Mutation of the Artistic Urge

Question – What drives your art? If it is not the feeling that it is all you can do and that it is a biological necessity then it is time to question yourself.
Postulation – If the motive for the expression is money and / or vanity then can you consider the piece of work to be of any value whatsoever at all. Should there be some degree of cultural punishment for those who tarnish the purity of expression by their lowest common denominator vain indulgence? Are we allowed to spit in the street, master? Can we sneer, and ignore them in our theatres and galleries and in our homes? I feel belittled by the weight of product, by the lack of skill, by the lack of desperation involved, by the lack, perhaps, of the presence of God in the work! And what’s more the purity of our good intentions, little talented pilgrim, are undermined, weakened and misappropriated every day.
Evidence – Like you needed it
So, with creative expression driven by greed, vanity, and the hopeless nostalgic demands of a low life form majority the world is sucker punched into the romance of an old man lifting chains, being simple, and punching hard for an ill defined sense of achievement and glory…

Strike That! I almost make it sound better than it is. Please someone let me know that he dies in the end!

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