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Human Greed/Fragile Pitches – Live at Intermediale Festival, Poland

Human Greed will perform at the Intermediale Festival, Legnica, Poland (Festiwal Form Audiowizualnych INTERMEDIALE 2010) on Friday 26th November. Fragile Pitches, the collaborative piece by Colin Potter and Michael Begg which debuted in 2009 at St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh will also be performed at the festival on the same evening, and will feature a live mixed video projection by Polish audio visual artist Krzysztof Pawlik.

The event takes place in the Teatr Modrzejewskiej, Legnica (pictured above)

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A huge thank you to all who made the brief Human Greed tour in Poland so enjoyable; new names and faces as well as more familiar rogues and rascals!

Special mentions must go to Lukasz Szalankiewicz for setting up the shows, and BrendaLeeDVD for joining us on stage in Warsaw to contribute some beautiful vocal work.

There has never been a more generous rider than that supplied by Michal at Plan B, nor a more generously powered PA to space ratio than that supplied by Karol at Laznia, Gdansk.

Always good, as ever, to have Lumberton’s Richo Johnson and Audiotong’s Marcin Barski to hand.

Thanks all!

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As preparations continue apace for next week’s performances in Poland, and the first flabby reviews for Black Hill begin to trickle in with their tiresome limpid references to “ambient” and “dark” and “dread” and “chilling atmospherics” etcetera, it is gratifying to observe that the promoters of the show in Gdansk are prepared to spare a few lines to suggest what lies under the ripples of sound…

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I am all warm and fuzzy in the heart, and have warm memories of the kind hearted folks in that most open hearted of cities; Krakow.
The fact that there are three mentions of “heart” in a single sentence perhaps indicate that the unique brand of camaraderie that arises out of sitting in candlelit spaces drinking together was much in evidence – but nevertheless many thanks are due to Richo, Marcin, Mark and Lucasz for making last weekend so memorably enjoyable.

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cheap day return supersaver to humanity's closing chapter

You know, when contemplating a trip to Krakow one’s thoughts do tend to naturally turn towards death, despair and that point where humanity and art reached, for a while, something of a full stop.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I fell upon a tour promising “Auschwitz tours in comfortable vans

There is something in the line “transportation by a private car or max.8 person van” that just screams out packed, stinking terror filled cattle wagon roaring into the smoke of the oven.