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logo_axe copyThe Krakow based suite of labels managed by Richard (Richo) Johnson has recently published its latest list of new and recent releases, rarities, trades and treasures. Richo, like so many on the margins of music and art, is experiencing real challenges in keeping his enterprise afloat in the present economic climate. To this end – and in view of Lumberton’s previous support for Human Greed – we are reproducing the list in full here, along with Richo’s heartfelt appeal that precedes the catalogue. We do this in the hope that we can persuade you to dip in and collect some goodies. It is a long, rich and compelling list of good, bad and ugly recordings, many of which are at extraordinarily knock-down prices.

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Please read the introduction carefully for news

 about the latest and upcoming releases,

 as well as details of the discount available on

 orders of 25.00 GBP or more.


January 2013

The Painting of a Warning Sign…


All orders received here help to keep my activities going with Lumberton Trading Company, Fourth Dimension and Adverse Effect.  Of which, it must be stressed that many such labels are genuinely struggling to keep afloat these days. Mine included. We are currently trying to survive in turbulent times where few people have money to spare for the records they might like, plus it has to be stated the marketplace is completely and utterly saturated as well. This latter point in itself raises a personal dilemma for me in the sense that only my bloated ego and concomitant conviction in the work I’m doing (with the labels and otherwise) really drives it along. I believe in the artists who I work with, and I endorse their work completely and utterly. This is what binds me. And whilst it is only too easy for me to sit behind my fence and take pot shots at those labels/artists I feel are only contributing to the present problems, there are countless others ‘out there’, limping along in a similar manner to my own endeavours, more than deserving of all the support they can muster. To say otherwise whilst sinking into my armchair with a glass of wine would defeat the very reason I’ve long been involved in all of this and, for sure, it’s the reason I hope to continue…

However, unless this list (my first for a considerable while) generates enough orders to reach my (not unreachable) target, I believe Fourth Dimension and Lumberton Trading Company’s respective futures will move even closer to the precipice that’s now long been on the horizon. More blatantly, if this list does not generate a few hundred £s, I am going to have to seriously consider abandoning the labels, repaying those who’ve helped them along with subscriptions and so on, and leaving all such operations to a footnote in my own history of accomplishments.

This is the bottom line.

I want to try and turn things around, rather than admit defeat. However, this requires direct support from those of you reading this. You know, 20 orders of just £20 each would make a considerable difference to matters. 40 such orders would get things greased to a relatively healthy level. It is that simple. Pre-orders and subscriptions have always also helped matters as well. To that end, if anybody wants to take a subs for the 6 x MLPs/12”s and 12 x 7”s, I have ONE place available for each still (as I have just one copy of the Youngs/Fowler 7” remaining…and a last copy of the Glass Out MLP). Please write if interested.

In order to encourage the response I’m aiming for, you will see many bargains and deals tucked away here. Additionally, I am prone to throwing in freebie CDs, etc. with bigger orders. Why? Because I have operated my labels not to stare at boxes of unsold stock but to primarily promote the work of those who’ve had releases on them. And because, despite all of my veneer and occasional bouts of blustering, I am actually a generous person who’d rather spread those passions for music than let them simply gather dust in a cupboard’s corner.

Anyway, I hope you read this and that some of it resonates. I’m sure I speak for many others as well. And there is no way I’ll be trying to enrol for a fucking Kickstarter scheme, or whatever. I’d sooner die on my own sword than resort to such measures, to be perfectly frank. Enough of this for now, though…

I have tried to keep everything here at affordable (or, as I now say, ‘crisis-friendly’!) prices. A lot of this stock is generated by trades for my releases. I am fine with considering all such offers against my own back catalogue items, although please consider the areas of interest here. Equally, I welcome you passing these lists to others you feel will be interested in them.

I hope you do continue to support them, anyway. Thanks. All payments are perhaps best via Paypal ( or via bank transfer (please email about this). I will also happily accept well-concealed UK, US or Euro cash and, indeed, UK cheques.  Finally, Polish customers can also write for a total in PLN.

On a separate note, my group Theme, following a few successful collaborative shows (and studio recording session) in September 2011 with Zsolt Sores and Faust’s Jean-herve Peron, will play in collaboration with them again in late March at the CoCArt Festival in Torun. Two other shows in Poland should happen around the same time, too. Meanwhile, the limited edition MLP release on LTCo  (see info below) is now out. This will be followed by a 7” (also featuring Jhp and Zsolt, plus Piotr Kurek), hopefully, later this year, if I can keep things going. Additionally, a Splintered CD collection will be going into production soon on a Finnish label. News next time.

Lastly, I am now able to help all artists/labels with a CD manufacturing service via my connections here in Poland (I have discounted accounts with two plants) . I am already working with several labels and artists and am happy to help others in this capacity. Please send me an email if interested in a quote.

Thank you,


NOTE ONE (AMENDED): Apply 10% discount to all orders of £25.00 and over (excl. postage).

NOTE TWO: I will always gladly consider small trades with other labels of a similar idiosyncratic disposition against my own FD or LTCo releases. I am always after new stock from the worlds of noise/improv/art-rock/electro-acoustic music/free jazz/post-punk/post-industrial/electronica/post-dancefloor/outsider music/etc. Generally, however, I do not trade against CDR or cassette releases, but will sometimes make concessions…

NOTE THREE: POLISH CUSTOMERS!!! When interested in placing an order, please write to me beforehand for a total in PLN that accounts for the national postage rates. Thank you.

NOTE FOUR: For those who are unsure about what to buy exactly, I am happy to accept a payment in return for a selection of items tailored to your tastes. This may seem a little odd, but I have had several such requests during recent times and the idea seems to work (plus guarantees some great value for money). To do this, please send a minimum of £30.00.


Postage Rates 


UK/EUROPE: First 7” or CD…£2.50, each extra £1.00/First 10”, 12” or LP…£5.00, each extra £2.00  NB: These prices include air mail from Poland.

USA + ELSEWHERE: First 7” or CD…£3.50, each extra £1.00/First 10”, 12” or LP…£7.00, each extra £2.00  NB: These prices include air mail from Poland and allow for PayPal fees, etc.


* Please allow appropriate postage for double LPs and CDs, etc.

** When combining vinyl orders with CD, please use the highest postage charge for the initial calculation, then the lowest additional from that point on; i.e., postage on an order for an LP and two CDs to the UK would  be: £4.00 (LP) + £1.00 (two CDs) = £5.00 total.

*** If you want insurance, it is £3.00 extra.



Richo/Fourth Dimension/LTCo

ul. S. Ogrodniczek 9/10

30-051 Krakow, Poland






LUMB021  BRIAN CONNIFFE  LP.  Limited to 300, this will be the fourth entry in the series of six 12”/MLP releases. News next time. Meanwhile, here is a track from it, if interested:


 LUMB020 ACID COBRA Petrified Minds CD. Another label-share release, this time by the artist Amaury Cambuzat’s own imprint, Acid Cobra, and USA-based Yesmissolga, bringing the latest collection of solo works by this Ulan Bator founder, Faust member and occasional collaborator with Jean-herve Peron and others. Fusing wiry yet strong songcraft with a whiff of psychedelia and fervent post-punk sensibilities, this album catches some of Amaury’s most focussed work so far. Out in late November 2012. £9.00   OUT NOW!


LUMB019  BIRDS BUILD NESTS UNDERGROUND So As CD.  Released in June 2012. NOTE: SOLD OUT directly from us, but still available via other sources, including the label it was joint-released with, Love Nest. Visit Discogs please.


LUMB018  THEME with ZSOLT SORES AHAD and JEAN-HERVE PERON Poison Is (Not) The Word. The third entry in the 12”/MLP subs series. In early September 2011, Theme, the Poland/UK-based group centred around Lumberton Trading Company’s very own Richard Johnson (ex-Splintered, Husk, etc.) and Stuart Carter (ex-Splintered, The Fields Of Hay, ex-Heroin, etc.), went into a Budapest studio with their good friends Zsolt Sörés and Jean-herve Peron (a.k.a. Art-Errorist of influential German group, Faust) for two days. Although some basic ideas had been worked on and discussed prior to this meeting, the main objective was to record a side-long piece of music that used one of these ideas as a starting point to what would otherwise essentially amount to a collaborative improvisation with Zsolt, plus further collaborative pieces for the other side of the record both involving also Jean-herve Peron and being completely of the moment.  The main piece, entitled ‘Poison Is (Not) The Word’, pays witness to Theme branching into territory probably closer to their work as Splintered (i.e., their Moraine LP from 1996, which featured Jim O’Rourke source material on one side). Stretching over 24 minutes in length, it remains anchored to Theme’s tendency for psychedelic drones and textures whilst Zsolt applies improvised electronics and viola to them and words are either chanted or spat out. A saxophone, added by Zsolt Varga, then completes the sprawling ‘brink-of-chaos’ feel perfectly. On the other side are two pieces also spanning over 20 minutes between them.  The first, ‘Baszd meg az apád!’ (which translates as ‘Fuck Your Father’ from Hungarian), begins misleadingly as a mass of atmospheric swirls, cavaquinho plucking, textures, psalterion, and sax until Jean-herve cuts in with some shouted vocals as effective as they are brief. The second, ‘Puszta Psycho’, is built around a tempered refrain of cavaquinho string picking led by Jean-herve then welded to subtle touches of hissing electronics, psalterion, space clatter, sax blasts (courtesy of Varga), subtle textural plumes, indiscernible knocking and scrunching sounds, Jean-herve’s vocals and buried chanting by Richard Johnson.  This MLP represents the first of two vinyl releases that document the time these artists all recorded and played live together over a period of 10 days. The second release should be a limited edition 7” on LTCo sister label, Fourth Dimension. Another tour will follow in Spring 2013. Limited to 400. Released in November 2012. £14.00  OUT NOW! A few copies can still be bought directly with bonus Theme sampler CDR and insert, too.


LUMB017  CINDYTALK with PHILIPPE PETIT A Question of Re-Entry 12″. Released in December 2011 in an edition of 300, this features two collaborative pieces. We have just had some returns. £11.00  NB: The 60 or so copies that had a bonus soundcard featuring an exclusive third collaboration have long sold out from us, so please do not ask.


LUMB015 HANNIS BROWN Severe Insomnia CD. The second album by this NYC-based composer/songwriter/improviser/electro-acoustic artist, whose eleven pieces here not only absorb the free jazz of his beloved Charles Mingus but also the micro-tonal orchestral work of Ligeti and Penderecki, and Edgar Varese’s forays into spatial electro-acoustic soundworlds. As with the debut, Oh Ee Ah, Hannis Brown’s music winds itself around those contours impossible to pin down to any one thing beyond that line between insanity and genius. Limited to 500, with the first 25 available as a special, hand-painted, glass packaged edition. Available now at £9.00 plus postage for the standard edition, or £16.00 for the special glass edition, plus postage. Please note that the glass edition will require an additional £3.00 postage to the normal rate. OUT NOW! Please note that 2 copies of the glass pack version still remain available, too…


LUMB006 NICK MOTT Almost Entirely of Nerves and Blood one-sided 7”/CDR package. SECOND EDITION.  Released in June 2012. We have just had some returns here, so this is temporarily once again available until they go. 150 were originally made available. £4.50 NOTE: Order the Sion Orgon 7″ on Fourth Dimension and receive this as well…

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GLASS OUT 12″ is now SOLD OUT from LTCo directly. However, we do have some Michael Gira LPs, Human Greed CDs, Sion Orgon CDs, Thighpaulsandra CDs, Hannis Brown CDs and several other titles still available.





FDS85  TABATA MITSURU 7″. The fourth entry in the subs series by one of Japan’s most important and prolific artists. Details coming soon.


FDS84  MARTIN KUCHEN 7”.  Limited edition release representing the third entry in the subs series by this incredible improviser from Switzerland given to breathy and spacious acoustic sax treatments. Details coming soon.


FDS83 JFK La Bas (1987 – 1992) CD. “JFK is the project of British Rock and electronic musician Anthony Di Franco (Ramleh, Skullflower, Ethnic Acid). Originally active between 1987 and 1992 , JFK was conceived as an experimental rock band that could create: ‘a total music, absorbing all possibilities’ (Di Franco). This exclusive CD compiles rare and previously unreleased tracks, including the ‘Temple Of Set’/’ Sexodus’ 7” (previously released by Fourth Dimension in 1992). The JFK sound is a brain-melting clash of electronic rhythms, blazing guitar riffs, warped vocals and walls of feedback. To quote David Keenan of Volcanic Tongue: ‘JFK seem deformed by the first wave of avant rock coming out of the USA post-Sonic Youth but with an intense/ecstatic Industrial overload appeal that is uniquely brain-boggling… combinations of lightning strikes of bass, chainsaw fuzz, pugilistic a-temporal drum machine assaults and warped, urgent vocals – think Suicide, Chrome, the opening chords of Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’, all reduced to insane gravities of electricity.’ In 2012 JFK re-activated to perform at the ‘Never Say When: 30 years of Broken Flag’ event in London and released a double LP retrospective ‘Teenage Fantasy 1987 – 88’ on Harbinger Sound. A new JFK album is scheduled for release on the UK label Turgid Animal.”

 This retrospective collection featuring nine cuts by Anthony di Franco, who has  formed a valuable pillar in some of the best music to have furrowed post-industrial music’s sprawl into the kind of distorto-heavy psychedelia where something entirely more menacing is the order of the day.  Co-released by Moscow’s Tiger On Box label, this makes for a timely and long overdue return to part of Fourth Dimension’s own background and will go into production very soon. To be released in an edition of 300 digipaks, this can be pre-ordered now. £9.00.


FDS82 SION ORGON Into the Dark 7”.  Representing the second entry in the new Fourth Dimension Singles Club (see details below – only a few subscriptions still available!), this is the latest release from the Welsh weaver of molten electronic sounds, avant-garde sensibilities and, indeed, even versatile pop/rock where surprises are the order of the day.  The two pieces here are the first from Thighpaulsandra/Coil affiliate, Orgon, for a few years. The flipside song, ‘Paper State’, features the late Sleazy, Thighpaulsandra himself and Seb Goldfinch.  Strictly limited to 250.  Released  in November 2012. £6.00 plus postage  OUT NOW!


FDLP81  BLISCAPPEN VAN MARIA Bliscepen LP.  Following several low run self-releases, this is Swiss group Bliscappen Van Maria’s debut album proper, comprising of two side-long pieces merging all from frazzled electronic swirl, drones, ethereal hums, guitars, percussion, banjo and the overall hue of the imaginary psychedelic western movie soundtrack these improvisations actually had in mind from their outset. Lavishly packaged in reversed card sleeve and limited to 500 only, this comes highly recommended to those who enjoyed the Zsolt Sores Ahad 2CD on Fourth Dimension/AudioTONG or for all lovers of interstellar minimalism, motorik rock and the likes of Circle, early Pink Floyd, Ash Ra Tempel, Taj Mahal Travellers, Neu! et al. A blissful debut by this group with roots in a number of others to have emanated from Switzerland’s ‘90s post-hardcore punk/noise/post-rock scene (Equus, Montevideo,  Forceed, Knut, etc.).  Released in June 2012. £13.75 plus postage  OUT NOW!


FDS80 RICHARD YOUNGS and LUKE FOWLER Yellow Gardens 7”. The first entry in Fourth Dimension’s Singles Club sees Richard Youngs making his first appearance on the label since his collaborations with Simon Wickham-Smith in the mid-1990s. This time, he collaborates with (Turner Prize-nominated) artist Luke Fowler on a couple of incredible synth jams based around modulations, atmospheric splurge and stuttering rhythms. Limited to 250 only. Released in June 2012. £6.00 plus postage   OUT NOW!  NOTE: QUITE LITERALLY ONE  COPY LEFT! ONCE GONE, NO MORE SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED EITHER.


FDCD79 SASHASH ULZ Chtenie CD. Following two now impossible-to-get cassette album releases, Chtenie, meaning ‘reading’ in English, is set to be Russian artist Alexander Shevchenko’s debut on CD. Comprising improvised organ and guitar pieces with field recordings and a warm, natural and earthy feel that falls somewhere between a soundtrack to a lost ’60s mystery film and the notion of the lone busker playing mildly jaunty, yet generally disturbed, melodies to the mostly bemused townsfolk. Packaged in a fold-over card cover and limited to 300, this is in production now and will be out soon. Available to pre-order now. £9.00


FDCD78 MALEGYS Coming Events Cast Their Shadow Before CDR. Another release in Fourth Dimension’s present concern with encouraging new artists. This time, Malegys (pronounced Mahler Haze), a UK musician presently residing in Belgium, delivers Coming Events…, built around the type of shimmering twilight textures, tones and drones encapsulated perfectly by the title itself. Limited to 60 and packaged in special fold-over card cover, with an insert, and mastered by Sion Orgon. Originally scheduled to be a proper CD release on FD, this idea hit some problems outside our control and which, as such, have been partly resolved by this limited edition pro-CDR version that serves as a precursor to another CD on FD due next year. Released at the very end of December 2012. £6.00   NB: OUT NOW!


FDCD77 STEVE MARCIANO Binaural Plastic Recordings CD. Debut album by this presently Berlin-based artist from Spain whose work here comprises two lengthy and collaged ‘suites’ combining improvisation, electro-acoustic composition, jagged and jarred atmospherics, unsettled textures and the kinda broken or roughened melodies found on those early records by The Residents. Filling up almost the entire disc with music, this is not an especially ‘easy’ listen but fits in with one of Fourth Dimension’s strategies in documenting music that drifts in from those more perplexing corners by new or less established artists. Limited to 300 in digipak. Due to some unexpected problems beyond our control, this will now appear soon. Available to pre-order now. £9.00


FD2CD76 ZSOLT SORES AHAD Master’s Garden III (2007 – 2009): The Harmonian Blues 1 and 2  2CD. A few returns here, so temporarily available once again. Fantastic avant-psychedelia, electronics and concrete piece by Budapest’s finest. Released in February 2011. Gatefold sleeve. Limited to 300. £12.50


NOTE: If interested in subscribing to the 12 x 7”s that represent the Fourth Dimension Records Singles Club, please get in touch for the rates or visit the website (although only one more can be accepted). Other entries in the series include releases by Aidan Baker, Cindytalk, Eliot Bates (C93), Theme w/Jean-herve Peron and Zsolt Sores, irr. App. [ext.], Andrew Liles and more. Please note, however, that the subscriptions will cease once the Richard Youngs/Luke Fowler 7”s have sold out.


NOTE TWO: Other releases forthcoming on Fourth Dimension include CDs by Hand Of Stabs and Kakofonikt. News soon.

NOTE (PLEASE READ!): These three previously noted new FD CD/CDRs can be ordered together for a total of £20.00 (including postage to anywhere in the world) and represent the label’s concern with promoting new artists. Wholesale rates also available on request.


