Oh No Soho

First, sit in a cafe in the heart of Soho and enjoy the eggs Florentine and coffee.
Second, quietly record the conversations emerging from the other tables.
Third, remove the recordings from their context:

“Blended team profile hothousing”
“Sure, but how clear is the specified content integration on the innovation stream?”
“XXX is leading.”
“Was he with Virgin? Sky? Do you know him?”
“No. He was with Yahoo! I don’t know him”
“No, we were talking strategy, and I am having to play the long game on that”
“She’s more comfortable in consultancy. She was never particularly well… liked. But she’s a smart cookie. She’s different. She is the 4th richest woman on the FTSE… since she was 19.”
“Yeah, yeah. OK. Let me circle round and visit resource on the fly past. We’re going to have to push.”
Fourth, ask how did we get here, how did we come to this?

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