Black Hill Chronicles

Ever heard a wasp scratch wood?



Black Hill Chronicles marks Omnempathy’s experimental dip into podcasting.

In part it is a meditative exploration into the form and function of music and art. But the meditations are situated within a crepuscular narrative unfolding under the shadow of Black Hill.

The territory contains many lonely rooms. Nameless characters sit at tables with green candles, drinking water. Meanwhile, rose thorns are blown against the glass, children tap at doors and ask after missing friends, a hill breathes, a marsh grows hungry for more children.

In the first episode, we visit an exhibition of paintings designed to be viewed in the half light, and engage with a delirium concerning composition, swimming and… it’s hard to explain.

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Episode One: Exhibition

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Produced by Fenton Barns for Omnempathy

The voice of welcome: Paul Rogers
The Narrator: Michael Begg