As noted, FDS80 sees the start of the Fourth Dimension Singles Club, which began in June 2012. This is dedicated to 12 x limited edition 7” records by the following artists: Richard Youngs and Luke Fowler, Sion Orgon, Martin Küchen, Hannis Brown, Thighpaulsandra,  Zenial, Tabata Mitsuru, Circle (remixed by Andrew Liles), Eliot Bates (Current 93), Theme (with Jean-herve Peron, Zsolt Sores and Piotr Kurek), irr. App. [ext.] and Aidan Baker.  Each release will be limited to between 250 and 400, depending on the artist, and will retail individually for around £5.50 (plus postage). However, as with the 12” series on LTCo, direct support is wholly encouraged by virtue of subscribers. In order for this series to work,  a simple yet modest target of thirty to forty subscribers is required. These will play an important role in getting these records into production and will be rewarded accordingly with something EXCLUSIVE to them (hopefully a special box of some kind to house all of the 7”s).  The first two releases in the series are by Richard Youngs and Luke Fowler and Sion Orgon. The latter also includes a contribution by the late Peter ’Sleazy’ Christopherson. Because this series might take almost 24 or so months  to completely realise, there is a choice of two ways to subscribe, as follows:


FULL SUBSCRIPTION (12 x 7”s) = £50.00 (UK/EU)/£65.00 (ROW)

HALF PAYMENT OPTION (6 x 7”s) = £35.00 (UK/EU)/£40.00 (ROW)

NB: The latter option means that the outstanding balance of either £15.00 (UK/EU) or £25.00 (ROW) must be paid anytime up to the receipt of the sixth 7” in order to receive the remaining six entries.


ORDERS FOR THIS SERIES TAKEN NOW! Note: Add £5.00 to the order and choose ANY available back catalogue or new CD title from either Fourth Dimension or Lumberton Trading Company. This includes postage worldwide.


Other releases scheduled for Fourth Dimension include the debut CD albums proper by Hand of Stabs and Kakofonikt. News soon.


Pre-orders thoroughly welcome. Wholesale enquiries likewise. Wholesale enquiries encompass a minimum of five units (any combination of titles) and, for the first one or two orders, are entirely based on pre-payments.  Please get in touch regarding what you are interested in. Subscribers to the series of 6 MLP/12” releases and FD Singles Club will also receive bonuses for their support.


Payment can be made via PayPal to:


Cash/UK cheques and bank transfers also accepted. Write for details.



Magazine + Edward Ka-Spel 7” due early 2013

Following several years since the last edition of Adverse Effect magazine was published (in 2005, in fact), it has been decided that the time is now right to do another one. In the years since AE (Volume III.) Number 2 appeared, of course, the forum has been survived by both a blog and a space on the FD website, mostly given to reviews, but whilst this will remain, it would be good to have another magazine out that will not only be dedicated, once again, to music and other areas of interest from culture’s furthest corners but also bring with it an exclusive LTCo 7” release by Edward Ka-Spel. The magazine will comprise of interviews with Edward Ka-Spel, Russian independent filmmaker Andrey Iskanov and Turkish improviser/composer Erdem Helvacioglu, a discussion about horror films with Nick Mott, Michael Begg on records he may or may not be able to live without, fiction by Mark John Ramsden, a beginner’s guide to Polish Cinema, various columns, and an extensive reviews section.  If you are interested in reserving ad space in the magazine, please get in touch for more details. The mag/7” package will be limited to 350, with the first 100 being available directly and including a bonus A4 print. Adverse Effect has international distribution guaranteed and looks poised to help fill the vast and gaping chasm presently created by virtual media.  The retail price is set at £12.50. Watch this space for more details.


NB: Advertising space can also be reserved. Review material (music, books, films) also thoroughly welcome. More writers also welcome! Please note, however, that no unsolicited material will be published.




As always, there are some new items here that were

 not in the previous list, so do please check carefully!



2.13 PM Anus Dei CD

Something like the third release by this project of Julien Louvet’s, comprising here some fantastic spaced-out droneworks with lots of nicely ‘morphic touches thrown in. Nice packaging and doubtlessly limited. Self-released in 2012 and from France. £7.00


@C 0º-100º CD

Release from mid-2010. “The new album of this portuguese duo (consisting of Cronica label owner Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela) is the long electroacoustic composition, which demonstrates the full range of soundprocessing diversity and creates the stunning images of great potential.” Limited to 500. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £6.00



Latest album from this Polish duo comprising Lukasz Szalankiewicz, otherwise known as Zenial, and Maciek Szymczuk.  Features eleven tracks of nicely hewn post-industrial electronica sometimes recalling earlier Warp releases and all dedicated to the movie series of the same name. In special packaging. Released 2010. AudioTong, Poland. £7.00


ABSENT MUSIC ‘Absent e.p.’ 7”

Another obscurity rediscovered by EE Tapes for a limited edition single, this time by a synth-pop/electronics Belgian group from the ‘80s cassette scene. Get it while you can. EE Tapes, Belgium. £5.75


ISHAI ADAR Beaufort – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD

Album from 2007 by this Israeli artist, here with a mostly electronic score to the film Beaufort that compares with some of Artemiy Artemiev’s work.Vaguely Tangerine Dream-esque timbres converge with contemporary post-dancefloor sensibilities. Taken for what it is – a soundtrack – it is quite a pleasant album, although I have not seen the film yet. Ak Duck, Israel. £8.00


AGHIATRIAS Regions of Limen CD

Post-industrial drones, neo-classical arrangements, power electronics, etc. Limited to 500. Epidemie Records, Czech Republic. £4.00


A.M. SALAD Lo-fi for Hi-Fi CD

Lo-fi drone/junk-noise/musique concrete works on this one and only CD album from 2004. Other releases have all been on CDR or cassette, thus keeping in with the general feel of such music. Little Mafia Records/Sunship/White Tapes plus others, USA. £5.00


ANOTHER HEADACHE Pushing the Envelope MCD

Four cuts, spanning almost 20 minutes, by this recently revived UK project. “The musical project, Another Headache, was started in 1989 by David Bourgoin. Primarily influenced by the likes of Throbbing Gristle, Zoviet France and early Sonic Youth, it soon developed a sound of its own that blended elements of Krautrock, Industrial music and Minimalism to create unique and captivating soundscapes. Early releases were included on a number of cassette compilation albums and the tracks soon attracted good reviews. Encouraged by this, the cassette album “Nothing Definite” followed, as did a split 7″ with dROME. A further CD compilation appearance and some soundtrack work for a film by Richard Baylor led to a double 7″ being released by Dirter Promotions. The tracks demonstrated that Another Headache had evolved to new levels of sound exploration and again attracted good press. Further tracks were written and recorded utilising speech samples, found sound and more regular instrumentation as Another Headache explored new avenues in which to experiment with sound collage…” Released 2005. Thisco, Portugal. £4.00



Five three-way studio collaborations on the first disc, plus a lengthy live piece on the second. Molten electronics, psycho-ambience and other such abstract pools. Nice album. Released  in 2011. Tourette, USA. £9.00



Jean-herve Peron and Amaury Cambuzat collaborations from 2012 and comprising loops, trumpet, organ, guitars, field recordings, electronics, vocals, percussion…and a dog. Grizzled dada-noise pieces, avant-strained rock, weirdelia and all else you may or may not expect from these two Faust guys. Released in 2012. Yessmissolga, USA. £9.50



Fifteen pieces derived from field recordings by this prolific artist who has been operating since the mid-1990s. Released in 2011. Monochrome Vision, Russia.  £8.00



New collaboration between the Japanese noise Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro) and this powerful noise/drone/experimental electronic duo Cornucopia from Puerto Rico. Featuring two lengthy tracks by each artist, based on each other’s sounds, that traverse the realms of psychedelic brutality via textures, frequencies and pulsating torrents. Limited edition of 500 copies. Comes in oversized gatefold jacket. Quasi-Pop, Ukraine, £8.00


AUBE Reworks Stefano Gentile CD

Shimmering tones, loops and twilight atmospherics from Japan’s Aube, sourcing material originally supplied by Stefano Gentile. Silentes, Italy. £9.00



“By squelching, triggering, amputating, stretching and tormenting sounds achieved from the execution of heavy machinery into vivid instruments, Tristan Shone, the man behind Author & Punisher, offers “Drone Machines”, One of thee most eviscerated and innovating albums to come out in years. Nonetheless, “Drone Machines” is beyond avant-garde, in that exciting sense that it brings together slow-paced DOOM whips, modern technology, an eerie flood of vile drones and heavy machinery in a whole new perspective. It’s also an album that is reviving the INDUSTRIAL METAL genre from its ashes and rephrasing the primeval passion for that classic bestial drum pound with rancid low end and sonic-metallic scraping – and this unblemished contrast – between concrete innovation and the reinvigoration of lost sounds, is exactly what makes “Drone Machines” such an important, groundbreaking and iconic album. For years to come. 

Recommended if you like Godflesh, HALO, Swans, Human Queena Orchestra, Dead World, Grave in the Sky, Khanate, Black Mayonnaise, Caspar Br–tzmann Massaker, Trust Obey etc.” Released 2010, HCB Recordings, Israel.  £8.00



“This is the fifth album proper from England’s finest, (with)  dark soundtracks of the highest calibre – intense passages and bleak anthems in a constant flux, dark emotions and neo-classical edged intensity. Possibly the finest work from Band Of Pain to date…” (label blurb). Cold Spring Records. £6.00


BAND OF PAIN Sacred Flesh CD

Reissue of Steve Pittis’ OST from Nigel Wingrove’s film of the same name, from 2000. Here in revised packaging featuring ‘banned’ stills in the booklet. Cold Spring. £8.00


BARBARA A Blessing from the Angel of Death CD

“The recording quality is top notch, in an overblown, loud as fuck blowout, as BARBARA tears through 9 songs of harsh black metal / prog punk brutality, with a crushing bass guitar attack, crusty witch vocals, and fast paced drumming. Lots of weird math-y breaks amongst jazzy tornado thrash and slow, sludgy dirges…” Released 2007. Heart & Crossbone, Israel. £5.00



Juxtaposing noise-core, grind and doom, with strong hints of black metal, it’s hard to accept the fact that Barbara’s instrumental line-up is comprised only by a drummer (David OPP A.K.A Cadaver Eyes) and a bass player (Re-em H), both of them also deliver the screams and perverse whispers on their first album in four years, a hectic and mindless anti-musical rupture. For fans of Today Is the Day, VOG, Truman’s Water, Burmese, Lightning Bolt and Pig Destroyer.” Released 2008. Heart & Crossbone Records, Israel. £5.00


“This strange and extremely varied disc opens with a track which whirls in and out of The Caretaker’s ‘Haunted Ballroom’-style samples with piercing electronics. Moving onwards we encounter dense rhythmic industrial pieces and experimental electronics – all the while chasing the thread of eccentric samples and searing white noise” (Cold Spring Records). Limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies in an outsized foldout package. Interesting release from this Russian group, from 2007. Blade Records, Italy. £6.00



Two studio collaborations and five other pieces recorded at a building site still in operation by these three electro-acoustic artists. Released in 2012. Another Timbre. £9.00


BEEQUEEN Der Holzweg – The Thirteenth Anniversary Edition CD

A collection of tracks from between the early ‘90s and 2001 that originally appeared on limited edition vinyl or compilation releases by Frans De Waard and Freek Kinkelaar’s long-running experimental pop/rock group. Remastered and released in 2006 in special packaging.. Tantric Harmonies, Russia. £7.00


BENE GESSERIT A High, Happy, Perverse and Cynical Cry of Joy CD

Another fantastic collection of minimal electronics and grizzled synth works by this Belgian mainstay of ‘80s cassette/post-industrial music culture. Released in 2012. EE Tapes. £8.00


BFFFTH Two Phases of Emanation of Light LP

“Markos Zografos’s complete composition for music and text contains a total of four phases; Heard Worse’s LP contains the third and fourth. It’s a noise drone work, made of slow building intensity, inspired by Xenakis, one in which “time stops [and e]verything disappears except for the sensation of infinity….” Limited edition LP from this Australian composer, in pasted-on/recycled cover. Released in 2010. Heard Worse Records, Australia. £11.00



Collaborative album by the Italian electronics-noise master and the ex-hardcore punk player now given to exploring soundscapes. Released in late 2008 in an edition of 700. FinalMuzik, Italy. £9.00



Album from 2009 by this group who’ve been active since the late 1970s and, over the subsequent years, responsible for an enormous body of work stemming from lo-fi tape/electronic manipulations to droneworks, electro-acoustic pieces, sonic fuckery that delves into unnameable places, and far more besides. The six pieces here even include Gong’s Daevid Allen on them. Limited to 300 in oversize (7” style) screen-printed sleeve. EE Tapes, Belgium. £8.00


BIRDS BUILD NESTS UNDERGROUND/MCIAA Gramofonu = Voice of the Universe LP

Three incredible collaborative pieces combining drones, atmospheric swirl, haunting voice snatches and the like to a great hallucinatory effect. Limited to 300. Released in 2010. Love Nest/Opax, Czech Republic. £11.00



New. Two lengthy pieces combining abstract and positively twisted sonics formed from, respectively, turntables and a fine array of electronics, trumpet and clarinet by these two Czech Republic outfits. Nicely packaged, too. Released late 2011. Poli5, Czech Republic. £6.00



Following the release of this dark electronica Polish group’s Internal Dissident album on Soleilmoon Recordings, this album was originally intended to gather a few remixes by selected artists before blossoming into the entirely different project it is here. Reworked comprises remixes by John Hudak, Rapoon, Universal Delux, Sutekh, etc. and Black Faction themselves which are then reconstructed and tweaked to create a natural flow. Filmic, brooding and sustained brilliantly by neat instrumental flourishes, surprising tangents & serpentine rhythms, this is a great introduction to Black Faction’s clearly oblique world. Vivo, Poland. £4.00



Trombone and electronics collab improvisations by these two artists, spread over ten pieces. Nice record. Released in 2005 in an edition of 300 on heavy vinyl. Anthropometrics, Germany. £7.50


ALEXEI BORISOV Before the Evrorement MCD

Album from 2002 by this renowned Russian soundsmith, here delivering approx. 30 minutes of digital crackle, squelches and abstract mulch. N&B Research Digest, Russia. £5.00


Incredible electro-acoustic collab. works, with Volga’s prolific Borisov. Released 2004. N&B Research Digest, Russia. £7.00


BOSCH’S WITH YOU Wired Promise To Be CD

Latest album from this Russian post-rock outfit given to epic arrangements of a Godspeed! You Black Emperor! variety yet possessing a slightly prog feel. Released in 2010. R.A.I.G., Russia. £9.00


KARL BöSMANN Euphoria Mitte CD

New album by this electronics artist whose work draws from the same pools as AMM, Organum, NWW and Xenakis. “With the whole bunch of very limited edition releases on such labels as Tosom, Domestic Violence Recordings, Verato Project and the luxurious LP made by Youdonthavetocallitmusic, the name of German musician Karl Bösmann [has been] emerging since 2003. This is his second real CD after Unton (2005, Badbeatz Records) and includes several new compositions, showing the maturity and intensity of his prolific talent.” Released 2010. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £8.00


KARL BöSMANN Eskalation LP

Five pieces by the German composer/sound architect, given to generating electronics-bound pieces not far removed from the likes of Organum, AMM, Xenakis, etc. This LP offers six cuts, one of which also includes Markus Daniel’s voice. Limited to 500 with insert and very tasteful embossed sleeve. Released in 2007. Youdon’thavetocallitmusic, Germany. £14.00


ANDREAS BRANDAL Drive Home With a Hammer CD

Album from 2005 by this Norwegian given to workouts between the subtle and more abrasive in a twilight setting of improvised murmur, static hum and menacing electronic glare. Occasional broken rhythms help lend the proceedings dynamics. Quasi Pop, Ukraine. £8.00



Fantastic debut album by a US artist whose compositions soak up all from jazz, improvisation, avant-rock and those regions likewise sometimes explored by contemporary outsider music, yet without betraying a direct and almost accessible edge capable of pushing this beyond the usual confines. Charles Mingus, Pendericki, Dirty Projectors and Elliot Smith are all cited as representing certain parallels on the information sheet, but Oh Ah Ee possesses an appeal that far outreaches this combination. Recommended. Self-released in 2010. £8.00



Unofficial/unauthorised release of this album by France’s fantastic Christian Renou, from 2008. Due to a small error in the mastering of this disc that affects the music, Christian was not happy with the result but the label have made the albums available regardless. In nice oversized 7” sleeve. Old Europa Café, Italy. £8.00


BRUME After the Battle (A Chronicle on the Joy of Life) CD

On this album, from 2009, Christian Renou has reactivated his old moniker, following several years of recording under his own name. Contains nine cuts utilising voice, metal, tapes and effects. Packaged in 7”-type sleeve with an insert and limited to 300. EE Tapes, Belgium. £9.00


“Following countless releases over the last ten or so years and a spell of silence during the past three, USA’s Bugskull have become the solo endeavour of founder Sean Byrne, who here collabs with The Big White Cloud (the solo pursuit of pal, Phil Quistlund) to perfectly comfortable effect. Throughout most of the six pieces (refreshingly kept to under 36 mins. max playing time – a winning factor alone from where I’m sittin’), there’re some spacey grooves binding an array of crisp electronics, gtr strum, lo-fi crackle and alien murmur that, together, might well make for average ingredients these days but are magically teased into shapes truly worth revisiting. After working themselves into a vaguely Canned lather, Sean and Phil spit oblique digital globs at each other over some teased sax swells, foreboding drones and the always welcome thump of a death beat during the final cut, ‘weedlebug Jamboree’ (the title itself being the only letdown). It all gels with a sense of purpose and, having only paid Bugskull a little attention previously, I’m now beginning to believe it has been unjust.” (from Adverse Effect magazine). Scratch, Canada. £6.00


“Like demented twins in crime, Burmese (tUMULt / Load Records) & Cadaver Eyes rephrase Doom, Grindcore and Power Electronics by using an agonizing mechanism of plain brutal aesthetics, ascending these genres to a higher level of cognitive surge. This split CD is difficult and pungent, a warm spew in the face and an endless buzz in the eardrum that fiercely occupies the brain and treats the grey cells as if they were an ashtray. A crude awakening and a classic case of ponderous self indulgence” (label blurb). Released 2007. Heart & Crossbone, Israel. £5.00


CAPE FEAR Winds of the Dead Air LP

In 1997, Laurent Perrier puts an end to the Nox experience, one of the major bands of the French industrial rock scene, to launch a new solo project, Cape Fear, with which he delivers a first album (Drift towards the heat), combining breakbeat, sampling and metal guitars. Twelve years later, Cape Fear is back with a second album, Winds of the Dead Air. Five long titles, dark and strangely hypnotic, where guitars and metal riffs literally crash on a groovy bass/drum rythmic line. The sequencers and the unique sound of the Moog synthesizer give to this record some kind of a ambient ‘70s flavour, while the quality and intensity of the compositions will remind the listener of Chrome, King Crimson, Neurosis and This Heat.” Released 2010 and limited to 300. Sound On Probation, France. £8.00


ERIC LA CASA W2 (1998 – 2008) 2CD

A nice collection of the French artist’s works, serving as a good overview or introduction to his palette of field recordings and textural treatments. Released in 2010. Herbal International, Malaysia. £9.00



Debut album of fantastic abstract electronica by this artist otherwise usually found at home in the Low Frequency Orchestra. Released in 2011. Mosz, Austria. £8.00


RHYS CHATHAM The Bern Project CD

Album from 2010 by New York’s Chatham, previously known for his monumental early droneworks and forays into modern minimalism. This album was recorded in Switzerland, however, during a tour that took him there, and is a little rawer than other works by him. Includes full band backing, with drums, bass and trombone, etc. Packaged in nice card sleeve. Hinterzimmer, Switzerland. £9.00



Two lengthy live workous from 2009 featuring Nakamura (electronics, no-input mixing board), Martin Kuchen (sax, radio) and Paul Vogel (clarinet, computer). Abstract improv/free music. Released in 2012. Mathka, Poland. £9.00



