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Michael Begg | Human Greed

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Hivernant is beautiful, haunting, languid, beguiling

“A refined album, crafted with great care and which sounds great. Perfect for what seems to be the starting of another dark season.”
Vital Weekly

“I cannot recommend both this album and Human Greed/ Begg’s discography highly enough. These recordings are hidden vaults that, once opened, will soundtrack your days and nights with beauty, longing, melancholy, grace and joy. Trust me, awaken the hivernant within you.”
The Active Listener

Michael Begg : After releasing World Fair (Omnempathy, 2014) I became a sketchbook. I had a few creases and the best way of smoothing them out was to take a swift, light touch and make marks on paper. I documented the landscape in East Lothian, and the watercolours were nothing more than the evidence of time spent looking. And that was enough. I sketched notes about silence, about space and place, music and recording. I took one step to the side and listened to the time rush by. I applied the same light touch to the studio. I sketched. It was enough. I somehow, briefly, removed ambition and purpose and found, in the winter, a moment of repose.

I now feel like some little winter animal, a hivernant, arising from sleep.

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