Fragile Pitches X

This December (2019) it will have been a decade since Colin Potter and Michael Begg, at the invitation of Edinburgh City Council and Unique Events lifted the roof off a packed St Giles Cathedral with Fragile Pitches.

Michael Begg – Recently, I found a 25 minute long recording of a rehearsal session I undertook in November of the same year in which I gave the instruments and PA a workout in another Scottish church to test the capacity of the material to hold its own in such a reverberant space.

That earlier performance was conducted at St Mary’s parish church, Haddington East Lothian, on a bill that included the then First Minister, Alex Salmond, Fish and Dougie Maclean. I toned it down a little for the evening – but this recording is from the afternoon soundcheck when I was left to my own devices on hallowed ground.

I am now very happy to make that recording available – topped and tailed with a couple of novelty “postcard” snapshots of the Fragile Pitches performance.

The recording will only be available digitally – first of all via the Omnempathy Bandcamp, but from next week you’ll find it on pieTunes, Spotiface, etc.

Fans of massive drones, sub zero sonic glaciers, wall crumbling subs and stained glass shards of holy juggernauts will be well satisfied.

Curious completists will also notice an outing for the theme from Fortress Longing executed on a majestically proportioned synth workout.

Proceeds from this digital-only release will contribute towards the production costs of physical releases scheduled for this year.