Let The Cold Stove Sing

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“Let the Cold Stove Sing is moody, introspective and gravitational. It’s a more restrained album than we’re used to hearing from Michael Begg (Human Greed), but it may be his best.”
A Closer Listen

“a heartbreakingly beautiful and important album”
The Active Listener

“Mr Begg feels like an unstoppable force”
Was Ist Das

These recordings comprise work conceived for theatre, gallery and installation contexts. They are concerned with defined and definite spaces, places and absences. These places arise both from nature and through construction. In turn, the construction may be natural or virtual.
They are informed by the great divorce of music and context occasioned by the birth of recording, and by the 20 year fermata occurring after the invention of recording and before the discovery of the means of affecting playback. This was, by definition, the period where we began to conceive of the need to listen repeatedly, in the way an archaeologist brushes repeatedly at the desert, for clues, details, and, possibly, reason.

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