Another great electronics excursion by Gordon Sharp. Released in 2011. Limited to 300 only. Tourette, USA. £4.50


CIRCLE Tulikoira CD

Another great entry from Finland’s premier psych / prog-trance group, exploding with gtr-drench over four cuts (one of which is over 24 minutes long). The New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal, indeed… Ektro, Finland. £6.00


CIRCLE Soundcheck CD

2011 album from the Finnish group. Packaged in slightly oversized card sleeve. Essence Music, Brazil. £6.00



Debut by this soundsmith based in London who studied under Roger Doyle in Dublin and whose interest in melodic electronica and modern classical techniques is driven by this background in electroacoustic work. Released in 2008. Forwind. £8.00


CLANG SAYNE Winterlands CD

Debut self-released album, from 2009, by this group led by Laura Hyland; known otherwise as an improviser and songwriter. On Winterlands, there are ten songs of a slightly abstract and avant-folk nature. A nice and, indeed, compelling listen. £8.00


COLUMN ONE Early Tapes 1992 – 1994 CD

“Unknown versions of tracks from: ‘The Individual Box’, ‘New-Re-Generation’, ‘Various Dreamdances’, ‘Coincidentia Oppositorum’, ‘THX1138’, ‘Two Flowers For The Travel’ & ‘Odyssee’ + 4 tracks unpublished before. All material is remastered by Robert Schalinski. Comes in A5 folder includes 8 cards extra. Limited edition of 500 copies. This CD is also available as a part of special box ‘No One’ released by Column One.” Released in 2011. Nefryt, Poland. £9.00


COLUMN ONE Early Apes 1993 – 1995 CD

“Remastered LP ‘Dream Box Experience’ (tracks number 1,2,3) + alternative version of tracks from ‘This Is My Dream’, ‘An Analog Anthology – Never Mind The World’ & one track published never before. Comes in A5 folder includes 6 cards extra. Limited edition of 500 copies. This CD is also available as a part of special box ‘No One’ released by Column One.” Released in 2011. Nefryt, Poland. £9.00



Seven cuts originally issued on SSSM label compilation cassettes in the early 1990s, for the most part, by this Japanese electronic/noise outfit. Released 2010. Industrial Recollections, Finland. £8.00



Resissue of these two 20+ minute pieces that originally appeared as a cassette on SSSM in 1989. Industrial Recollections, Finland. £7.00


CONTRASTATE Seven Hands Seek Nine Fingers CD

The remastered reissue of the now defunct group’s debut from 1989. Organic/abstract electronics too progressive to fit in with the usual post-industrial field. Fantastic piece of work. Released in 2005 and highly recommended to all who like the worlds navigated by H30, Coil, NWW, Organum, etc. Fin De Siècle Media, Sweden. £9.00


Collaborative avant-electronic works comprising remixes and compositions by Origami South Amerika’s Anla Courtis and Kouhei Matsunaga, also featuring Rudolf on one piece. Released in 2005. Prele, France. £8.00



Limited release by Lee Stokoe’s lo-fi drone outfit, with three cuts on (two spanning around the 20-minutes mark). Self-released in 2007. £3.00


CULVER/SEPPUKU Dedicated to Soledad Miranda CD

Featuring a piece spanning over 30 minutes by Lee Stokoe’s drone/noise/electronics solo platform and two pieces by the Scottish doom metal/noise collective. Released in 2009. Limited to 500. At War With False Noise. £6.00



Fourth album by this US noise artist, released in 2009. Misanthropic Agenda, USA. £6.00


D’INCISE Lethargie & Autres Animaux Rugeux CD

“D’incise is a member of the Audioactivity, music & visual collective founded in 2000 in Geneva (CH). In 2002 he starded to produce different kinds of electronic music, from dub to electronica, dangerously sliding to the more experimental ways of electroacoustic. His world is made with sound fractures, nevralgic crepitations, melancolic atmospheres and a non-dissimulated fascination for rust and faded rhythms. ‘Lethargie…’, his newest CD, is not far from described above. A mixture of field recordings, objects and distant melancholy makes it a very intense – and rewarding -sound experience.”  Released in 2010 in oversized card packaging. AudioTONG, Poland. £8.00

DARA eponymous one-sided LP

Solo home recordings using keyboards, percussion and vocals by Dara, who used to sing for His Name Is Alive. Melodic, sparse and faintly fuzzy, the six songs sound like they belong in a radiator at the North Pole. Ecstatic Peace, USA. £7.00



Three lengthy collab pieces by the Welsh harpist and and German artist. Released in 2009. Anthropometrics, Germany. £8.00



Collaborative album from 2009 formed from field recordings, electronics and tapes in order to create more atmospheric pieces than what one would usually expect from anything involving Null. Silentes, Italy. £9.00


DM&P Insular Dwarfism CD

Noise-drivem free jazz/improv by this Krakow-based trio.“Insular Dwarfism: The process whereby animals living on small islands or in other environments with constrained gene pools reduce in size over time through a process of natural selection.

When we first started playing together five years ago, there was a very modest local improvised music scene in Kraków and extremely few clubs or venues were prepared to support or encourage this kind of music. Faced with a situation in which opportunities to exchange ideas with like-minded musicians were severely limited, we were forced to withdraw into ourselves, hone down our extravagant ideas and rein in our reckless impulses in a somewhat vain attempt to pin down and maintain a vestige of necessary control over what made our music valuable or different without sacrificing the sense of adventure and spontaneity that lay at its core. The degree to which we have managed to achieve this alternately frustrating and rewarding task is arguable, but the moments when everything goes right more than make up for those when we miss the boat and everything crumbles into oblivion.”Released 2011. AudioTONG, Poland. £8.00


DMDN Agonistes 1 and 2 CD

Two lengthy electronic noise pieces by the Dutch project. Originally released on a cassette in 1994 by Japan’s G.R.O.S.S. label. Reissued here in an edition of 200 in 2011. Industrial Recollections, Finland. £8.50



Electronics noise by both artists on this album from 2005. Thirteen cuts plus two videos. Little Mafia Records/Sunship/and others, USA. £9.00

DMT Selected Funbient Works 1 – 4 2CD

Dmitriy Tolmatskiy (1970-2009) was a journalist and musician from the city of Saratov (south of Russia), one of the first popularizers of the alternative intellectual culture and particularly industrial music in post-Soviet Russia. He was the creator of the RWCDAX website which had certain influence on the mindset of many modern personalities of Russian post-industrial art. The musical project DMT was established in 1995 and released by the end of the ‘90s several limited-edition cassette albums, lapsing afterwards into silence for a while. In the mid-00s the project was revived, had some successful live gigs and recorded a lot of new material, part of which is presented on this double-CD, ‘Selected Funbient Works 1-4’. Plans of this release existed for a long time but unfortunately were not implemented while the author was alive. His life cut short in the autumn of 2009. And now by joint efforts of several Russian labels (namely KultFront, Zhelezobeton, Aquarellist and Monochrome Vision), this release has become available for those interested. The album vividly displays the complex music world of DMT, which like everything innovative exists on the crossing of several musical styles and directions: from dark-ambient and industrial noise sketches to technoid rhythmics and pure sonic experiments.” Zhelezobeton/Kultfront, Russia. £7.00

BERNARD DONZEL-GARGAND Still to be a Storyteller CD

Collection of eight tracks by this musique-concrete artist, released 2009. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £8.00



Three-way electronics/synth/guitar collaboration between these improvisation mainstays. Recorded in 2005 but released in 2011 in an edition of 250. Bocian, Poland. £7.00


JOHN DUNCAN/MICAEL ESPOSITO/Z’EV There Must Be A Way Across This River/The Abject LP

Two side-long collaborations. “Edition of 461 copies, pressed on black 140g vinyl, black inner-sleeve, including double-sided insert.  EVPs captured on Feb 20, 2009 at John Duncan’s childhood home in Prospect Heights, Chicago IL.” Released late 2011. Fragment Factory, Germany. £11.50



Originally released as a cassette in 1997, with six tracks plus a bonus live recording exclusive to this reissue in this noise/industrial series. Features Lasse Marhaug. Only 200 pressed. Industrial Recollections, Finland. £8.00


Here, Martinez pushes his interest in Chain Reaction/Basic Channel-type minimal dubtronica to the fore. Gently swaying rhythms, vacillating textures, minimalistic keys and echo chamber undercurrents combine to an effect as wonderful as it is successful in pushing the folds of its motivating forces into new shapes., USA. £7.00



Fourth album by this US artist who blends buoyant pop with an art-rock sensibility, a little garage noise, a dose of balladeering and even some mild electronic shading. Recalls Sonic Youth at times, but there’s more to it than this. Released in 2009. Little Mafia, USA. £7.00

ESO STEEL eponymous CD

Album from a number of years ago by a New Zealand artist whose previous releases were all on ltd edition polycarbonate lathe cuts but, in turn, warrants further investigation than that notion may suggest to the more ‘discerning’ ear. Pretty exceptional tempered-noise/driftworks, built around heavily processed guitar and field recording loops, vacillating between heavy rumbling & atmospheric hum to more splintered, cauterized & uneven soundbursts. 20 City, Japan. £5.00


ETHNIC ACID Power-Works 1986-88 2CD

Collection released in 2009 by this old power electronics/noise platform for Anthony Di Franco (JFK, AX, Ramleh, etc.). Industrial Recollections/Freak Animal, Finland. £11.00


FAHL The Paths to Emptiness CD

Debut by this trio whose background is in black metal and dark folk. In Fahl, however, they play gloomy electronic pieces of a post-industrial nature. Released in 2010. The Eastern Front, Israel. £8.00



Two pieces utilising AM radio manipulations as their source. Released in 2011. Bocian Records, Poland. £6.00



“Primitive guitar riffin’, synth’s drone and effects. Raw beauty and energy in it’s primal. File under: minimal/psychedelic/noise-rock.” Limited to 500. Released 2009. Quasi-Pop, Ukraine. £5.00.



Eight piano-strewn and electronic atmospheric pieces on this collaboration released in 2008. Limited to 500 in special card packaging. Faria Records, Russia. £7.00



Atmospheric post-industrial soundscapes formed from treated samples from Tarkovsky’s Stalker soundtrack. Released in 2006 in an edition of 500, in folded card cover. OMS Records, Uktaine. £3.00


FIRE IN THE HEAD Confessions of a Narcissist CD

2010 released album by this group founded by the prolific Michael Page (Sky Burial), here delivering thirteen pieces that choke on electronic noise yet aim for a more abstract or even psychedelic experience where sounds collide and explode from each other like shards of glass. Features Rudimentary Peni’s Nick Blinko guesting on one track, too, amazingly enough. Cold Spring. £9.00


RAFAEL FLORES Nubes, Cometas, Romeros y Orugas CD

“First official CD album of Rafael Flores, who hails from the depth(s) of (the) Spanish noise underground scene (and is) known for his early works released under (the) Comando Bruno moniker. This compilation presents the latest decade of his sound experimentation, and shows quite diverse sides of his creative efforts, which ranges from collaged field recordings to noise ambient loops, from rhythmic structures to hypnotic electronic passages.” Monochrome Vision, Russia. £6.00


The Freiband project started almost by accident: I had a digital 8-track machine at home and one could manually search for sounds with a jog dial, which produced an extraordinary scratching sound. I was reminded of Asmus Tietchens’ ‘Daseinsverfehlung’, which he made with analogue tape being pulled out of a reel-to-reel recorder. He recorded these scratchings and made a CD with thirteen tracks out of that. I always liked that process, and did something similar for the Freiband project, which I originally thought to be an one-off project. My subsequent first Freiband CD ‘Microbes’ was made along those methods of ‘scratching’. Many people think it’s my first laptop work, but in fact it’s my last analogue work. When I decided to continue as Freiband as a vehicle for all my solo studio work, I had the wish to take the original Tietchens CD and do a rework of that. Taking sounds from just the first track, make a new music piece with exactly the same length as the original first track, and to repeat this for every new piece. It took some time to complete this but in peace, in 2007, in Tokyo, I reached the final version, which is ‘Replicas’. Dedicated to Asmus Tietchens, well, obviously”  (from Frans de Waard’s sleevenotes). Released 2007. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £8.00

GEM IN EYE (DAME DARCY) Time Travellers 7″

Notable as the creator of the Edward Gorey-esque art comic, Meatcake, Dame Darcy has also built herself an impressive reputation for playing obscure songs on her banjo. Her collaborators include the disgracefully wonderful Lisa Suckdog and filmmaker Lisa Hammer. For her new project Gem In Eye she’s teamed up with Victor Cretella to create as big a musical diversion from her accepted sound as possible. Drum machines, guitars, boopy-doopy lyrics. Four tracks of fine, ridiculous psychodrama. Ir-Ar Records. £3.00


GERRITT …Sails the Seas of Displacement 12”

Release from 2004 by the US electronic noise artist, with two cuts of this nature each side. Dielectric Records, USA. £4.50

FRANK GINGELEIT Lost in the Deep Blue CD

“Frank’s fourth album creates an electronic and atmospheric feel, even though the entire album was recorded using guitar synthesizer and electric guitar. Lots of variety here, including avant-psychedelic stylings, wah’d jamming Bluesy guitar, tribal rhythms and a generally trippy vibe, rough edged sonic aggression like King Crimson gone fusion in space, and much more.” From 2005. Fünfundvierzig, Germany. £7.00


GODS & QUEENS  eponymous LP + CD

Album from 2008 by this group who blend raging hardcore punk, noise-guitar splurge and more melodic songs that could almost delve into post-rock territory if not for an altogether murky production that vaguely recalls early Noiseville Records releases. All the songs are untitled and I personally know very little about this group beyond the music itself that’s on offer here. Nice package, though, with the the marbled light purple vinyl, gatefold sleeve and the CD mounted inside. 1000 were pressed in total, but this particular edition arrived limited to 425. Robotic Empire, USA. £11.00


Released in 2004 in an edition of 350, this catches the atmospheric electronics artist delivering two drone pieces. Just found these at the back of a stack of records, completely untouched since, presumably, they arrived here shortly after being released. Includes insert. Drone Records, Germany. £3.50


GRAVE IN THE SKY Cutlery Hits China CD

“The Sludge-core scene is injected with a poison: Horror movies DVD subtitles are being gargled and forced into song lyrics, backed up by heavy poundings and black metallic space-rock dirges, on this new release from Rani Zager (Poochlatz /Lietterschpich), Maor Appelbaum (Poochlatz/Sleepless/Screening) and Matan Shmuelly (Armilos). Check this out if you’re into Hey Colossus, Corrupted, Gravitar, Darkthrone and Electric Wizard.” Released 2008. HCB Records, Israel. £8.00


THE GUILT OF…  eponymous LP

New release from this project of EyeHateGod’s Mike Williams. “Electro/noise/punk…think early Skinny Puppy.” Doubtlessly limited. Released 2011. Includes insert. At War With False Noise. £9.00



2011 album by the long running Japanese electronic noise project, here with 9 blistering tracks of pulverised drones, textures and high-frequency swells. In DIY cover. Gravity Swarm, Japan. £4.00



Released in 2009, this two disc set comprises three lengthy pieces whose titles are in the wrong order on the cover but are fantastic regardless. “Two facts determined the compositional process of non-organic bias :1 – the title itself, 2 – the sound sources used for the piece were restricted to various recordings I made of the organ. Other than the play of words that sum up many of my main points of interests with the organ (organ – organum – organism – organic – etc.), the title, bias, means prejudice, focussing on, interest in, systematic distortion, irregular shape, oblique course, predisposition, partiality, from the french biais, all of them signifiing for me a sort of base of living organism. Inclinations going through material, warped matter, a form full of inner slopes, a material that bends… non-organic bias : to rediscover the bias of a sound machine (the organ) and then, keeping the same concerns, following up these bias’ up until the membrane of the speaker, passing through the whole electroacoustic network. To compose with the technical issues, to be on the hunt for forms and artefacts that the techniques produce, when, following its own tendancies (bias), it is brought to its own limit : border effects, resonances, natural saturations, … all artefacts that sign the acoustic, analogic, digital, process…To compose with the tendancies of the non-organic, and with the tendancies toward the non-organic : these are the 2 possible meanings of non-organic bias.”  (from Guionnet’s own notes). Herbal International, Malaysia. £11.00



Three lengthy enough collaborative pieces comprising alto sax, prepared tapes, field recordings and electronics. Released in 2009 in special oversized packaging. Swarming, France. £8.00


HEAL Extension CD

Ten songs by Laurent Perrier and Bernard Ducayron, with lyrics by Samia Doukali & Anouk Azar.  From 2000, this album comes from the prolific Perrier (Zonk’t) and melds trip-hop rhythms with darker atmospherics, subtle jazz strokes, electronica and other such post-dancefloor inflections, although shades of late Terminal Cheesecake creep in next to the Massive Attack references. Includes a very brief Bjork guest appearance. Sound On Probation, France. £6.00


HEAL Starting Back CD

Second album from this venture of Laurent Perrier’s, this time emphasising the jazz on the debut plus going towards more psychedelic realms in electronica. From 2007. Sound On Probation, France. £6.00


HEAL Supernatural 12”

New album from Laurent Perrier. Released 2009. Sound On Probation, France. £6.00

JOHN HEGRE Colors Don’t Clash CD

Another solo album from this accomplished and forever exploratory Norwegian artist, here utilising a guitar to create fantastic drones, loops, melancholic atmospherics and suchlike swaying steadily between electro-acoustic composition and post-rock. From 2007. Dekorder, Germany. £8.00


“The interaction between computer science technology and freeform musical creative process becomes a central point in this international collaboration of three artists from Belarus and USA. The abstract soundscapes are obscured by intricate structures, acoustic phenomena and electronic effects, it’s going to infinity and never repeat itself. The finest harmony of soundfield is credited to the principles of intuitive simulation, realised through the system of computer-aided instruments. Limited edition of 500 copies.” Monochrome Vision, Russia. £7.50


HIRSUTE PURSUIT Tighten That Muscle Ring CD

Second album in five years by this duo who mix dirty electro and post-industrial rhythms with a heavily gay stance. Features guests such as the late Sleazy (on two cuts) and Boyd Rice on a cover of Bowie’s ‘Boys Keep Swinging’. Released in 2012. Cold Spring Records. £8.00


HIRSUTE PURSUIT feat. BOYD RICE Boyd Keeps Swinging 12”

Six remixes of the Bowie cover to be also found on the Hirsute Pursuit album. Released in 2012. Cold Spring Records. £9.00



Collaborative album from 2007 by these two groups, blending electronic noise, machine sounds, drones, etc. Limited to 185 and packaged in oversized sleeve consisting of pages from the Belgian Yellow Pages. EE Tapes, Belgium. £8.00


HOARFROST Puppets of the Divine Coroner CD

Classical music inspired dark ambient. Released in late 2011. Zoharum, Poland. £5.00


“’Collaborating Torture’ is one of the last known recordings made by Matt Gibney a.k.a. Hollowing, who died in January 2006. Gibney, a member of Soihadtoshoothim who was also running the important Rectrix label and mail-order, was joined here by the prolific Maor Appelbaum (Grave in the Sky, Poochaltz and Maurizio Bianchi, to name a few) to create a brooding and massive 54 minutes track of dark pitch-black ambient of hypnagogic swirls and industrialized drones. Sometimes subtle, yet mostly haunted and delirious, this is highly recommended if you like Wilt, Murderous Vision, Brighter Death Now, Aidan Baker, Z’ev, Daniel Menche, The Caretaker and John Duncan” (from label blurb). Released 2007. Heart & Crossbone, Israel. £5.00


