Hail Hope

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I:I XII Hail Hope

Fovea Hex, CD Single

produced by Michael Begg

Ladies & Gentlemen!

The darkest day is here again – time to take cheer!

It seems we are not alone this year in feeling that our claim is even more resonant than before – the darkest and most midnight hour is the hour to begin to sweetly sing about the breaking dawn…..

and so….

We are happy to announce that HAIL HOPE, is making a timely reappearance. Timely, and tangible, in the form of a CD single.

Whilst Carol remains, as before, a slide and shift through darkest night, Lullaby (debris mix) has been revisited by spectral voices and pulses, and produced by Michael Begg.

If you like your dark a little sweet, your lightness a little sinister, and your promises lustrous, you’ll take these two strangely perfumed songs deep into your own winter cave and learn again to sing.

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