One True Vine. The new recording by Michael Begg | Mélenchon Brève

ONE TRUE VINE, ensemble works of reflection and devotion, by Michael Begg | Mélenchon Brève, will be released by Omnempathy in the 4th week of November 2017.

The songs were recorded in L’Eglise Ste. Kacey, Samöens, and assembled and mixed at Captains Quarters, East Lothian.

Track Listing:

1 In The Old Style
2Les Enfants T’Attendre
3 Nightwalking
4 Bury The Choir In Fifteen Feet Of Snow
5 Sentiment And Loss
6 Improvisation After Prayers
7 Tu As Perdu Ta Langue
8 Strugatsky’s Audition As Bell Ringer
9 We Have All The Time In The Night
10 Written On Egg White
11 One True Vine

As with several previous Omnempathy releases, this recording is notated “a pocket of resistance”

Details will remain necessarily brief but it can be suggested that the work comprises 16th century melancholy, 19th century romance and 21st century longing.