HOROLOGIUM Le Cartoline Perse CD

Collection of various unreleased and rare compilation tracks by this long existing underground Polish venture. Four tracks have never been released before, while the track, ‘Dionizos’ gives us a taster of the forthcoming album, ‘The World Is Not Enough’. Symphonic industrial inflected with often haunting vocal samples and more upbeat Laibach-esque Industrial pop anthems. Limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies in an outsized foldout package. Blade Records, Italy. £6.00


HOT CLUB Straight Outta Bagnolet LP

Three recordings from 2008 featuring François Fuchs (double bass), Jac Berrocal (voice, trumpet), Alexandre Bellenger (turntables) and Dan Warburton (violin). Improvised electronics/free jazz crossover. Released in 2010. Limited to 250. Monotype Records, Poland. £11.00


HYBRYDS Soundtrack for the Antwerp Zoo Aquarium CD

Remastered reissue of the 1995 album by this atmospheric post-industrial group who work with textures and field recordings. Released in 2011. Zoharum, Poland. £9.00



“The band’s third album has grown out of a number of changes and new approaches which Alexey Taroutz (guitar, vox, percussion, bass), Artem Galkin (bass, vox, guitar, percussion) and Pavel Eremeev (drums, devices, feedbacks) wanted to pursue. IAAOTL found themselves in that camp of the artists who applied Edgard Varese’s principles of “organized sound” to rock music, and generalized their experience to the Astro album. “10 untitled songs” are not so much songs as minimalist constructions with an emphasis on timbre and rhythm, or canvases upon which the three splatter some colors (arguably not as bright as on the album artwork) to create quite murky images. These are not monotonous: some passages hover on heavy dissonant abyss, others insert haunting texture exercises and tribal pulses, or flow with the perfect serenity. Some of the tracks may seem at first like underdeveloped sketches, but take them with a bit more concentration and the music turns out memorable even without the structure most ears have come to expect. IAAOTL’s Astro is quite unlike anything that preceded it: captivating and inventive rethinking of math-rock, experimental, chamber and avant-rock. Deconstructionist fans will marvel at this unorthodox experience. (10 tracks – 40 min.)” Released in 2010. R.A.I.G., Russia. £9.00



“Iibiis Rooge is the new superastral duo team bringing together the mysterious High Wolf (Not Not Fun Records, Winged Sun) with the seminal talents of Mr. Neil Campbell, better known these days as Astral Social Club (Fat Cat, VHF, Qbico, Important, Textile, Bottrop-Boy and countless other labels around the globe) and (ex-) member of Vibracathedral Orchestra, A-Band, and other obscure/legendary outfits. The new self-titled LP is the debut album of the band (don’t call it “project”) combining modern psychedelic High Wolf jams with the fucked up yet refined electronics and techno-infused beat choppery of the Astral Social Club – the result being a lot more then you might have expected from the two, transcending their combined talents into a multicoloured supernova. The strength of the album is an unexpected pop sensibility and airiness, while still being tighter and more consolidated than their regular solo outfits. Even the noisier elements are embedded in loose song structures with a carnivalesque air dominating the whole atmosphere. While the duo’s solo outings are often camouflaging any melodies in oodles of electronic noises or lo-fi psych jams and hiss this is a fairly different affair with simple melodic textures always dominating the four tracks. The defibration of structures is still apparent but the music is constantly pulling itself together again. Where the Astral Social Club is sometimes willingly losing himself in electronic soundscapes and the High Wolf’s short & sketchy songs are rarely fully formulated by nature, all the positive aspects of their respective works are combined and complemented in Iibiis Rooge. These gentlemen are the perfect match. A visible proof that (musical) online dating can be a highly prosperous activity.” Released in 2010. Dekorder, Germany. £9.00



New album from the longstanding masters of electronic noise, Japanese-style. Released in 2012. Triangle, Russia. £8.00


IRIKARAH Endstation Steinbruch CD

Reissue of an extremely limited cassette (20 copies), originally published by Andreas Arndt’s own label Keine Zeit Recordings in 1996. Comprises six tracks of post-industrial textures/noise in special oversized sleeve, limited to 300 numbered copies. Released in 2007. Blade Records, Italy. £6.00

IVAN SAMSHIT Essential Shit CD

Nineteen tracks and over 75 mins running time. “The very first (and still remains the best) electro-pop Ukrainian group Ivan Samshit has recorded 12 (or even more) albums in period from 1987 to 1997, but very few of them was released on cassettes in Ukraine and Germany in 90s. ‘Essential Shit’ is a compilation of the best tracks from these neglected recordings, that are available on CD for the first time ever! 19 tracks have been re-recorded directly from original pre-history master-cassettes and reel-tapes and carefully re-mastered using both modern digital and vintage analogue restoration equipment. In result, the sound of this CD is very similar to the tape sources — warm, deep, hissing and a bit raw in it’s primal beauty. There are a lot of the well-known real ‘pop-hits’ presented on CD and some more experimetal tracks as well” (label blurb). Very nice album that sucks on electro-pop, experimental electronics and more in a very DIY-spirited environment. Limited to 500. Quasi Pop, Ukraine. £9.00

I:WOUND Ram Nam Satya Hai CD

Found more copies of this recently. Collaged Asian sounds, textures, mutated beats and field recordings by German, Sascha Karminski. Stein Sein, Germany. £7.00

JAZKAMER Balls the Size of Texas Liver the Size of Brazil CD

Recent album from two of Norway’s bigger names on the underground noise circuit, Lasse Marhaug and John Hegre, proffering heavily treated guitar workouts, drones, tones and carefully handled feedback. More mild and atmospheric than some of their other work under the forever metamorphosising Jaz(z)kam(m)er moniker, but still pretty volcanic in places. Released in 2007. Purple Soil, Czech Republic. £8.00


JESUS ON MARS eponymous CD

Neat album of babbling electronics, post-industrial textures and brooding atmospherics by Thomas Shrubsole, a UK artist whose work straddles those lines between contemporary electronic sounds and the areas covered once by certain ‘70s pioneers (generally from Germany). A nice listen, though. Released in 2012. Dissolving. £8.00


JUNE11 Matter Is Alive CD

Debut album from late 2008 by this French outfit who cavort between avant-pop, electronica and minimalism. The opener, a cover of Eno/Moebius/Roedelius’ ‘By the River’, and a tribute track to Harold Budd (simply entitled ‘Harold Budd’) probably indicate pretty much where they’re coming from.  EE Tapes, Belgium. £8.00



“The Haunting Triptych is an even denser piece of work. Over the course of its three tracks, ranging from just under fourteen to just over eighteen minutes, the pair carve extremely rich progressive dark ambient drones and textured soundscapes from radio signals, field recordings, electronics, processed acoustics, turntables and glass manipulations. From the sombre isolationist tones of this record emerge moments of glacial beauty. Twelve minutes into Chapter 1: Residual Spookiness, the haunting toll of treated brass rises from a cloud of distortions and noise to hover ominously over the rest of the piece. The muffled calls of a distant choir on Chapter 2: Shadow Creatures resonate eerily over the first half of the piece, and the feeling never quite goes away, even when they progressively become drowned in distortions and interferences. Ghostly voices can also occasionally be heard piercing through the gloom of Chapter 3: Doppleganger Presence, but it is the more obvious stabs of unidentified noises peppered through the whole piece, which could be everything and anything from rewinding tapes or amplified bat calls to failing computers or paranormal manifestations, which never cease to captivate and intrigue. The heavy atmosphere weighting down on the whole album rarely lifts up for long as Petit and Riparbelli submit their audience to a particularly chilling sonic assault” (Review from The Milk Factory). Released in 2010. Boring Machines, Italy. £8.00


K11 The Sacred Wood CD

Another album from this atmospheric Italian post-industrial group. Released in 2010. Old Europa Café, Italy. £9.00


KAPITAL BAND 1 Playing by Numbers CD

“Kapital Band 1 are Nicholas Bussmann and Martin Brandlmayr. After their first release 2CD from 2004, there was a second album in the works already nearing completion, which the musicians decided to trash completely and go a step further. Playing By Numbers is the result–the third album. Now electronics have been set a bit aside; in the foreground are acoustic instruments– cello, guitar, vibraphone and marimba, voice, flute and of course drums. The three parts of the composition play around with playing by numbers. All instruments are played by Martin Brandlmayr and Nicholas Bussmann, except the flute which Erik Drescher contributed…” (from label’s website). Released 2008. Mosz, Austria. £6.00



Released in 2006, this album collects three Karkowski/Courtis/Genovart/Reche collaborations from Buenos Aires in 2004, a further piece from the same year/month/place by Karkowski, Genovart & Reche, and a fifth one also from the same sessions by Karkowski and Haro. Electronics-based noise and grizzled textures intertwine perfectly. Musica Genera, Poland. £8.00



Collaborative disc. “First two tracks recorded live at Gus Fisher Gallery, Oakland on 22nd September 2007, third one – on 17th June 2008 at Werkstatt für Improvisierte Musik, Zürich, and the last one – at Le 102, Grenoble, on 19th June 2008.” Abstract works comprising Khan on computer and electronics and Francis on analogue synth and percussion. Monochrome Vision. £7.00


KATZO Disposition CD

“A (nearly) 70 minute flux of dynamic/driving programmed rhythmic sequences, bass lines, and pulsing grooves…meshed into each other, then infused with microsounds. Katzo is a Japanese project by Katsuya Urushizaki. This is ‘on the go’ ultra high-tech electronic music…great for listening while on the move, or as a ‘night dub soundtrack’ for your deepest dreams.” Silentes, Italy. £5.00

KINETIC Gestaltsystem 01: Possible Forms 2CD

“’Possible Forms’ is the first section of Gestaltsystem, an installation presented in September 2005 at PX Piombino Experimenta sound art festival, Piombino, Italy. It is not a double CD album but an audio set composed by two CDs planned to be played simultaneously. It includes sixteen electronic compositions of identical length (42.42). This work is conceived in order that every track of each CD could play as (a) second layer on every track of the other one…” (from sleevenotes). Very interesting combination of tones, sub-bass waves, pulses and so on. Please note that these CDs arrived without jewel cases, so are not in a 2CD box. Released 2006. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £7.50



New release from these two abstract electronics artists. Italy’s Kinetix have two lengthy pieces and Pylone here serve four. Everything, however, works very well together, with both artists exploring textured and oscillating digital gush, tonal banks, looped voices and submerged rhythmic patterns to great effect. Released in 2010. Sound On Probation, France. £6.00


KINIT HER Glyms Or Beame of Radical Truthes CD

Following a small cluster of cassette releases (including this particular album), this represents Kinit Her’s debut CD, from 2009. Twelve cuts of constantly shifting ethereal psychedelia. Packaged, like all of this label’s releases, in fantastic printed card slipcase cover. Hinterzimmer, Switzerland. £8.00



Debut album by this Ukrainian artist now residing in Krakow, Poland, whose work arrives from electro-acoustic exploration and improvisation yet aims for the academic approach of certain modern composers. Very nice album, though, full of movement, depth and the fine art of surprise, with enough electronic noise and crackle sewn into it to keep those of us interested in such things perfectly satisfied. Released in 2010 in a 7” type sleeve on Mathka, Poland. £8.00



Polish percussionist now living in Canada, here with his fourth album since his debut in 2002. Scraped and treated metallic sounds, electronically processed beyond recognition, and a general ‘noise’ aesthetic sometimes giving way to more subtle strategies. Released in 2012. Bocian Records, Poland.


KSHATRIY Slepok Soznaniya CD

“The project Kshatriy appeared on the Russian post-industrial scene in 2004 and has so far participated in several compilations, as well as released some solo and collaboration recordings on limited edition CDRs. Zhelezobeton sublabel Muzyka Voln presents the project’s first ‘professional’ CD, “Slepok Sonzaniya” (which translates as “a mould of consciousness”). This work is based on the concept of consciousness of a warrior, a galactic warrior of light, bringing to world pure knowledge, infinite silence, perfect balance, a moment of power and might, a flight of freedom, love, serenity, joy, light, unified time, eternal life, simplicity and bliss. The music of the project can be described as fractal dark drone ambient with lots of patterns, woven from various sonic fibres: synthesized drones, processed field recordings, acoustic echoes and rhythmic loops. Calm and profound, filled with resilience and hidden power, like an endless ocean of tranquility, energy and beauty.”  Hand-numbered edition of 500, released in 2009. Muzyka Voln, Russia. £8.00


KSHATRIY Transforming Galaxy CD

Eight new cuts of atmospheric drones and post-industrial yammer. Released in 2012. Muzyka Voln, Russia.  £8.00


MARTIN KUCHEN The Lie and the Orphanage CD

Album from 2010 by the Swedish free jazz/improv saxophonist, whose own take on matters proffers something entirely unique. Subdued and breathy sound manipulations emanate from his instrument of choice like little else, only occasionally hinting at their source. Sometimes embellished with a pocket radio and otherwise utilising baritone, alto and tenor saxophones, these eight cuts together add up to one of the most striking genre albums for a long time. Recommended. Mathka, Poland. £8.00



Latest album by the Swedish acoustic sax improviser given to electroacoustic flourishes, freeform jazz and the more considered realms of subtle noise. Great packaging. 500 pressed. Released in 2012. Mathka, Poland. £16.50


GOH LEE KWANG Good Vibrations: Selected Solo Improvisations With Stereo DJ Mixer CD

Five improvised electronics pieces recorded in Amsterdam in 2007 by the prolific Malaysian artist. Herbal International, Malaysia. £8.00


LAGOWSKI presents LEGION False Dawn (20th Anniversary Expanded Edition) 2CD

Remastered reissue of this classic of the dark ambient genre, originally released in 1992 and here expanded with some bonus cuts on the second disc, including several remixes. Released in 2012. Zoharum, Poland. £9.00


BRIAN LAVELLE Supernaturalist CD

“Exclusive new output from this ambient/electronic artist from Scotland, UK. On Supernaturalist, Brian Lavelle presents 4 long brilliant compositions (70 minutes), minimal at first hearing, but with full maximum impact: bare to multi-layered drones, gentle to hallucinogating field recordings with natural elements, ambient noises and 
real instruments (piano, bass…). A classic album with style, hauntingly beautiful!! Full metallised CD housed in the usual 7” folder cover, ‘pâle bleu’ (pale blue), in an edition of 300 copies only.” Released in 2008. EE Tapes, Belgium. £5.00


LEE MILLER The Futility of Language CD

Muddy noise-rock from Finland. Released in 2005. Musically Incorrect Records, Finland. £4.00


HANNO LEICHTMANN The African Twintower Suite LP

“October 2005: Seminal German director Christoph Schlingensief (R.I.P. 2010) shoots his latest feature film, The African Twintowers, in Lüderitz/Namibia with Irm Hermann, Klaus Beyer, Robert Stadlober, Patti Smith. Autumn 2006: Schlingensief approaches Berlin musician/composer Hanno Leichtmann (Groupshow, Static, Denseland) regarding a soundtrack for the film. There were hours and hours of raw material; the concept being a movie with few dialogues and music throughout – a 90 minute psychedelic collage; an associative visual and sonic trip. With the help of John Nijenhuis aka Sir Henry as well as a trio of musicians playing indian music (tabla, sitar, tampura), they started to improvise in Leichtmann’s recording studio projecting film sequences on a wall. Within 4 days and nights an enormous amount of tracks had been recorded and several rough mixes had been compiled. After a while though, Schlingensief decided to shift the concept. The film transformed into an art installation with 18 monitors showing sequences simultaneously (presented at the Berlinale and Steirischer Herbst), and later on, a kind of  ‘Making of…’ with 90% off-comments by Christoph Schlingensief and very little music was made. Thus, The African Twintowers Suite represents a lost soundtrack; compiling the most interesting recordings, newly edited, layered, collaged, shortened and mixed between 2009 and 2010.” Released in 2010. Dekorder, Germany. £10.00


LES AUS Harrana Hanne CD

The debut album by this Spanish duo (who are often aided by guests), from 2006, blending traditional folk elements with the kinda psychedelia, punked-up rock and splashes of progressive avant-noise weirdness the Sun City Girls initially cut their teeth on. Nice. Ozonokids, Spain. £9.00



Into the Night Sky is the sixth album from avant guitarists Alan Licht and Loren Connors, the first after 2003’s In France. Features two lengthy cuts. Released 2010. Family Vineyard, USA. £11.00


LICHT-UNG Kristall 7”

Limited edition release from 2007 by Germany’s Johannes Elbert, who dedicates himself to abstract electronics, noise and that often difficult-to-place frah found skirting around such edges. 300 only, in silkscreened sleeve and including a badge, on marbled blue vinyl. Drone Records, Germany. £3.00


ANDREW LILES Monster Munch e.p. 7”

Eight pieces by the prolific Liles, from 2010. Red vinyl. Limited. Tourette, USA. £4.75


LOKAI 7 Million CD

Debut from this Austrian duo featuring Stefan Nemeth and Florian Kmet, who can both be found nestled amongst several other laptop or electro-acoustic orientated projects, including, respectively, Radian and Superlooper. Here, they weave mostly delicate and organic textures together via guitar and electronics that are often rich and atmospheric yet can give way to noisier moments, such as during the lengthy ‘Chuuk’. Released 2005. Mosz, Austria. £7.00



Comprising two lengthy pieces built around contributions with a huge cast of artists from the electro-acoustic, noise, improv, abstract electronic and digital mayhem worlds, such as Russell Haswell, Masami Akita, Zbigniew Karkowski, John Hegre, Elliot Sharp, John Hudak, Zipperspy, Oren Ambarchi, Mason Jones, Joe Colley and far more besides. Released in 2005. Blossoming Noise, USA. £11.50


LULL & BEAT CLOUD & ANDREW LILES Circadian Rhythm Disturbance Reconfigured CD

A lengthy collaborative piece by Mick Harris’ drifting electronics project and Beta Cloud, the alias of Carl Pace, plus a slightly (and some might contend typically) more disturbed remix by Andrew Liles.  Released in 2012. Cold Spring. £9.00


LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM Atanimonni Aitnatsbus 10”

Two new pieces from 2012 by this project dedicated to droneworks and field recordings. On mixed white and blue vinyl. 500 only. Drone Records, Germany. £7.50



Released in 2010 and featuring eight songs comprising Lunch on vocals, guitar and ‘sounds’ plus Petit with a wide array of electronics, turntables and various sound-making devices. Includes a DVD of them live at Cabaret Aléatoire in 2009, plus a 32 page colour booklet and DVD packaging. Monotype Records, Poland. £17.50  NB: Postage as for three CDs.



