Fovea Hex – Italian Dates

This has just been posted on the Fovea Hex MySpace profile…

On July 16, Fovea Hex together with Blind Cave Salamander perform at the SOUND THRESHOLD open air festival, in the breathtakingly beautiful mountain setting of the Terrazza Delle Stelle, (The Terrace of the Stars) which is the astronomical observatory of the Tridentine Museum of Natural Science, Trento, Italy.

For more information, see here and the soon-to-be-completed official website here.

Fovea Hex on this occasion will feature Clodagh Simonds, Laura Sheeran, Cora Venus Lunny, Julia Kent, Michael Begg and Colin Potter.

Though few details are yet available, Fovea Hex has also been confirmed as headlining for one of the evenings of the prestigious Reggio Emilia Contemporary festival in Italy in early November, where their performance will be aided and abetted by not only Matmos, but also a full choir…… information about last years REC Festival, for the curious, can be found here. More information soon…….

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