feckin' cold cell

Curious. This morning two guys turned up at the front door saying they’d come to “do the garden” I showed them around the back of the house and they set to work.

I couldn’t quite place what it was about them… they wore white and had short cropped hair and were physically quite beautiful, though rough, sleazy and macho – yet camp. Then it hit me – COIL had come to do my garden. But, of course, there’s more. They both had Irish accents – really thick backwater Cork accents (what an ex girlfriend referred to as the Bog Arse of Nowhere) and were both tiny. I mean, these boys must both be around 5′ 2″ tall! They are leprechauns!! Or, maybe, they are a midgit COIL tribute band?

An Irish midget coil tribute band of physically attractive mythical celtic creatures are digging my garden.

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