A collection of works by this prolific US artist whose work is usually to be found available via numerous CDR releases. Thirteen pieces of abstract electronics/noise/tharsh texture-based works. Released in 2010. Freak Animal, Finland. £8.00


ERIC LUNDE Colorado Terrain Investigation CD

Reissue gathering material once released by RRRecords, by the US noise artist. Released in 2011. Industrial Recollections, Finland. £8.00



Album from 2010 by the prolific Dutch artist, Rutger Zuydervelt, here furnishing us with four more lengthy atmospheric droneworks of the kind he’s made his name on under the Machinefabriek moniker. Incredible music. Cold Spring. £9.00



Recent album by this Netherlands’ based platform generally given to creating grainy atmospheric droneworks. Released in late 2011. Cold Spring. £9.00


THIERRY MADIOT Ziph MusiquePour Trompes Et Ballons CD

Four pieces spanning about an hour by the French freeform trombonist. Released in 2011. Prele, France. £8.00



Previously unreleased album from 1998 by this US soundsmith, here delivering two lengthy pieces of swirling textural gush and submerged concrete sounds. Released 2008. Purple Soil, Czech Republic. £8.00


LASSE MARHAUG It’s Not the End of the World CD

Reissue of a CDR originally released on China’s Doufu Records in 2006. “(This album) finds Lasse Marhaug slamming you with 10 relatively short, sharp and memorable noise shocks. Like an audio rollercoaster ride that twists and turns you through all kinds of noise textures and sound elements to give you one hell of an invigorating ride. This is noise art at its top level. Instantly addictive and dense, Lasse really twists your head all over the place here. There’s are also musical elements and textures popping up here and there or sneaking their way through the rhythmic, harsh and inventive noise textures – but never lessening the impact or power. You’ll find looped electro pulse surround in buzzing insectaria wonder, as feedback hits and rips attack your ears. What sounds like amped up rain batters in neat rhythmic crispness and static crunch. Jacked-up and demented industrial beat worlds start up a foot tap dance with stuck horn elements as tuneful noise manipulation move, coming off like messed up stretched and tense reggae. Static swims and explores going against lock throbbing drone textures, before exploding into noise wonder. Another fine example of why Marhaug is one of the top three or four names in the noise genre today. Simply put: a consistent, varied and clever forty minute lesson in memorable & highly creative brutality.” (Roger Batty, Released 2007.  Quasi-Pop, Ukraine.  £7.00



New album by the prolific Mattin, here in collaboration with New Zealand’s Richard Francis on two lengthy pieces of subdued electronics. Good album. Released in 2012 in an edition of 300 hand numbered copies. Auf Abwegen, Germany. £13.00


KIRSTEN McCORD All I Want Is A Little More Than I’ll Ever Get one-sided LP

Absolutely mesmerising debut from Azalia Snail’s cellist, here given to combining soothing minimalistic shimmer & tones with an early ’80s intelligent pop sensibility (think OMD or somesuch) and a sprinkling of introspection. Ecstatic Peace, USA. £7.00



Two metamorphic and textured noise pieces by the US artist, recorded between 2003 and 2005. In oversized packaging and limited to 555 copies, Tantric Harmonies, Russia. £7.00


DANIEL MENCHE Blood of the Land 3” CD

A short collection of field recordings spanning approx. 20 minutes by this prolific US artist. Released 2010. Ferns Recordings. £4.75


MERZBOW and JOHN WIESE Multiplication CD

Six collaborative pieces from 2005 conducted by mail by Japan’s king of noise and the equally prolific musique concrete/noise artist, Wiese. The first edition of these were in digipaks, but this is the second edition version in a standard jewel case. Misanthropic Agenda, USA. £8.00



Three lengthy cuts from 2008 by the ever-prolific Masami Akita. Cold Spring Records. £9.00


MERZBOW/Z’EV Spiral Right, Spiral Left CD

From 2010. Collaborative work between these two masters of their chosen fields. In nice textured card sleeve. Cold Spring. £10.00


MIRT Most 12”

Two pieces of molten electronics. Very nice. Released in 2009 and limited to 250. Nefryt, Poland.  £10.00



“For some years now Stockholm based artist Mathias Josefson has delighted the drone scene with his highly minimal excursions into drone territory. From harsh noise to soft & gentle ambience the aim is to reach a basic level of sound conscience. In doing so the ‘human mind’ and the ‘sound mind’ interact to build a symbiotic entity. Moljebka Pvlse is Josefson’s sound art project where he often collaborates with Karin Jacobson. The two pieces ‘lode’ and ‘lvx’ are great examples of breathing drone structures which seem to be derived from real string or wind instruments. Harmonic & mysterious, dense & aspiring…. this is indeed music like a lode of illuminations…” Limited to 300. Released 2008. Drone Records, Germany. £3.00



New album by this French artist dedicated to noisy vocal manipulations and scrunched-up electronics, featuring 23 tracks in total. 317 pressed. Released in 2012. Fragment Factory, Germany. £11.00


GEORGE MOORE Plastic Flowers LP

“George Moore is the 20 year old son of Ecstatic Peace recording artist Gene Moore (we released his far-out Twisting Wires CD last summer 2001- Gene Moore is the older brother of Thurston Moore who runs Ecstatic Peace and plays guitar and sings for Sonic Youth.) Regardless of these obvious bloodline connections George Moore’s musical world should, would and could easily creep into the living underground on its own mystic merits. He recorded these instrumental pieces at some point in early 2001 and issued them privately in an edition smaller than Albini’s dick. The music therein is an amalgamation of spurious signals wholly independent though readings and mis-readings of John Fahey, Whitehouse and Jackie-O Motherfucker are in probable detection. The basement aura of this session will appeal to anyone even slightly aroused by the aforementioned troika. A limited edition of 400. Ecstatic Peace have several future Moore family releases queued up, so you might as well get in on the second floor… Pressing disclaimer: noise, static, glitchery is acceptable / intentional according to the label and is an acceptable augmentation to the bedroom fidelity recording.” Ecstatic Peace, USA. £8.00


STEVE MOORE Demo 2003 + Bonus Track LP

Restock of this limited edition LP (500 only) from 2008, comprising ten (count ‘em!) cuts of atmospheric drone-orientated shimmer ‘n’ glaze. Hlava, Germany. £11.00



“Original field recordings/EVPs captured by Michael Esposito at American Film Studios, Santa Barbara, CA (PAW case file: PAW109), additional sounds recorded by Michael Muennich at Fragment Factory, Hamburg during 2011/2012, edited and processed by Michael Esposito, Michael Muennich and GX Jupitter-Larsen, Chicago / Hamburg / Los Angeles.” Released in 2012. Nice album, full of movement and gentle yet sometimes convoluted and disturbing sounds and voices. Firework Editions, Sweden. £9.00


[MULTER] Schauzeichen 10”

From 2003, a limited edition release by the German ambient-drone/electronics duo that’s actually one of about three not found on their own label. Auf Abwegen, Germany. £4.00


MARIAE NASCENTI Raise Your Paw to the Sky and Break the Truce CD

“Second Mariae Nascenti ‘s long awaited full length album on Final Muzik is out, 
and we’re proud of it! Produced by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen), ‘Raise…’ is without any doubt the best ever recorded work of Mariae Nascenti: pain, loneliness, immagination, dreams, blood, souls and flesh collide together in this emotional wonderful album. You can file it under (some) Coil or Current 93 early recordings, or it could remind you a few N.W.W. song-oriented chapters. That’s ok… but ‘Raise…’ develops though vital energy a devastating tabula rasa of feelings, through another-dimension melodies, ‘found’ songs, silences, sudden spoken texts, obscure nightmare soundtracks and cold nocturnal music for black’n’white memories. Limited edition of 1.200 copies, digipak, including video-track and mini-booklet. Featuring musicians from Larsen, Northgate, Blind Cave Salamander, Femina Faber / Ludmila, DsorDNE, and many, many other artists and Ango’s friends…”  Released in 2007. FinalMuzik, Italy. £6.00

NID Plate Tectonics CD

Debut release from this Swiss trio featuring members of Phased and Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim, coming out after twelve years of existence (and much in the way of touring throughout Europe and only having previously had their music available on limited edition CDRs) and capturing recordings just as they actually split up, in 2004. Textured ambience, tones, hushed passages and drones meet to create a sound falling somewhere between post-rock and industrial music’s forays into more measured or soundtrack-ish work. Released in 2006. Auf Abwegen, Germany. £4.00


BJ NILSEN & Z’EV 22’ 22” CD

Collaborative disc from 2007 by the master of occasionally noise-orientated electronic drone/textural music and the infamous metal percussionist. Contains three lengthy cuts, two of which are solo and the third a collaboration. iDEAL Recordings, Sweden. £11.00


NIWEA Wszystko  7”

Moody and minimal synth-based music. Doubtlessly limited. Released in 2012. Bocian Records, Poland. £6.00



“Frédéric Nogray diverts his rock crystal crucibles from their usual function in the silicon industry to generate an ample and tactile music, a music that succeeds as much in making the listener’s intellect wander as it does in moving the material itself. Although entirely acoustic, this music is powerful, the different-sized bowls being generators of distinct waves operating in the range of frequencies from infra- to ultrasonic. Because of their superimposition and the acoustics of the space they are in, chimeras or interferences are born. A musical event partaking simultaneously in the creation of perception and corporal experience. Recorded by Eric Cordier, Décembre 2007 in churches Normandy, France.” Released 2008. Prele Records, France. £8.00



Great semi-improvised and experimental psychedelia from this Romanian group formerly known, simply, as Nu. This is the debut album, from 2008. Lollipop Shop, Germany. £7.00


NU & APA NEAGRA Descantecul Apei Negre CD

The latest album, from late 2011, by this improvisational psychedelia group from Romania. Incredible music, aiming straight for the stars. Lollipop Shop, Germany. £8.00


NULL Prime Radiant CD

2005 album of severely processed space-mulch culled from various live and studio recordings by the Japanese guitarist. Blossoming Noise, USA. £9.00


KK NULL Galactic Tornado CD

“The album Galactic Tornado by Mr. Kazuyuki Kishino (KK NULL) presents the deep, dense & dynamic electronic music. It’s unconditional, intuitive and highly emotional excellent audio-work. Combining synthetic sounds from various synthesizers and electronic machines with acoustic audio signals, the composer explores (from his own point of view) some artistic values of “psychedelic electronic sound” that were widly presented on space/electronic/kraut albums from ‘70s. Naturally, this CD could be recommended for listeners who prefer the contemporary experimental sound in its highest quality and for fans of “retro spacey” sound from the groups such as Popol Vuh, Cluster or even Tangerined Dream as well.

Luxurious 6-panels digipack with silver lettering and spot varnishing feautures artwork with images done by Kazuyuki Kishino.” Limited to 500. Quasi-Pop, Ukraine. £11.00



The debut by this US/Japan team-up comprising Mason Jones (Trance, SubArachnoid Space), Koji Shimura (High Rise, Acid Mother’s Temple), Chris Van Huffle (SubArachnoid Space, Gay Barbarians) and Hiroshi Higo (Friction). One side of live material recorded in Tokyo, plus one of studio. Duo/trio work comprising bass, guitar and drums in full-on psychedelic onslaught mode. From 2007. Little Mafia, USA. £8.00



Seven cuts form this album from 2008 by this Swedish artist, here given to ‘morphic explorations through electronic music swathed in deep atmospherics and touches of musique concrete. In Digipak with 12 page booklet. iDEAL Recordings, Sweden. £9.00

OMENYA Ancient Rites CD

“Following the works on Tantric Harmonies and Klangalerie comes the third offering of Mark Davis. Most delicate Rapoon-esque ethno-ambience…” Released 2005. Purplesoil, Czech Republic. £9.00



New album from the long-running project of Steve Fricker’s, although it only actually a reissue of a cassette that originally appeared in 1997 on the Perverse Series imprint. “Irrelevant started life in 1997 as a cassette that ran to 70 copies. The 7.17 From West Wittering Is Late Again have reissued it on vinyl and in doing so have done us a great service. Utilising a single instrument for each track Onomatopoeia create sounds that range from the almost Industrial to pure experimentation. On Corduroy Croquette Clap-Clinic Cull a single cymbal is hit repeatedly, little rhythms building and dying away. Blennorrhoea [utilising one Piccolo] creates a ghostly ambience, Cellophane Cucumber Clamjamphire [utilising one hunting horn] is equally funereal. You get the picture. Horns cymbals, piccolos, a bass guitar and a zambomba [an African drum] all taken in some way to create sounds that become removed from the original instrument. There must be some treatments or multi tracking going on tho I’m no expert, with maybe the cymbal track coming though as the purest [and harshest] of the lot and Bland Basingstoke [utilising the zambomba] being mangled in such a way as to sound like a looped Con-Dom fill. My only slight criticism of the whole enterprise are the latter parts of the almost side long Chafed Cervix Coleslaw Cum Chutney Cesspit [utilising bass guitar] in the latter parts of which the bass guitar becomes too obviously apparent. In a track that begins with some fine two phase oscillating fizz it peters out into random bass farts that end up sounding like a poor mans Sonic Youth solo. But let us not depart Onomatopoeia waters on such a low note because for us Onomatopoeia fans any appearance is to be warmly welcomed. I for one hope that some equally benevolent soul takes up the task of reissuing those other obscure Onomatopoeia releases but for now I’m more than happy with this.” (Idwal Fisher). Released in a numbered edition of 300 in 2010. The 7.17 From West Wittering Is Late Again. £12.50



Abstract, textural and even sometimes percussive guitar-based works from this songwriter with leanings towards improvisation. Released 2011. Forwind. £9.00

THE OVAL LANGUAGE Tapes, Singles and Remixes CD

“This first CD album presents the old tracks restored from tapes, as well as exclusive remixes made by Guido Hübner (Das Synthetische Mischgewebe). It’s a wonderful excursion into the world of underground noise music which is sometimes extreme but always interesting and unpredictable. Thi is a very special appearance in our personal music research, and is a real discovery for all the fans of the experimental music genre.” Released 2010. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £8.50


OVUM Epepe ep CD

Shimmering hum & gentle swells from 1998 and 1999 by a Swedish soundsmith. Fever Pitch, USA. £5.00


PACIFIC 231 with B2la3ck1 and Rapoon Palestine CD

Two lengthy pieces from 2007 by this often tribalistic post-industrial group, here in collaborative mode in tribute to Muslimgauze’s late Bryn Jones. Limited to 700. Old Europa Café, Italy. £11.00



Album from 2001 by this US punk/grind/noise group. Robotic Empire, USA. £6.00


PALE ROSES Fear of Dawn CD

Debut album from 2010 by this dark folk group. The Eastern Front, Israel. £7.00


CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE The Apocalypse Will Blossom CD

Two lengthy pieces from 2007 by the wayward pianist/minimal electronics composer. Yessmissolga, USA. £8.50



Five lengthy cuts on this collaborative album from 2005, forging tempered psychedelic ‘scapes with labyrinthine swirl entirely created by guitars. Prele, France. £8.00


PBK Warfare State/Appeal 2 x Cassette

Box set collection from 2011 by this US artist whose work is given to abstract electronics, abrasive sounds and suchlike. Numbered edition of 100, wrapped in special foil packaging. Impulsy Stetoskopu, Poland. £6.50



Collaborative album by these two ex-Nox members who’ve long since cut their respective teeth on a long-winded and always interesting solo trajectory. Pernice is given to composing gentle piano pieces whose style Perrier also apparently copied over a period of several years. Adding various subtle sounds and rhythms to these pieces, all of them fall in with the more atmospheric or even haunting end of the spectrum. Guest vocals also appear on one piece. Features five cuts by Pernice and four by Perrier. Released in late 2010. Sound On Probation, France. £8.00

LAURENT PERRIER Downfall Disperse 2CD

Album from 2006 by this French artist whose background in post-industrial and various forms of electronic music have been well documented via his Heal and Zonk’t ventures, amongst others. All the tracks composed here were for the Alban Richard/Ensemble l’Abrupt choreography, ‘Downfall’, created in January 2004 in Paris, and ‘Disperse’, created in May 2005. ‘Downfall’ assumes a dark, atmospheric posture that borders on Plastikman territory with its deep throbs, pulses and distant clangs, whilst ‘Disperse’ stalks similar ground but pushes the industrial soundscapes and violent electronic crackle to the fore. Very nice. Sound On Probation, France. £9.00



“Ferya – folk musician born and working in Central Pomerania. In cooperation with two other folk artists: Maya (Skala, Cosmic Liar & Murderer, ex- Rzepczyno Folk Band, OKW, Tetmayer & others) and Lech – local animator of Western African drumming traditions – plundered sounds recorded with them over the years to form the Back Out album. The works of Perry Ferya Band descend from the culture of local proletariat clubs. Back Out reflects the tradition of collective music playing ‘under the influence’ out of the longing for the big world and reflections on human fate. If there’s still anyone with an undisturbed joy of playing, it’s for sure the Perry Ferya Band.

Back Out refers to the tradition of experimental improvisations from ‘60s & ‘70s transferred into the field of plunderphonics. Bits used to create the album were made out of recordings of instruments which were later processed and mixed together. The next step in recycling their own works was live improvisation on these collages. Back Out brings together electronics and psychedelic neofolk, improvisation and studio processing and for it’s creators was just a great fun to play with sounds.” (Label notes). Released in 2011. Limited. In special packaging. Recycling Records, Poland. £5.00



Lengthy experimental dronework from 2008, lasting almost forty minutes. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £7.00



“Assembled between April and June 2009 as part of a therapeutic process during a period dominated by severe disturbances of loss, mental abysses and despair, “?” is the new gospel from Swiss experimentalist Dave Phillips, co-founder of grindcore legend Fear of God, a member of the sense perplexing Schimpfluch-Gruppe and the pulverizing force behind the Rudimentary Peni one-man-doom-drone worship act Dead Peni, among numerous other projects. 

