TITAN: A Crane Is A Bridge

Michael Begg has been commissioned by Cryptic to compose and install a new work for electronics, cables, strings and breath to be installed in the wheelhouse of the Clydebank Titan …

A Moon That Lights Itself

A MOON THAT LIGHTS ITSELF New release by Michael Begg CD / Digital (Bandcamp) OMCD08 Release Date – 14th November 2016 omnempathy.com Early in 2016 Michael Begg was commissioned by …

Spem in Alium – 30 minute erosion FREE DOWNLOAD

For the month of December my 30 minute erosion of Thomas Tallis’s sublime Spem In Alium is free to download from the Omnempathy Bandcamp: <a href=”https://omnempathy.bandcamp.com/album/spem-in-alium” target=”_blank”>https://omnempathy.bandcamp.com/album/spem-in-alium</a> &nbsp;

Spem In Alium – free for December 2014

https://omnempathy.bandcamp.com/album/spem-in-alium Michael Begg’s 2013 30 minute erosion of Spem In Alium is, once again, freely avaialble for download from the Omnempathy Bandcamp.