Interviews, and other texts

“Human Greed (or Michael Begg) is, for me, one of the foremost composers or musicians working today. His music is just immense, the emotional impact of it and the ease with which it soaks into the air and the atmosphere. “
Wyrd Britain (UK)




Selected Interviews

Andrew Liles – 10 Questions for Michael Begg (2015)

Tokafi September 2014

IEM Radio (Russian language) One hour special on Human Greed, 2014

Voice of Russia August 2013 (Michael Begg and Dimitri Aryupin radio interview supporting OMEGA)

Brainwashed January 2012

The Quietus August 2011

Blow Up September 2011 (in Italian)

Musique Machine February 2010

Tokafi September 2010

Paraphilia Magazine (also contains Michael Begg’s text “Moon Suite”)

Belsona Academy, 2009 (podcast hosted by Thomas Bailey, focused on Fortress Longing)

Adverse Effect May 2009