“?” offers a 79 minutes album of field recordings oriented compositions that feature murky cello, piano and accordion parts, nocturnal voices, a vast array of concrete snippets and more resonances of existences that give Albert Aylers’ “Music is the healing force of the universe” new depths and meanings. “?” sees Phillips observing and carefully dissecting his human psyche into ten intimate and innovative music pieces, confronting them with the bile and degradation of the omnipresent while deconstructing his own ravage with a binding urge to cleanse. And it’s a fascinating insight to listen to.”  Heart & Crossbone, Israel. £7.00



Fifteen cuts from 2008 on this collaborative album comprising Piernik on tuba and Zabrodzki on electric piano, organ, bass, double bass and ‘other’ sounds. Aided by Wojciech Kondrat on violin and Hubert Zemler on percussion and vibraphone, they create an outer-jazz environment that allows for sinewy melodies and a baroque overtone to combine over a range of moods. Sometimes noisy and at others either hypnotic or stirring up some traditional refrains, the tendency for drama forever prevails. Nice work. Vivo, Poland.  £9.00



“(This) is the second album by fractured kaleidoscope pop sound by the pound Francis Plagne. This eponymous release further explores Francis’ obsessions with ‘pop’ and ‘organised sound’, all from a modest bedroom studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Francis has developed his craft to a level way beyond his 19 years. Incorporating field recordings, drones, electronics and improvisations, along with harmony-rich pop songs of the finest order. Unusual, identifiable and exciting. Leave your delay pedals and cheap drone at the door.” Synaesthesia/Mistletone Recordings, Australia. £9.00


POOCHLATZ Victim of Self Preservation CD

Against all odds, we strive for excellence – we pray for prey, but shudder helpless – what’s the meaning of this perverse? I’ve got them infecting on the flaws, questioning the truth – if needed, they will convert heaven into a burning hollow space – but once anxiety will slap me back, sanity will strike some points – could it be that everyone needs a miss to flourish?” (Label notes). Ultra noise album from 2008. HCB Records, Israel. £7.00



Reissue of this electronic Belgian group’s album from 1980, minus one song and including both a different version of another and several extra tracks otherwise once released as two EPs. “The Belgian label EE Tapes has mainly used us to dive into the deepest realms of experimental music, but the release of Pseudo Code can be considered as an exception to the rule! Pseudocode is a Belgian combo that was active between 1979 and 1982. To be honest with you, I never heard from this band before, but back in time distribution and promotion was hard to find while internet facilities didn’t even exist. Europa is a kind of anthology bringing the Europa LP and 2 EP’s back to life as a full length CD featuring 19 songs. The songs smell like the good-old spirit of the early 80s electronic experiments. It’s easily recognizable and most of the songs still make sense! The debut cuts ‘She’s Got Blue Eyes Wow’ and ‘Addis Abeba’ will for sure evoke some good-old memories. Today we would call it minimalist electronics, but back in time this band was active at the same time as famous pioneers like Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, etc.. I even perceived a few songs (cf. ‘Sub-Rosa – The Last Hole’, ‘Far Away From My Own Land’, ‘Suffering’ and ‘Memories’) reminding me of the more experimental style of Throbbing Gristle. Pseudo Code seems to have moved in between more ‘classical’ electronics and experimental forms. In a more explicit electro style a song like ‘Simulation (To The Blue Eyed Boy)’ is a pretty short, but efficient song. I think it’s a very good initiative of EE Tapes to bring this unknown Belgian band back to life. This album is a limited release available in 2 cover versions.”  Released in 2010 and packaged in oversized single-type sleeve. Limited to 300. EE Tapes, Belgium. £7.00


PSEUDO CODE ‘The Third e.p.’ 7”

Limited edition release of four cuts from 1981 by this cult electronic group. 165 copies only. EE Tapes, Belgium. £7.00


PYLONE Black Grains CD

Another faintly anonymous album from Laurent Perrier’s imprint, collecting almost an hour’s worth of micro-crackle, electronic murmur, dark tones, tempered noise, electro-acoustic and amber texture-based cuts. Sound On Probation, France. £6.00


PYLONE Grounded Hands CD

Second album by this Laurent Perrier-founded project, released in October 2008. “After ‘Black Grains’, Pylone’s second album goes on developing micro sounds in closed environments. ‘Grounded Hand’ is a mass in disarray, a collage of cracking and clicking sounds, clinical minimal repetitive heartbeat inviting listeners to follow its author through an experience of granular meditation, a dive into crunching, vibrating sound material. If the first part is made of harsh abstract compositions, the second part opens up to space, to cinematic, contemplative atmospheres.” Sound On Probation, France. £6.00

QUARTER eponymous CD

Moody and contemplative songs arriving from twilight electronics, babbling meta-swirl, unearthly flutterings, distant sax descents, percussive slow-burn and deep bass anchorage, occasionally recalling Clock DVA, Legendary Pink Dots and Coil. Vivo, Poland. £6.00


Eight cuts by this Japanese outfit whose background in black metal belies the completely insane, wild flute-led, frenetic yet more loose approach here. If anything, brings to mind a far more aggressive Amon Duul or somesuch, with a flute dominating proceedings that is freeform and akin to Ayler’s sax blasts. Little wonder this is on Jussi Lehtisalo’s forever intriguing and often enlightening Ektro imprint. £8.00


RAMLEH Switch Hitter 10”

Two recordings from 2004/2005 by a group most of you should be familiar with, here (of course) continuing their rock-based phase. Black Rose Recordings. £7.50


RANNISTO Surrur 7”

Two untitled cuts on this limited edition release from 2009 by Antti Rannisto, proffering the type of meaty and rhythmic electronics previously witnessed by Profan and some of the MaxErnst releases and falling somewhere near the deeper and darker end of minimal techno. 200 only. White vinyl. iDEAL Recordings, Sweden. £4.00


RAPOON Escaping from Color CD

The ex-Zoviet France project given over to remixes and reworkings by Francisco Lopez, Troum, Steve Roden, Gert-Jan Prins, Aidan Baker, Anla Courtis, Family Underground, Mike Shiflet and a number of others. Quasi Pop, Ukraine. £8.00


RAPOON Time-Loop Anomalies CD

Nice electronic works from Robin Storey’s continuing project. Released in 2012. Zoharum, Poland. £9.00



Limited edition release, from 2009, comprising early ‘80s electronic and tape recordings by Andy Wilson (ex-Bourbonese Qualk, plus responsible for one of the Faust online forums). Two neat songs that have the waft the post-industrial cassette scene over them. Youdon’thavetocallitmusic, Germany. £4.00



Stunning gathering of early ‘80s material by Andy Wilson (ex-Bourbonese Qualk), mostly originally released via cassettes and a compilation LP appearance under the RBE moniker. Fractured rhythms, raw tape spillage, and a sensibility wavering between abstract pop and post-industrial madness. 24 cuts in all, gatefold sleeve, and limited to 500. Released in 2009. Youdon’thaveto callitmusic, Germany. £14.50


RAXINASKY The Anti-apopathodiaphulatophobicoustical Days CD

Second album, from 2008, by this Belgian experimental-grind group who blend in everything from jazz and prog to math rock with their approach. Heart & Crossbone, Israel. £6.00



Solo debut album from Lloyd James of Naevus, built around eight songs that themselves never really sound quite the same as each other and employ all from electronics, improvised piano, meaty bass, guitar strums, samples, poetry, atmospheric textures and so on. Released in an edition of 400 in 2009. Tourette, USA. £8.00



“’Revenant’ is an ongoing project with open membership that focuses on site-specific acoustic actions, or activiated environments. Each action is a document of a specific moment in time in a specific location. Huge pines, chestnuts, beeches, and a few oaks. A vague border. On one side a Slovenian village, on the other an Italian one, which our maps locate at the end of a cul de sac. En route for this slovenian village, on this ageless path, having begun in the village of Topolò, bags full of bits and pieces: a few biscuits, a recorder, some chocolate, several worn out old violin bows. The path becomes ever steeper and more tortuous, sometimes blocked by fallen logs, sometimes aided by stone steps barely showing. The trees try to tempt us off the path; then one or two of us give in to the call of a huge pine standing proudly to one side. With the first light touch the tree speaks: a strangled sound pierced through by a note both muffled and sharp, a pluck of another twig, a bowing of a third, a held frequency, a slight pressure on another until it breaks. Each dried branch of this sound-tree gives rise to stammers, murmurs, cries or whispers, linguistic trial… (from Olivier Feraud’s text).” Released 2008. Prele Records, France. £5.00


RLW The Pleasure of Burning Down Churches CD

Four pieces of German electro-acoustic artist Ralf Wehowsky’s trademark, yet distinctive, blend of musique concrete, crackle, field recordings, scrunched-up electronics and micro signatures, this time inspired by and using material recorded during his travels in Vietnam in the ‘90s. Highly recommended. Black Rose Recordings. £9.00


RLW & TITO Mahlzeit CD

Collaborations between these two artists from 2006 to 2007, then released in 2008. Grizzled electronics, musique concrete, abstract sounds, etc. Fantastic card sleeve packaging. Hinterzimmer, Switzerland. £8.00



New release comprising collaborative pieces featuring Petit providing the backdrop of electronic sounds to Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson’s spoken word musings. Very effective. Also features Rhys Chatham on trumpet on one piece. Monotype Records, Poland. £9.00


“Russian duo consisting of Eugene & Julica, make spacey, abstract instrumentals. Heavily delayed guitar strumming, accompanied by various random sounds and minimal hand drum percussion. Light & airy ambient guitars with subtle rhythms. Very relaxing…” Released in 2002. £6.00


“This is the new, remastered version of classic material recorded back in ’80s, next to post-industrial aesthetics priority in electronic music. Rigorous and austere, ascetic but dynamic, this music rearranges everyday being into mind-challenging imagination, reserving the leading parts for the habitual processes and domestic objects. From the deep underground of Spanish industrial music, it comes to be rediscovered after 15 years.” Monochrome Vision, Russia. £7.50


HENRIK RYLANDER Power Model X (Motherboard Drone Live) CD

Two cuts by the Swedish sound artist, the first from a recording of a performance at a gallery in Sweden also devoted to a Rylander exhibition and the second from an event in Chicago the same year (2006). Noise/droneworks. Limited to 500 in a digipak. Released in 2009. iDEAL Recordings, Sweden. £11.00


SAM GAS CAN Aswang 7”

Limited edition release of 300 of this obscure enough electronic noise/rock record from 2008. Hand numbered and made available through a three-way label collaboration. Ozonokids/Feeding Tube/Faux Pas, Spain/USA. £3.50


SANTAAGOSTINO La Morte Marcia Sui Terreni K CD

Album of dark electronics-bound textures and noise by an Italian post-industrial group. Released 2008. Inner Gravity, Italy. £7.00


SATORI Kanashibari CD

Reissued album from 2008 by the ‘dark ambient’ duo of Justin Mitchell (Cold Spring Records) and Neil Chaney (Pessary). Cold Spring Records. £8.00



Four collaborative electronic noise pieces by these mainstays of, well, such areas of music. Released in 2011. Freak Animal, Finland. £4.00


New release by Severin’s Codex Astra project/series, here with two very nice abstract yet atmospheric electronic pieces that see his work taking on more depth than earlier solo releases. Limited to 777 copies in nicely embossed digipak sleeves. Erototox Recordings, USA. £5.00


STEVEN SEVERIN Blood of a Poet (Le Sang D’un Poete) CD

The second release in Steven Severin’s Music for Silents series, here bringing together his score for Jean Cocteau’s surrealistic classic from 1930 and, in turn, a suitable mix of often haunting textures and tones, rhythmic swells and occasionally melodic refrains. Fantastic piece of work. Released 2010. Cold Spring. £7.00

SHRINE  Distorted Legends, Part 1 7”

“”Behind Shrine we find a fresh experimental drone project from Bulgaria (currently residing in England) combining the melancholia of distorted synths with odd micro noises & effects. The fusion of rough and thunderous drones with hidden melodies evokes a strong emotional impact, like the feeling of being stuck in a confusing dream. Shrine’s philosophy shows a way to realize that what we call ‘reality’ is to be mistrusted based upon our usual perceptions. The distortion of this reality opens up a chance to better understand its true essence and confront the things that lie behind the surface.” Limited to 300 in oversize full colour sleeve. Released 2008. Drone Records, Germany.  £4.00



Fantastic cover of the late Rowland S. Howard’s classic 1979 song by Ben Chasny’s psychedelic folk group. Doubtlessly limited. Released in 2012. Tourette, USA. £5.00


SKULLFLOWER Fucked Up On A Pile of Corpses CD

Album from 2011 by Matthew Bower’s longstanding drone-rock/noise/psych-metal group. Cold Spring.  £8.00



Latest album by this long serving and much respected group given to furrowing dark drones and banks of oppressive fog. Released in 2012. Cold Spring Records. £11.00


SMEGMA Morass Live LP

Eleven cuts originally from 1986 and 1988 by the long-running abstract electronics/improv/noise/collage group. Released in 2009 in an edition of 300. Bimbo Tower, France. £10.00


EDWARD SOL/ANLA COURTIS Sunburst Lux split-7”

“Both compositions on this record relate (more or less) to ‘tape music’. The piece of Argentinian experimental master Anla Courtis is solely based on the manipulated sounds of geysers, recorded in South America. Ukrainian Edward Sol works with weird cassette loops, lo-fi oscillations and some primitive tones from his vintage USSR-made analogue synth Polyvox. Generally speaking, the sound of this record belongs to  monolithic dark drone music.” Limited to 300. Quasi-Pop, Ukraine. £5.00

SONNAMBLE Seven Months In E Minor CD

Seven cuts by this London –based duo who remain dedicated to the idea of manipulations of stringed instruments via homemade software. Nicely hewn soft-focus abstract electronicaa. Released in 2010. Forwind. £8.00


New album, comprising four pieces of string-led electronica/droneworks. Released in 2011. Forwind. £8.00


The last album by my own old group, Splintered, released in 1996 and comprising six collaborative tracks with Germany’s Ralf Wehowsky. Utilising looped rhythms, frazzled guitars, analogue burbling, musique concrete and far more besides, as well as distant chanted vocals that sometimes sound like they’ve been snatched from a disused monastery, I’d still personally contend this was everything I was striving for with my vision of the group. Despite the fact this album got berated by just about everybody at the time, I’m still very proud of this album and feel it holds up well. Fuck the critics anyway. They don’t usually count…unless they’reme! After this album, Splintered evolved into Theme, although further Splintered activity may yet one day happen. Black Rose Recordings. £8.00


STUDENT FILM Facts and Values 7”

First in a series of singles entitled Lazy Circles, although it is not clear whether this has been set by the label or the band. Whatever, as far as I can tell, this is US group Student Film’s second release, following an album, and comprises two tracks of well-rounded and artful indie-rock/pop destined to go far, I’d imagine. Released in 2011. Red vinyl and doubtlessly limited. Little Mafia, USA. £3.00


STYLUS Eisteddfod CD

Latest release, from 2005. “The first officially available live material from experimental veteran Dafydd Morgan, ‘Eisteddfod’ is comprised of live recordings made in the summer of 2002 (at the National Eisteddfod of Wales and for Radio Amgen) and amply showcases his cavernous soundscapes. Ranging from the relative light of ‘Migration’ and its subdued bird song, through to the almost baroque opening of ‘Angle’, Stylus makes what could be unremittingly personal music in a way that opens it up to the listener. Broad and bijou…” Irrational Arts. £7.00


SUBJECT/HUMAN DANCE  ‘The (Almost) Insanely Happy e.p. ‘ split-7”

Three tracks each by these contemporary minimal electronic/synth-pop groups. Released in 2011. EE Tapes, Belgium. £6.00


SUB LOAM The Ley Hunter’s Companion CD

Following a few low run CDR releases by this UK project, The Ley Hunter’s Companion is the debut album ‘proper’ and brings together two lengthy pieces of ambient electronics not so far removed from some of Jliat or Tangerine Dream’s work. Released in a numbered edition of 230, in oversized sleeve, during late 2011. Dissolving Records.  £8.00



Debut album from a lo-fi and fuzz-drenched noise/stoner rock duo from New Zealand, completely in keeping with the sound that usually emanates from this island. Six pieces of music to enjoyably annoy many people with. Released in 2012. Heart & Crossbone, Israel. £9.00


TBC/GUY SALDHANA Anti-Gravitation 7”

Two pieces of post-industrial avstract eletronics. Released in 2005 in an edition of 242 copies. Knistern, Germany. £3.75

TESTING VAULT The Laughing Torso CD

“dANi/Alvo’s Testing Vault debut full length CD is available through Final Muzik. Obscure, isolationist (post) industrial soundscapes: in Testing Vault’s music, love is hidden by painful moods and by a breathless atmosphere of pure fear. File under: early Coil, Virgin Prunes’ ‘A New Form Of Beauty’, Rozz Williams’ experimental music projects, Italian cult industrial / ritual band Rosemary’s Baby. ‘The Laughing Torso’ features moody trumpet extravaganza by DBPIT and vocals by artist Val Denham. Angst industrial / experimental music! Digipak limited edition. 500 copies.” Released in 2008. FinalMuzik, Italy. £8.00


TEXT OF LIGHT Un Pranzo Favoloso/A Fabulous Lunch CD

“We’re proud to announce the new CD album of TEXT OF LIGHT: ‘Un Pranzo Favoloso’ has been recorded on 26th May 2005 at Auditorium Concordia in Pordenone (Italy) during the ‘Schermo Sonoro – Cinemazero’ festival. In this incredible concert Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Tim Barnes and Ulrich Krieger played on Stan Brakhage experimental movies; the band explores the concept of soundtrack and creates something new out of it, a ‘sonic continuum’ between music and the movies, in which Stan Brackage’s images become sounds. Amazing.” Released in 2006. FinalMuzik, Italy. £7.00


THEME Valentine (Lost) Forever CD

The third album by Richard Johnson and Stuart Carter (both of Splintered notoriety), released in late 2009 and pushing the atmospheric and organic droneworks of before into a ‘song’ context with heavier emphasis on lyrics, electronics and an often overwhelming sense of a world teetering at the point where violent dreams and claustrophobia meet. Includes exclusive Steven Severin remix. HCB Recordings, Israel. £8.00



Debut album from 2009 by this new project of Vadim Gusis, otherwise known mostly for his work as Chaos As Shelter. Eight cuts of a post-industrial music underpinned neo-classical nature. Limited to 500 in oversized sleeve. The Eastern Front, Israel. £7.00


Reissue of another of this German avant-garde composer’s albums. This one was first issued on Discos Esplendor Geometrico in 1987, then later appeared on Barooni too. Includes two bonus pieces spanning thirteen minutes between them not found on the original. Die Stadt, Germany. £9.00



Collection of tracks previously available on now mostly hard-to-find singles and the like by the prolific German electronic artist. Released in 2009 in an edition of 500. Auf Abwegen, Germany. £5.00



Eight collaborative pieces on the first disc, and one lengthy one on the second, by these two masters of abstract electronic mulch.  From 2010, limited to 500. Auf Abwegen, Germany. £14.00



Reissue of this 1989 album by the prolific Tietchens. Released in 2012. 600 copies only. Die Stadt/Auf Abwegen, Germany. £12.00



Only CD release by this composer who here delivers a 40+ minutes piece of near-Classical textural shimmer and drone that at times recalls Sigur Ros. Released in 2008. Cold Spring. £8.00


TORCHE eponymous CD

Debut from 2007 by this US stoner/doom rock outfit given to occasionally blending in a more pop or melodic sensibility with the heaviness. This edition is an expanded/remixed version of the original release, which sold very well on release and met with a lot of acclaim. Robotic Empire, USA. £6.00


TRAMA AFONA eponymous CD

Debut album from this Italian outfit dedicated to dark and brooding electronic textures of a post-industrial leaning. Released in 2010. Greytone, Italy. £6.00


TROUM Autopoiesis//Nahtscato CD

Remastered collection of long o/p LP and 12” by the German duo given to often melancholic and sombre dronescapes. Includes two previously unreleased tracks, too. Released in 2010. Zoharum, Poland. £7.00


TROUM Seeing-Ear Gods CD

One piece spanning almost an hour, originally recorded for a US radio show’s broadcast in 2001. Usual fantastic cover/presentation for this label, too. Released in 2011. Zoharum, Poland. £8.00



The ninth album from this French/Italian  avant-rock trio, here returning to their earlier sound of punchy yet angular rhythms blended with melodic guitars, noise, piano, trumpet and all manner of different instrumentation. Features James Johnston (Gallon Drunk, ex-The Bad Seeds) and Terry Edwards. Released 2010 on founder Amaury Cambuzat’s own imprint. Acid Cobra Records. £8.00



Project from 2007 by Aaron Coyes (a.k.a. Face Plant) of Rahdunes and Peaking Lights, comprising eight cuts of lo-fi textural drone rock. Packaged in recycled classical LP sleeves and doubtlessly limited. Heard Worse Records, Australia. £12.00


U.S. CHRISTMAS Salt the Wound CD

Reissue of this group’s debut album from 2006, possessing a contemporary psychedelia tone that clearly draws from early Floyd, the whole stoner rock thing and, quite possibly, Hawkwind. Not bad at all, though. Released in 2012. Heart & Crossbone, Israel. £9.00


UTON Straight Edge XXS LP

Straight Edge XXS is the 2nd vinyl album by Finland’s Uton released in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies on the Dekorder label. It comes in a gorgeous full-colour collage sleeve assembled by Hirvonen himself. While Uton’s last Dekorder album, Alitaju Ylimina, (and most of his other recorded works respectively) are hazy lo-fi drone masterpieces for the most part, this is a completely diffferent affair. Recorded straight to tape within one month, right after returning from a 6-month trip to India, these songs (if you could call them songs) are completely out-of-this-world; very short and crazed sketch-like pieces sounding like a Nonesuch Explorer LP of long lost field recordings from an as yet unexplored continent. Or is it World Music from an unknown planet recorded by those Sublime Frequencies guys from mysterious short wave transmissions?

