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Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star

Original artwork by Deryk Thomas for the forthcoming Human Greed album, Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star, to be released on Lumberton Trading Co in October 2008


In Absentia
Internal Moment
Silver Coin
Portrait of God with Broken Toys
Chaplins of Ms Selfridge
Dalkeith Night
Mouth Replaced, Tears Removed
Midnight at the Blighted Star
Pig in the Moon
Sleeping in Stations
The Graces Departing

Guest contributors; Clodagh Simonds, Julia Kent, Fabrizio Palumbo, David Tibet

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Gone Every Evening

In the recent-ish Fovea Hex shows at Torino and Barcelona one of the highlights has been a song called “Every Evening”. A very different version of this, along with another piece called “Gone” have been released by Andrew Liles / Fovea Hex as a collaborative limitied edition (500) 7″ vinyl package, curiously called “Gone Every Evening”. Appearing are; Clodagh Simonds, Andrew Liles, Laura Sheeran, Fabrizio Palumbo and yours truly.

Copies have arrived in the post from both Andrew and Clodagh, so I have one to hold in each hand.

It’s a lovely piece of work (in which I am credited as contributing “ambient tinting”) which is also lovingly packaged, and made available to the discerning public by the equally discerning Die Stadt