at St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, UK is a landmark recording for these artists.

“Massive in scale and often brutally powerful… this is clearly an album shaped by the hands of two seasoned masters in the art of soundscaping.” Boomkat

“Slow, minimalist changes of glacier like moving masses. This is of course the kind of music that needs its time to develop. A great work indeed. Potter is one of the masters of the genre, and this release is easily one of his best.” Vital Weekly

“…a sublime hybrid between the real world and a fantastic alternative… Although it is a live album, Fragile Pitches never truly feels like it happened here on earth” Brainwashed

“Never less than tasteful” The Wire

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