Well, it is all that and more. It is pure ecstatic expression channelized through Psychedelia, Free Jazz, Noise and rural ancient Folk Music from all over the world in a completely naked, predominantly acoustic setting. One of the purest forms of music you could imagine; while all the familiar Uton elements remain evident in a hazy backcloth.

Uton is the one-man project of Jani Hirvonen originally hailing from Tampere. Hirvonen is one of the most active musicians of the Finnish underground scene that has recently presented us the likes of Kuupuu, Kemialliset Ystävät, Islaja, Paavoharju and Lau Nau and a seemingly never-ending stream of beautiful and highly original record releases.

Uton has previously released dozens of CDs, CD-Rs and cassettes on a myriad of labels including Jewelled Antler, Pseudo Arcana, Last Visible Dog, Digitalis, Ruralfauna and his own Ikuisuus. He has collaborated with Amon Dude (Avarus), Anla Courtis (Reynols), Antony Milton (Black Boned Angel), Ben Reynolds, Peter Wright, Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu, Kemialliset Ystävät) among others. The latter collaboration (under the Hevoset moniker) is released on LP by Dekorder simultaneously.” Released in 2008. Dekorder, Germany. £9.00


UTON Unexplained Objects LP

Unexplained Objects is the 3rd vinyl-only LP by Finland’s Uton for the Dekorder label, like his previous Dekorder albums released in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies in a beautiful full-colour heavy duty sleeve designed by Hirvonen himself. While the last albums explored rural soundworlds from the outer reaches of this planet and hidden places of the inner human (and animal) mind, he has finally left planet earth completely and is now reaching out for outer space and alien communication. Hirvonen seems to have traveled the spaceways, bringing home folk music and field recordings from faraway planets and alien cultures. Erich von Däniken beware! Uton is the one-man project of Jani Hirvonen originally hailing from Tampere. Hirvonen is one of the most active musicians of the Finnish underground scene that has recently presented us the likes of Kuupuu, Kemialliset Ystävät, Islaja, Paavoharju and Lau Nau and a seemingly never-ending stream of beautiful and highly original record releases. Uton has previously released dozens of CDs, CD-Rs and cassettes on a myriad of labels including Jewelled Antler, Pseudo Arcana, Last Visible Dog, Digitalis, Ruralfauna and his own Ikuisuus. He has collaborated with Amon Dude (Avarus), Anla Courtis (Reynols), Antony Milton (Black Boned Angel), Ben Reynolds, Peter Wright, Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) and Jan Anderzen (Tomutonttu, Kemialliset Ystävät) among others. The latter collaboration (under the Hevoset moniker) has been released on LP by Dekorder as well.” Released in 2009. Dekorder, Germany. £10.00


V/A Composition 3 CD

Second release in Flying Swimming’s Composition Series. This is a 3-way split release with new & exclusive works by Trevor Wishart, Russell Haswell & Hecker, and Rashad Becker. Edition of 500 copies with Cover-artwork by Unika Zürn. Electroacoustic/electronic noise. Flying Swimming, Japan. £9.00


V/A Dokument. Program Strefa  CD

Release from 2005 featuring an array of abstract electronica, noise and electroacoustic artists. Very nice compilation. Includes To Rococo Rot, Wolfram, Ruins, Eugene Chadbourne/Paul Lovens, Polwechsel, Gogol Bordello and several Polish artists. No label specified, but published and released in Poland. £6.00


V/A Drone-Mind//Mind-Drone LP

Textural drone recordings by Ubeboet, Halo Manash, Jarl and B*Tong. Limited to 500 in four different colours of vinyl (gold, white, green and an orange/black mix), 125 of each. Released late 2011. Drone Records, Germany. £10.00


V/A Four Ways of Saying H30 CD

1999 collection of interpretations of some of The Hafler Trio’s music by Aube, Lilith, PAL and Propeller. Hushush, Canada. £8.00


K2/MAAAA eponymousr split-CD

New release, comprising three pieces by one of Japan’s first division electronic noise artists, K2, and five pieces by Poland’s straight-edge harsh-noise outfit, MAAAA. Limited to 500. Triangle, Poland.. £8.00



Noise-rock/skronk crossover from the former and improvised psychedelic noise with a punked-up edge from the latter. Released in 2012. Ultra-limited. Dead Old Tree Records, Portugal. £4.00



“Side A: In the course of the years, Kapotte Muziek has given several workshops for anyone interested in their way of working. An important part of these workshops was for the participants to make field recordings. These recordings are now part of Kapotte Muziek’s archive and have been distributed to the participants. Many of these recordings are exceptionally well done, as far as recording technique is concerned, but also as raw material, needed for the presentation of workshops. Roel Meelkop has used this archive for the track {Workshop}, using most of the material in its raw state and only with minor editing. Thanks are due to all participants, Frans & Peter and Martijn. Side B: All source material used in these recordings comes from the Kapotte Muziek USA tour of 1993. Kapotte Muziek were that time: Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard. Recorded and mixed in September 1993, slightly revised in 2002. Thanks are due to: Peter, Roel and Martijn.” Released 2002. Stichting Mixer, The Netherlands. £8.00


V/A Million Ways to Spend Your Time CD

Compilation from 2006 featuring Black To Comm, TV Pow, The Complainer, Lasse Marhaug, Andreas Brandal, Origami Epileptika, Peel Off The Bass and many others. Abstract electronica, noise, drone, post-industrial, etc. collection. Quasi-Pop, Ukraine.  £9.00

V/A OneManDrone 12″

Featuring one track each by Shit (the singer in Vomit For Breakfast), Oldine (of La Cri Du Harpe), Tamagawa (ex-Oursonik) and B.Tong (ex-Nid). Textural/droneworks by all four artists. Petty Bourgeois Broadcasts, Switzerland. £5.00

V/A Sul: Dedicated to Chris Marker CD

Album from 2006 collecting works by Atau Tanaka, Eric La Casa, M. Behrens, Vitriol, Pimmon, i.d. and Oren Ambarchi. Sirr Records, Portugal. £8.00


V/A Table for Six: All Quiet? # 3 CD

Compilation from 2008 featuring Frans de Waard, Anenome Tube, Stormhat and others of a similarly inclined abstract electronics nature. Limited to 300 in oversized 7” type sleeve. EE Tapes, Belgium. £6.75


V/A Ten Grand Tonearm LP

DIY-assembled compilation album, with semi-handmade sleeves utilising pasted on labels over old cover stock. Includes RLW, Castings, William de Cunting, The Vitamin B12, Arse Lunch, Mike Harwood, Pigs In the Ground and others. Music ranges from improv and electroacoustic works to the kinda fug clearly beamed from the edges of our solar system. A nice collection, and doubtlessly limited. Released 2008. Heard Worse Records, Australia. £12.00


V/A Viva Negativa! A Tribute to The New Blockaders: Volume I (U.K.) 2CD

The first in a series of semi-reissues of the LP collections once released by Vinyl On Demand, here comprising certain tracks from the first volume and also including some exclusive extras (or replacements to those now missing). Contributors include: srmeixner, Dieter Muh, Putrefier, Nocturnal Emissions, Evil Moisture, Smell & Quim, Ashtray Navigations and others. Includes Richard Rupenus artwork. Released 2010. At War With Noise. £10.50


V/A What Pleasing the Lord Looks Like-Marriage: Extreme Noise and Terror from Japan and Israel  CD

Noise collection featuring Ryokuchi, Room, Zvaha, Hopeless, Neverless, Moneyisgod, Cancer and more. Released 2009. Heart & Crossbone, Israel. £7.00


VOICE OF EYE Emergence/Immersion 2CD

Collection of 24 recordings originally made available via a series of limited edition CDr releases for a European tour in 2007 that are, presumably, now very collectable by this US outfit given to exploring drifting atmospherics and ethnic instrumentation. The recordings here are all, however, improvisations and live loops. Released in 2009. Old Europa Café, Italy. £12.00


VOLCANO THE BEAR That People Don’t Know They Are Monsters 7”

Restock of this limited edition release from 2009 by the UK avant-garde rock group. Quasi Pop, Ukraine. £4.00


TONY WAKEFORD Not All of Me Will Die CD

Album from 2009 comprising two parts divided into six pieces of acoustic guitar-driven ‘dark’ folk. The Eastern Front, Israel. £8.00


JOHN WATERMANN Calcutta Gas Chamber CD

Fantastic remastered reissue of the late Watermann’s classic album of abstract soundscapes, originally released by ND in 1993. Complete with redesigned artwork. Released in 2006. Cold Spring. £8.00


WHITE HETEROSEXUALS Modern Heterosexuality one-sided 12”

Three cuts from 2008 by this US power electronics group. Limited to 300. At War With False Noise. £6.00


WICKED KING WICKER God Is Busy…Save Yourself CD

Third album by this US duo comprising Jim Gibson (Noiseville Records) and Logan Butler, from 2009 and featuring three lengthy excursions into full-on doom/stoner-rock territory cranked to the max on the noise meter. Cold Spring Records. £8.00



Two side-long pieces by the US artist who usually operates simply under the Gerritt guise and is prone to delivering electronic noise. Here, the approach is more measured and takes in a musique concrete or electroacoustic feel, with subtle electronic sounds, what seem like vocalisations and other indiscernible babbling. Very effective. Released in 2010 in an edition of 200. Misanthropic Agenda, USA. £9.00



Two lengthy collaborations from 2009 by these two purveyors of hypnotic percussion, here using field recordings, singing bowls and electronics. Released in 2012. Nefryt, Poland. £8.00


WOODEN VEIL eponymous CD

“Wooden Veil is a Berlin-based art group formed in 2007.  Inspired by the shared hauntedness of their respective homelands, they combine elements from forgotten and misremembered traditions to create a microcosmic world which only Wooden Veil inhabits, complete with its own symbols, clothing, food and shelters.  Performances, installations and videos are characterized by an expansive wardrobe of ritual dress, and the creation of shrines, relics and talismans used to create music. The group consists of artists Marcel Türkowsky (also a composer, founder of Snake Figures Arkestra, Cones, Uuhuu, collaborations with Datashock and Christoph Heemann), Hanayo (known for her solo work as a photographer and singer, collaborating with the likes of Christoph Schlingensief, Merzbow, Red Crayola, and Kai Althoff), Christopher Kline (Valkenburg Hermitage, †, Night Music, and Soft Peace), Dominik Noé (member of krautrock legends Lustfaust),  and Jan Pfeiffer (Songs For Rocks, Soft Peace, Purple).” From 2009. Dekorder, Germany. £9.00



Reissue of this US group’s 1983 album of industrial-strength drones and textures otherwise now difficult to find. Includes Swill Radio/The Idea Fire Company’s Scott Foust (bass, synth). Numbered edition of 250. Released 2008. Impulsy Stetoskopu, Poland. £8.00


YELLOW6 Heavy With Snow 3” CDR

New release from this prolific minimalist drone/electronics platform of UK artist Jon Attwood. Limited to 100 in oversized packaging. Released in 2010. Abgurd, Russia. £6.00



“Richard Youngs is a prolific British musician (located in Glasgow) with an extremely diverse output. Dusted Magazine once wrote he is ‘defying strict genre classifications since the early nineties, swapping labels, styles, partners, motifs, and recording techniques as the desire has struck him. So [this] album for Dekorder might not be a surprise to anyone following his career. Still, a self-proclaimed all-electronic ‘ecstatic House record’ comes somewhat unexpected. With a line of distinctive synthesizers often used for Techno/House Music Youngs recreates the energy, euphoria and frenzy of these styles without ever trying to recreate the music note by note. The final outcome sounds like recordings made by aliens who have received transmissions about House Music but never listened to the music itself. The album reminds [one] of the sound of hallways/corridors inbetween large House parties where you can hear the music from several floors collide. While it’s an emulation, interpretation or replica of House Music, it’s still managing to evoke similar feelings even though some might find it difficult to dance to the music.”  Released in 2009. Dekorder, Germany. £10.00



Fantastic split by Polish artist Zaradny and the Austrian guitarist. Two lengthy pieces of abstract and atmospheric electronics. Released in 2012. Bocian Records, Poland. £9.00


ANDREW ZEALLEY Themes & Variotions LP

“The score to Treleaven’s film on pandrogyny (starring Genesis P’Orridge and the late Lady Jaye Breyer), GOLD’s cycling vortex of digital and acoustic sounds is followed by two variations on the same melodic and tonal themes: APOTHEOSIS II (an early audio sketch for GOLD), and HABITAT THEME 2 (developed for Luis Jacob’s HABITAT installation at AGO). The plaintive love-pop electronics of SIGNAL, originally produced for Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay’s CONSTELLATION performance piece, is newly remixed by PSBEUYS for the album. The swirling dream-scape of SILVER, the score to Treleaven’s homage to John Dee (starring AA Bronson), is a seemingly endless sustain of electronics, violin and bell tones. ARENA, featuring the “beatbox” vocals of Luis Jacob, is the audio score to Joey Medaglia’s video RE: FORM (BECOMING VISIBLE). An alternate version of ARENA’s motifs can be heard on Zealley’s exhibition soundtrack, AA Bronson School For Young Shamans. THEMES & VARIATIONS concludes with the 3-part score for LUSTRE, Treleaven’s super8 tryptich starring Massimo & Pierce (Black Sun Productions). Here Zealley turns to a more classical interpretation of “themes and variations,” literally voicing the score’s tender melodic main theme (written for a local violin busker), through a series of pastoral string and oscillating electronic deconstructions.” Limited edition of 300, numbered and signed. Includes insert. Tourette, USA. £9.00


ZENIAL Reworked CD

A fine array of abstract beat / liquid electronics / digital splurge / textural weirdness-type remixes of Poland’s Zenial by Kasper T. Toeplitz, Andrew Lagowski, K. K. Null, Vidna Obmana, Tetsuo Furudate & others (including Zenial himself). Released 2003. Vivo, Poland. £5.00


ZENIAL Connection Reset By Peer CD

New collection of live excerpts and remixes, plus a video, by one of Poland’s more prominent figures on the electronica circuit. A neat blend of grizzled electronics in both a contemporary and more musique concrete setting. Released in 2012. Zoharum, Poland. £8.50


ZENI GEVA Maximum Money Monster CD

Remastered reissue of the Japanese power-noise trio’s 1990 album, complete with three bonus live tracks. Released in 2008. Cold Spring. £8.00

Z’EV Symphony number 2: Elementalities CD

Album from 2006 by the forefather of industrial music’s occasional penchant for banging sheets or lumps of metal. Blossoming Noise, USA. £9.50



Nine pieces from 2002 using violin and electronics recorded in real time and without much in the way of remixing or editing done afterwards. An interesting and often hazy or subdued array of textures, strokes and occasional random percussive sounds. Cover artwork by M. Behrens. Sirr Records, Portugal. £8.00


Album from 2006 by Laurent Perrier comprising tracks originally composed for choreography but reconstructed for this release. Dark, minimal techno-underpinned, electronic soundscapes comparable with some of Jeff Mills’ more soundtrack-ish work. Sound On Probation, France. £7.00

ZONK’T  Trope  CD

Detroit techno-influenced electronica on this album from 2007 by Laurent Perrier. Atmospheric and perfect for those late nights when the party’s beginning to wind down… Sound On Probation, France. £7.00


ZONK’T Beat Wins You and Me LP

New album by this electronics project of Laurent Perrier’s. Released 2009. Sound On Probation, France. £9.00






The following list of secondhand, etc. records/CDs amounts to, primarily, a roundup of items that have been mostly accumulated through Adverse Effect/Fourth Dimension’s customers & contacts, various trades and suchlike…

Please note that, unless otherwise stated, there is only one copy of each of these items. In the event of an item already being sold, your payment will simply be returned or a cheque for the balance owed can be sent. Ideally, however, it is best to email an enquiry about the item(s) you are interested in beforehand, or reserve it/them.

All items are in EX+ or even mint condition, unless otherwise graded: EX (excellent)/VG (very good)/etc. Covers also graded according to the same terms (though in lower case), besides the following: cw (cover wear)/ scw (slight cover wear)/ st (sticker tear)/ cs (creased spine)/ cc (cover crease)/ rw (ring wear)/ etc. In many cases, due to vinyl items being mostly EX+ condition, just the cover details will be noted.


A.F.R.I. STUDIOS Room Service. Abstract electronics/minimal textures. Released 1999. Tonschacht, Germany.  Mint. £3.00

AND THEN NOTHING Submerge. Mo-Wax-type trip-hop, with a neat atmospheric angle and subtle textures woven in. From 2001. Moth Records. £1.25

BRUITAL ORGASME eponymous  one-sided e.p. Four cuts of spoken word and electronic noise. Clear vinyl. Released 2011. Dry Lungs, Austria. £3.50  MINT!

BURNING STAR CORE/DEL split. Two pieces recorded, respectively, in 2005 and 2008 by these two avant-rock/electronic/psych-noise groups featuring, amongst others, Lasse Marhaug and Fredrik Ness Svendal. Limited to 300. Released in 2010. Quasi Pop, Ukraine. £4.75  mint

MATT BURT What Will the Title Be?  Hazy guitar works from 2002 on Norway’s excellent Apartment Records.  Mint   £2.50

CHANSON ELECTRIQUE Das Taxi. Slightly experimental pop/rock from 2005. Numbered 86/330. Knistern, Germany.  £2.50

CONTRASTATE Under the Line Laying North. Another warehouse find from Fourth Dimension.  Released in 1997, this captures the UK molten post-industrial/surrealist soundscape duo at their best. Limited to 400 in special booklet sleeve. £4.50    MINT/SPARE!

CORNELIUS GOMEZ Dog Bone. Usual lo-fi weirdness from this label. Bulb, USA.  ex  £2.00

DELPHIUM Silent All These Years.  Debut from 1994 by this experimental electronics/dub project. Numbered edition of 300. This is 106. Fourth Dimension. £2.50   SPARE COPY/MINT

DETONATOR Incombustible. Post-industrial noise from a Headbutt side-project. From 1999. Yellow vinyl. Suggestion Records, Germany.  £2.00

DOUBLE DYNAMITE Hero Takes A Fall. Gruff rock bluster. Year unknown. Ecstatic Peace, USA.   ex   £2.50

DRAG KING Fock the Vote. Noise/avant-rock from this short-lived ‘90s group. On an equally short-lived late ‘90s label. Destroy All Music.  Mint.  £2.75

FERRAN FAGES Pel Nord. 2011 release by this prolific turntablist/improviser. 250 pressed. Bocian, Poland. £6.50   mint

FOI POUR PUSILLANIME eponymous E.P. Six tracks of electronic noise and abstract works. In fantastic cover. Released in 2011. No label. Doubtlessly limited. £5.00   NEW!

