The Nostalgia Surge

Maybe its a hangover from having to prepare a Best Man speech, but I feel absolutely infected with an urge to record snapshots, unconnected vignettes, form the lost years – a whole hill of name dropping, a seething pit of nocturnal episodes. I loaded four years of photographs onto one of the laptops the other morning and the program did something very strange – it flashed all the images in rapid succession as it set about building its internal catalogue. Each frame lasted a fraction of a second and four years of my life passed by in about three minutes. It was as emotionally exhausting as it was exhilarating and perhaps there’s something in me wanting to raise the same dizzying effect with the memories that weren’t photographed. I recall a few – well, many – years ago that speed would generate the same effect.
Some of the new recordings are attempting to capture this snapshot, careering, flashback effect – though not with personal memory. The snapshots come from several months worth of audio snippets captured from low rent television – in particular, unmissable treats such as Booze Britain, extreme Plastic Surgery, and Cable Tarot. These episodes only existed as sketches, but I feel the thing starting to coalesce now.

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