Human Greed – 2nd World Fair preview video

A second preview clip has been released in advance of World Fair’s formal release date of October 27th.

The clip, “Waiting In A Car” was directed, using stock footage, by Cnada’s Dominic F Marceau, and also features the voice of Nicole M. Boitos Hayworth, the painter and tattoo artist whose Lamb No. 5 adorned the cover of Fortress Longing.


Human Greed :: Waiting in a Car

from the album WORLD FAIR (OMCD05)

Music – Human Greed
Text – Michael Begg
Reader – Nicole M. Boitos Hayworth

Video Edited and Directed by Dominic F. Marceau

Finally, the night has come,
You have kissed goodnight to everyone.
Time has led you
To this tiny singularity

Orion pilots the underworld above
And will absorb your passing
In pitch curtains and black aeons
Fleeting as a fallen eyelash

There is a shadow on the shoreline
A ship bites against her anchor
Fresh blood beads on your lip
Around a fishhook of lost years

Carry on through the morning
With your cut lip
The spilled milk in the grass
And your simple repast

You move inexorably
Towards your supper of coal
And a cot in the snow
The vespers chase the starlings into the night

Finally, the night has come
And you say goodnight to everyone
And look up alone
To feel the night move

“I believe in heat death
I believe in counting stars
Entropy, and lies
We aim so high”

With fishhook and eyelash
With a bead of blood
You make a closed system
Of love, pain and purpose

Your contribution is noted
And instantly forgotten
In the mildewed salon
of wedding gifts

A ship bites against her anchor
The fishhook tugs at your lip
Your father wipes a bead of blood
from your mouth, no longer immortal

Your mother keeps your baby teeth
Among her earrings
Beneath her mirror
No longer immortal

You became a creature of a bigger world
When you saw milk stream from the calf’s mouth
And onto the grass
No longer immortal

The system opens up
Entropy pours through
There is nothing so clean as a mountain
There is no embrace like the snow

Your ecstasies, brief as photos
Fleeting as a fallen eyelash
Sharp as a hook
The ship tugs on your lip

The starlings ride the vesper bells
Your father holds a tissue
You swallow charcoal
So black amidst all this snow