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OMEGA at Edinburgh Festival – video and reviews

OMEGA began its run at the Edinburgh Festival on August 1st 2013.

“OMEGA Only a Russian company (blackSKYwhite) would offer such apocalyptic cabaret pleasures. Dark, unsettling and stunning.”
The List (Top 5 cabarets to catch at the Festival)

Click on image below to view an early preview video clip. Music: Michael Begg, voice: Little Annie Bandez


Review Round Up

“Beautiful and extraordinary physical performance by Marcella Soltan…

“Omega is driven by the three-way powerhouse of soundtrack, lighting design, and physical action. What looks to be burlesque romp dissolves into something far more dangerous.

Omega is a truly total theatre… thrilling, uncomfortable, scary. You will emerge blinking into the daylight shaken and stirred. Be warned.”

Total Theatre


“Omega is a very welcome reminder of just how high [the] bar has been set… it is often impossible to believe that human beings can actually move like this. It is also rare to see a production as technically polished… Far more than a show: this is a true theatrical experience.”


At their best, the Russian bogey-clowns can corkscrew into your brain with impossible images, needling rhythms and enervating repetitions. Their tonal control is exceptional, their physical skill quite astonishing and their grasp of image and illusion world-class.

“This Pandora’s box of bizarre and sinister images takes place at the rather un-cabaret-friendly hour of 2.35pm, and may leave you wondering what exactly it was you consumed for lunch.

“A circus of horrors series of vignettes that vamp up their disturbing qualities to hysterical proportions… the cast demonstrate mesmerising nuance and skill… Flashes of arresting innovation”

Fest Magazine


“There are unforgettable moments – the spiders that weave reality, the manic energy of the two chorus girls and the final image of a lurking, sinister entity… A tableau of the Biblical story of Holofernes and Judith is erotic and disturbing.”

The List


“Exhilaratingly gripping… a must see… but be warned, even the most intrepid fan of the gothic may find the characters stay with them a little later into the night than they would like.”

EdFest Magazine

We were intoxicated, mesmerized and in awe

Social Media Reviews
“If I could I would live out the rest of my life inside blackskywhite’s Omega” @harliquinade
“Stir fries the brain in a dark and disturbing circus setting. Well worth catching” @FifeFreePress
“Glad we caught the Omega Hoochie Coochie Carnival for the end of time #intoxicating” @theatretripping
“Sit at the front, forget u r in a theatre and lose yourself for an hour. Superb!” @properjobtheatre
“We saw this production at Glastonbury 2013 – if you are anywhere near Edinburgh this month – you must see this show – one of the best things I’ve seen in my life” Youtube comment
“Such a highlight of Glastonbury Festival!! Jaw droppingly good” Michelle Queen, Facebook fan page

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OMEGA:OST announced


The next Omnempathy release will be OMEGA:OST by Michael Begg | Human Greed.

The album contains original material featured in the blackSKYwhite production, OMEGA, directed by the formidable Dimitri Aryupin – and other material handed down through generations of performers associated with this mysterious circus. Formal release will be 31st July (the day that the show begins a 4 week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival) – but subscribers to the Omnempathy mail list and Human Greed Facebook page may receive the disk as soon as June 28th to coincide with the premiere at Glastonbury 2013.

There will be a Ltd edition featuring a second disk of material of which we actually know very little at this point. All we have to hand is that it features songs and jazz rags attributed to “Michael Begg’s Black Glass Ensemble”


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blackSKYwhite – OMEGA


More news regarding the new show from Moscow’s brilliant blackSKYwhite theatre company.

OMEGA, which features original sound, music and text from Michael Begg, premieres at Glastonbury Festival from June 28th and will run for 4 weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the end of July. The Edinburgh Shows are hosted by the central – and newly refurbished – festival venue – Assembly Rooms

Tickets are now on sale for the Edinburgh performances. Early booking is highly recommended as blackSKYwhite – Fringe First and Total Theatre Award winners will quickly acquire a lot of attention.


Book tickets for Edinburgh Fringe shows at Assembly Rooms –

blackSKYwhite new english language Twitter feed@bSw_theatre


OMEGA. A hoochie-coochie carnival for the end of time. Out from the sideshow shadows creep an astounding array of mythical freaks,ageless hucksters, and mind-twisting curiosities. Raised from apocryphal texts, warped by black mirrors and prisms. Masters of the macabre spectacle, technical wizards, and true innovators of theatrical sleight-of-hand, Moscow’s blackSKYwhite – Fringe First and Total Theatre winners – return with their boldest, most audacious production to date, realised in the scale that this company deserves. Loud, exhilarating and utterly compelling.

‘The overall effect is poignant, terrifying, exhilarating – leaving audiences gasping, and leaping to their feet to cheer’ Guardian.

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Performances | Shows | new dates

Advance notice for dates through 2013

May 22nd, Edinburgh – Michael Begg (solo) opening for Chrysta Bell, Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh UK

June 28th – 30th – blackSKYwhite’s OMEGA with original soundtrack by Michael Begg, Glastonbury Festival, UK

July 30th – Aug 25th – blackSKYwhite’s OMEGA with original soundtrack by Michael Begg, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK

Aug 24th – Human Greed UK (tbc)

More details to follow


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I am so seldom excited by what is happening in theatre today. However, I am still kept warm to the thought of what is possible through my memories of Moscow’s BlackSkyWhite performing Bertrand’s Toys in Edinburgh in, I think, ’95 or ’96. (Edit. Thanks Dougie for correcting me – it was in fact 2000)

This was a real eye opener for how very little light, a lot of noise, energy and physical commitment could result in something truly transformative, even in a relatively humble performance space. All this time down the line and I have still seen nothing to compare!

This Youtube clip gives little away of the intensity this small troupe can arouse, but is suggestive