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Is it the stars, fate, co-incidence, or nothing at all?

It always fascinates me the way that random phenomena build instant relationships/constellations/greater meaning!

I have been in correspondence recently with the artistic director of an experimental music festival asking about the possibility of Human greed appearing live.
Normally, this would raise the usual anxiety from me indicating the impossibility of live work on account of the amount of processing involved in our recording techniques. (The underlying truth to this has always been that I can’t think of it as being anything other than boring to sit and watch a couple of grown men dicker around with little buttons and sliders. Hardly dynamic, is it – but that’s an aside)
However, this correspondence coincides with me submitting to peer pressure and acquiring a Mac! One of the first things I loaded into the little silver box was Ableton Live and I have been impressed by the amount of real time manipulation that the software allows for – particularly in session view.
Now, in addition to this I have been indulging in a campaign to get sound creation back out of the software environment that has occupied me for five years – primarily through frustration with PCs being unable to handle the processing load demanded by our “technique” – and hence another reason for the move to Mac!
This has resulted in processing and altering alternatives to standard acoustic guitar audio capture, acquiring samplers and microphones and some other odds and trinkets, and so forth.
So the alignment is falling in to place. i can now, after all this time, imagine Human Greed as a live proposition – quite a formidable one at that. Now that I am attuned to that particular constellation of phenomena it will, I imagine, begin gathering strength and form over the coming months.