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Omnempathy releases work by award winning East Lothian based composer, musician and sound artist Michael Begg. Related items include Human Greed, Fovea Hex and Fragile Pitches

Michael Begg

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The final instalment of The Salt Garden is here

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Fovea Hex

The Salt Garden 3 is now available in 3 editions 

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  • “Another beautiful piece in a flawless catalog… ” Brainwashed

Michael Begg

SONAMBULO is now available on CD and download 

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  • “One has to be careful what one takes when one goes away forever.”Leonora Carrington

Michael Begg

TITAN: A Crane Is A Bridge, Begg’s commissioned work for Cryptic’s Sonica Festival is available on CD and download 

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  • Titan sleeve
  • Begg’s extraordinary sound… building to moments of ecstatic beautyThe Scotsman

Black Glass Ensemble

In the autumn of 2018, Michael Begg published a hand written poster seeking musicians to join him in a new exploration of the liminal territories between contemporary classical and experimental music.

A grouping of seven highly skilled and experienced players joined him in exploratory rehearsals.

Now that the Scottish winter is clearing, the Black Glass Ensemble are in a position to be able to share their emerging work.
Black Glass performed the premiere of 4 new pieces of work at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Feb 13th 2020

For more information visit the Black Glass Ensemble website:

SHUM Residency

Composer Residency, Mexico

In November – December 2018 Michael spent time in Morelia and Mexico City.

The composer residency was developed as part of Seeing Hearing UK Mexico, a three-year collaboration between the UK and Mexico made possible with the support of Anglo Arts the cultural department of The Anglo Mexican Foundation A.C; British Council Mexico, CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras) and Cryptic. Michael spent two weeks in the studios of CMMAS, Morelia, and concluded his residency with a solo performance there..

Whilst in Mexico, Michael developed a new piece os work, Sonambulo, based on the work of painter Leonora Carrington. He also gave a talk, Reconciling The Divorce Between Music And Space at the Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico City.

TITAN: A Crane Is A Bridge

Michael Begg

World Premiere. A Cryptic / Sonica commission for Sonica 2017, Glasgow, UK

~ WINNER Scottish New Music Awards 2018 ~
  • Michael Begg’s TITAN was awarded the Holiday Inn Theatreland Award for New Electroacoustic / Sound Art work at the 2018 Scottish New Music Awards.
    High over Clydebank, in the wheelhouse at the top of the Titan Crane, Michael Begg presents a site-specific installation that transforms the iconic structure into both musical inspiration and musical instrument. The crane symbolises past and future, both a monument to an industrial age of unprecedented feats of engineering and exploration and, today, signals a prospective epoch of ambition, imagination and outgoingness. In Begg’s piece, the crane and its environment become the basis for a work for electronics, cables, strings and breaths, playing on the material of the structure and the voice of the wind that sings around the elevated wheelhouse.




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