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Michael Begg | Mélenchon Brève

ONE TRUE VINE is now available on CD and download 

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  • One True Vine sleeve
  • Reflective and devotional tones charged with spirituality and contemplative sorrowNorman Records

Michael Begg

TITAN: A Crane Is A Bridge, Begg’s commissioned work for Cryptic’s Sonica Festival is available on CD and download 

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  • Titan sleeve
  • Begg’s extraordinary sound… building to moments of ecstatic beautyThe Scotsman

Fovea Hex

The Salt Garden Part 2 is now available as a CD and limited edition 10″ vinyl. 

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  • Fovea Hex The Salt Garden 2
  • another wondrous Fovea Hex EP5 against 4

TITAN: A Crane Is A Bridge

Michael Begg

World Premiere. A Cryptic / Sonica commission for Sonica 2017, Glasgow, UK

  • High over Clydebank, in the wheelhouse at the top of the Titan Crane, Michael Begg presents a site-specific installation that transforms the iconic structure into both musical inspiration and musical instrument. The crane symbolises past and future, both a monument to an industrial age of unprecedented feats of engineering and exploration and, today, signals a prospective epoch of ambition, imagination and outgoingness. In Begg’s piece, the crane and its environment become the basis for a work for electronics, cables, strings and breaths, playing on the material of the structure and the voice of the wind that sings around the elevated wheelhouse.





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