GEM IN EYE Time Travellers.  Avant-rock from US artist Dame Darcy and co., from 2002. Ir-Ar Records.  Mint copy.  £3.00

THE HITMACHINE Viel zu Viel Fine. Lo-fi rock with electronic elements. Released in 2004. Ole Records, NL. £3.00

JAILHOUSE Quilla. Tonal electronics, minimalistic shapeshifting & virtual dub swells. Red vinyl. Released 2003. Meeuw Muzak, NL.   ex+   £4.00

LOST IN TRANSLATION Red Eye Backing. Experimental swirl. Carburetor, USA.  EX/ex+ £2.00

MANIPURA Vessels for the Infinite. Industrial-ambience, from 1996. Speeding Across My Hemisphere, Germany.  Ex+  £2.00

MEATHOOKS God Crash D.O.A. Their second single. Clear vinyl. Disastro-Mix/Noiseville, USA.  EX/ex  £3.50

MERCURY 4°F You Throw Me Up. More sludge from these Swiss guys. From 1994. Bovine Records, USA. £2.50

METH O.D. Avoid Freud e.p.. Lo-fi rock pummel ‘n’ scree spread over four cuts. From 1996. God knows how many were pressed. Induce Records. £2.75

MICROLIGHT SOUND Eyes Bleed Silver. Psych-rock from this US group. Released 1996. Little Mafia, USA. £2.00

MOSLANG/WEHOWSKY Einschlagskater.  Great collab release from 2008 of molten musique-concrete. Spare copy! Meeuw Muzak, NL. £3.75

MURMER In Their Homes and In Their Heads. Dark ambient/textural gush from 2007 by this US artist. Limited to 300, clear vinyl. Drone, Germany. £3.00   MINT!

PLAYGROUND Seeking the Truth. Debut from pre-Splintered noise group, 1988. Fourth Dimension. £5.00

PLAYGROUND Conception Payoff. Second/final single from pre-Splintered noise outfit, 1989. Decoy.  £5.00

RAKE Squelch. Spare copy of this US noisy art-rock group’s 1995 single. Fourth Dimension. £2.00   MINT

SLUGBAIT Anything For A Quiet Life. This single originally constituted a part of the DBB box set, but some surplus copies remained and were released as a second edition, complete with a new picture sleeve (which continued the theme of that on the debut 7″). Possibly 50 or 100 of these exist. Maybe less. ‘Leave It Out…’ was based on quote of Kevin Tomkins heard at a Whitehouse show by members of Slugbait. From 1996. Death By Blowjob, Belgium.  £9.00   MINT

STINKPIPE Punker Joe e.p. Five cuts of noisy post-hardcore punk. From 2003. Opposite  Records. ex+  £2.00

STORMCROW Pardon My French. Release from 2000 by this downtempo/electronica group. Moth Records. £1.25

STROTTER INST. Anna/Anna. Release from 2006 of abstract electronics/textures. Packaged in printed clear sleeve. Has ‘promo’ written on it in one corner. Implied Sound, USA.  £2.50

THEE STRANDED HORSE Sharpened Suede. Folk-inspired fingerpicking songs on handmade instruments. From 2005. Clapping Music, France.  ex+  £2.75

SUFI MIND GAME Fi Mind Ga. Psych-noise swirl. Stomach Ache, Mexico.   ex  £3.00

SUN PLEXUS Per Fluide. Pink vinyl release from, I think, around 2000 or maybe even the late ‘90s by this French avant-rock outfit. Probably limited. In clear packaging. Ruminance, France.  £4.00

TBC Gute Luft. Release from 2002 by Germany’s Thomas Beck, who has been making droneworks since the ‘90s. Limited to 250 copies, pink vinyl. Includes insert. Drone Records, Germany.  Mint  £3.50

TBC & GUY SALDANHA Anti-Gravitation. Screeching electronics/noise on this collaborative record from 2005. Numbered 107/242. Knistern, Germany. £4.75

TESTICLE BOMB Go Fucking Die! e.p. Seven cuts of sludge-rock/hardcore punk by this US outfit. Limited to 500 on clear vinyl. From 1999. Turd Town Records, USA.  £3.00

THE TIGHTS Howard Hughes. Punchy enough poppy punk from 1978. Cherry Red. £7.00  scw/ex-

V/A Bottom of the World. Comp. of New Zealand music from a few years back, with Omit, RST, Sandoz Lab Technicians and Surface Of The Earth. Fourth Dimension.  £2.00

DELPHIUM/SHEEPHEAD split. Industrial/tribal/electronics artists share this release, from 1995. Aquese recordings.  £2.50

V/A Difficult Fun e.p. Release from 2004 featuring Philosophy Queen, Antifamily, Heliogabalus and Asja Auf Capri, who’re all kinda inspired by Kleenex, The Raincoats, Au Pairs and, uh, NZ bedroom muck, seemingly. Difficult Fun.  ex+  £2.75

V/A Dutch Fidelity. Release from 2002 featuring Roel Meelkop, DMDN, Freiband, Jos Smolders, Beequeen, Goem, THU20, Peter Duimelinks and others. Edition of 500, plus includes a CDR that came with the first 100 featuring extra tracks by the artists. Antenne, NL. £12.00  MINT. Last copy/rare

KRAY CHERUBS/SAUCERMAN split. Lo-fi psych-noiseniks & garage fug on this ultra-rare record featuring Savage Pencil, no less. Year unknown (1991 maybe?). #114/300. Snakeskin Records.  £6.00

MERCURY 4°F/TINNITUS split. Sludge-rock/noise-rock. Limited to 200 numbered copies. This one is 64. In handmade sleeve. From 1995, I think. PBB, Switzerland. £2.50


Sludge-rock from Switzerland’s Phased, sloppy metal-punk from Three Guys. Blue vinyl, 300 only. Released back in the late ‘90s, I think. PBB, Switzerland.  £2.50

TRANQUIL/WRONG split. Lo-fi rock musings. Destroy All Music/Sunship, USA.  ex  £2.00



(ad)VANCE(d) 24. Second or third release by this atmospheric post-industrial project. Released in late 2011 and limited to 500. Drone Records, Germany. £5.75

ANEMONE TUBE Flowers of Reality. Powernoise, fierce electronics and dark atmospherics. Transfixional Entertainment, Germany. £4.00

CAR SKID & CRASH Toys Are Terrific. Mutant electronic/sample/rhythm collision. Mekano, Sweden. £2.00

DOC WöR MIRRAN Welcome to My Butt. Seven pieces from ‘88 by the eclectic German, Joseph B. Raimond, that are dedicated to Jerry Garcia and range from melodic pieces to noise to the usual array of oddness. Clear vinyl. Wild Honey Records (country unknown).  ex+  £5.00

iD Proton One. Brittle noises & dense drones. Speeding Across My Hemisphere, Germany. £3.00

KALLABRIS Music for Very Simple Objects. Release from 2009 by this atmospheric post-industrial group who use acoustic instruments besides electronics. Drone Records, Germany. £5.75    NEW! Still sealed

SHIFTS Equal/Unequal. Two wonderful immersions in gtr-anchored fog, from Frans de Waard. Released in 2000, limited to 275. Fourth Dimension. £6.00

TIAN AN’ MEN vs. MEMOIRE NOMADE Squeezing Speech Into a Deaf Ear. Psychedelic-tainted punk by this group featuring Sascha Karminski, later of the I:Wound project. Limited to 100, clear vinyl. Released in about 1989. No label, Germany. £6.50  ex+/scw



ACCELERA DECK Halo. Electronica. Released 1999. Morr Music, Germany. £5.00

BORKO Trees and Limbo. Melodic & atmospheric electronica from an Icelandic artist, with help from members of Múm. From 2002, I think. Resonant. £4.00

THOMAS BRINKMANN untitled (Max Ernst 4). Minimal techno/abstract electronics from this prolific German artist. From 1999. Max Ernst, Germany. NEW! £5.00

THOMAS BRINKMANN Loplop. More great minimal techno. From 2000, on another of Brinkmann’s own labels. Max Ernst, Germany. NEW! £5.00

CHEMICAL PLANT World is Bankrupt. Debut, from 1992, by this Headbutt-related post-industrial clatter & yammer outfit. DOR Infinity.  VG+/vg+/scw  £3.00

DETTINGER Totentanz. Crispy, minimal tech-house. Kompakt, Germany. £4.00

FREILAND Silber. . Release from 1999 by Wolfgang Voigt’s minimal techno project. Great music of its kind. Silver label. Freiland, Germany.  £4.00

FREILAND Dunkelgrun. . Release from 1999 by Wolfgang Voigt’s minimal techno project. Great music of its kind. Green label. Freiland, Germany. £4.00

FREILAND Gelb. Release from 1999 by Wolfgang Voigt’s minimal techno project. Great music of its kind. Yellow label. Freiland, Germany. Ex+  £3.50

MAX KAHLEN Urwerk/Solex. Good minimal techno related, I believe, to Thomas Brinkmann’s endeavours. Released 1998. Strom, Germany.  Ex+  £3.00

MAPSTATION New Direction. To Rococo Rot’s Stefan Schneider combining his electronica antics with some soulful reggae featuring Ras Donovan on vocals. Released 2002. Staubgold, Germany.  ex+  £4.00

NIEDERFLUR Zollstock. Stripped-down, bass-heavy tech-house. Pretty fucking decent. From 2003, I think. Minus, Canada. £4.00  Still sealed

NORMALLY INVISIBLE Psychotronics. ‘Dance & Trance’ enhanced remixes of tracks by this experimental electronics group’s debut album. Plain sleeve. Staalplaat, the Netherlands. EX £3.00

PHLEGM Telemak. Kinda spacey-drone-pop, somewhere near Bowery Electric/MBV/Amp and a dash of Neu! or somesuch. White vinyl, 2001 (I think). Lykill Records.  ex+  £4.00

PHONEM Phonetik. 1999 release of crinkled/abstract electronica/IDM. Morr Music, Germany. £10.00   ex+

QUENCH eponymous. Crinkled ‘n’ chiselled electronica, from 2001. Aim Records.  £4.00   NEW!

A. R. RANGER Variations Over Laura Palmer’s Theme. One-sided release of music dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Twin Peaks, from 2009, on picture disc with etching on the reverse. Contemporary classical arrangement…and very nice (in a good way!).  Basses Frequencies, France.  £8.00   mint

WASSERMAN W.I.R. Four cuts of beat-bound electronica from, I think, 2003. Profan, Germany. £4.00   NEW!

ZIPPER SPY Extortionist. Debut release by this presumably now defunct abstract electronics and noise mash-up project.  Released 1999. The Homewrecker Foundation. Ex+  £4.00

DUPLO REMOTE/COM A. split. Five tracks by the former and three by the latter on this split release by two experimental electronics artists, released in 2000. Plain white sleeve with info stamped on. Part of one of the label’s many series dedicated to new artists. FatCat.  Ex+  £5.00

SPLINTERED/A.S.P. split. This collects Splintered’s last three recordings, from 1996, plus a collaboration between Richo and Steve Pittis on the other side. Limited to 300. Spare/last copy found of this. Fourth Dimension. £8.00   MINT

SPLINTERED/A.S.P. split. As above, but an unplayed test pressing in plain sleeve, of which only 10 were made. Fourth Dimension. £6.00   MINT



THE ANAKSIMANDROS River of Finland.  Gentle & breezy clatter-yet-tuneful bedroom outfit, released 2002. Eclipse, USA.   ex+   £17.00

ASCENSION Live/Dead. Duo improv recordings from 1993, featuring Stefan Jaworzyn on savage guitar. Dirter Promotions.  £12.00  NB: Test Pressing.

ATLAS KOPKO eponymous. One-off 1988 album by Fluid Mask and In-Ex Splue members. Freeform punk-jazz. Limited. Self-released, Switzerland. £8.00   scw

DOLL BY DOLL Remember.Art-rock from 1979, with a tyical (for the time) ‘new wave’-ish slant. Automatic Record Co. £4.00   scw/cc

DR. JOHN In the Right Place. Reissue from around 2000 of this 1973 album of bluesy-funk and soul. 180gsm vinyl. Atco Records, USA.  £12.75

THE ELECTRIC BIRDS  Panorama. Soft-focus and hypnotic late night minimal technoscapes from US soundsmith, Mike Martinez. Deluxe, USA.   ex+   £8.00

ELEKTROCHEMIE LK Gold! 3 x 12”. Solid and crunchy techno from 2001 by Thomas Schumacher. Confused Recordings, Germany. £12.00   scw

THE ETERNALS eponymous. Debut from a US trio combining smoky jazz-tronica, vocals, organs and analogue babbling to an effect which wouldn’t be outta place on Thrill Jockey.  2002.  Aesthetics, USA.  £8.00

GERRITT and JOHN WIESE Panoramic Glass and Mirror. Six electronic noise collab tracks from 2010. Clear vinyl. 400 only. Misanthropic Agenda, USA. £9.00  NEW!

HOWTH CASTLE Good Morning, Mr. Nobody. Second LP. Psych-pop/rock, 1994. Father Yod, USA.  £8.00

HUNTING LODGE Carnivora! Skinny Puppy/F.L.A./Front 242/Ministry/etc.-type electronics/post-industrial, from 1989. P.D.C.D., Germany.  EX/ex+  £5.00

JOHN MORELAND and the BLACK GOLD BAND Endless Oklahoma Sky. Eleven cuts of ballsy and bluesy country rock with a slightly indie/punk feel to it. From 2010. On clear/black vinyl mixture. Little Mafia, USA. £10.00     NEW!

LOS HIJOS DEL DIABLO The Ruins of the Ancient Sky. Stoner rock/doom metal crossover, from 2009. Limited to 500 on a mixture of different vinyl colours. Little Mafia, USA.  £9.75    NEW!

MERCURY 4oF Phased.  Punk-driven noise-rock with vague Chrome-like tendencies to hit the stratoshere. From 1997. Suggestion, Germany. £8.00

MERZBOW & KAPOTTE MUZIEK Documentation/Collaboration. Three collab pieces from 1990. Pasted on front cover. Korm Plastics, NL.  £23.00   ex+

No. 1: LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR The S.S. Sessions. Noise guitar and drum non-rock workouts recorded between 1986 and 1995. Limited edition release with handmade sleeve, from 1995. Philthy Rex Recs, USA. £8.00

PARTY OWLS Why Drag It Out? Album from 1999 collecting recordings from 1985 by this US hardcore punk outfit. Ecstatic Peace/Lance, USA.  £6.00   ex+

PASSIFLORA Qualcosa Dovrebbe Cambiare MLP. Experimental/skronk-rock, 1991. Hax, Italy.  EX/ex+ £3.00

PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH epomymous. First album by this US post-hardcore/noise group, from 1986. First pressing, with insert. Homestead Records, USA. Ex+  £11.00

PHASED 4oF Sctomp and Decadence. Noise-rock from Switzerland, 1999. White vinyl. P.B.B., Switzerland.  £11.00   Ex/scw

RAUDIVE BUNKER EXPERIMENT eponymous 2LP. Nice collection of  post-industrial/abstract electronic pieces from the ‘80s by Andy Wilson’s project. Youdon’thavetocallitmusic, Germany. £10.50   ex+

REPTILICUS Crusher of Bones. 23 Skidoo-type industrial sonics. Product, Iceland. EX/ex/scw + t £8.00

SAQQARA DOGS Thirst. Psychedelic-tinged rock from 1987 by this US outfit. Pathfinder, USA. £12.50  ex+

SCHLOSS TEGAL Oranur III: The Third Report. Limited edition album from 1995 by this dark electronics platform. Artware, Germany. £8.00   ex+

SECRET MOMMY Mammal Class. Kinda Kid 606-ish rhythmic digital squelching of all manner of instruments, toys, objects & voices. On pink vinyl. Includes insert. From last year, I think. Ache, Canada.  ex+  £7.50

SHATTER eponymous. Pre-Phased/Mercury 4oF Swiss group offering punk-driven noise-rock with snarling vocals. Limited. Painted sleeve. From 1991. Fuck Far Out Political Records, Switzerland. £8.00   scc

TIAN AN’ MEN Menticide. Release from about 1989 by this post-hardcore punk/psychedelic outfit featuring Sascha Karminski of I:Wound. In hand packaged sleeve comprising inserts, plus numbered 265/550. Self-released. £9.50  ex+/scw

TUMORCHESTER Autohimmelfahrt. Debut album from 2002 by this sax-driven noise-rock/experimental group. 500 pressed. KdF, Germany. £6.00   NEW!

VOCOKESH Electric Indian Blues. Spacerock from the cult US outfit. Limited to 200 in heavy-duty gatefold sleeve. Released in 2008. Pure Pop For Now People, Germany. £16.00   NEW!

V/A God’s Favourite Dog. 1986 release featuring The Butthole Surfers, Hose, Killdozer, Scratch Acid, Big Black and Scratch Acid. Touch & Go, USA. £16.00  ex+/scw

V/A The Lost Weekend. Compilation from 1993 given away to the audience of The Afghan Whigs shows in London during September of the same year. Features The Afghan Whigs, Band of Susans, Scrawl, Stereolab, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Hair & Skin Trading Company and The God Machine. Neat enough insight to some of the noise-rock bands of the time. Limited to 3000 copies. Blast First. ex+  £8.50

VAW/HELIOGABALUS split. Textural guitars, abstract textures and so on from both these groups. Includes insert. From 2007. Difficult Fun.  Ex+  £10.00

V/A Verfassung. From 2005 and including industrial, noise, musique concrete, etc. contributions from Asmus Tietchens, TBC, Y-Ton-G, Audible Pain, Evapori, Renoise and others. Hobar e.V, Germany.  £11.00   NEW!

BRENDAN WALLS Outposts. Two side-long pieces of electronic shimmer and murmur by this member of Menstruation Sisters (a group also featuring Oren Ambarchi). Limited to 300. Released in 2006. Dom Bartwuchs, Germany. £16.50 s/s



NB: Unless indicated, these are all in EX+/Mint condition

ADEM Homesongs. Debut album from 2004 by the guy who used to be in abstract electronica outfit, Fridge, here delivering some folk-tinged songs still fleshed out by electronics, etc. Domino Recording Company. £3.00

MONTY ADKINS Four Sibusa. Abstract and subtle electronic pieces. Released in 2012. Audiobulb. £6.00

AGHIATRIAS Regions of Limen CD. Post-industrial drones, neo-classical arrangements, power electronics, etc. Limited to 500. Epidemie Records, Czech Republic. £7.00

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS Whisper Number. Gtr, drums & sample improvisations, sometimes recalling Slint or Tortoise. Parallelism. £8.00

AKIMBO Forging Steel and Laying Stone. Grindcore album from 2006. Alternative Tentacles, USA. £6.50

ANTARKIDA Homage to Antarctic and Freedom. “Analogue psy-drone/noise, cold electroacoustics” – according to cover sticker. From 2010. Sturm, Latvia. £3.50  s/s

ANTENNE Here to Go CDEP. Song lifted from Antenne’s #1 album, plus remixes by post-techno/abstract electronics artists. Jazz-inflected moody electronics. Korm Plastics, NL. £3.50

PIERRE-ANDRE ARCAND Le Livre Sonore. Abstract electronics and sound poetry. In French. Includes 72pp. booklet. From 1999. Avatar/OHM, Canada, £8.00

ARDEN Conceal. Melodic and sometimes noisy or frazzled electronica, from 2004. Stilll, Germany. £6.00

AS 11 5000m New WR 3” CD. Second album, from 2000, by this Greek conceptualist, collecting several cuts of  ‘organised atmosphere’. £3.50

ASTRO/TABATA/REIKO A./SYNYO Live at Velvet Sun CDr. Lengthy collab piece recorded live in 2007. Handmade packaging. Utsu Tapes, Japan. £4.00  NEW!

GREGORIO BARDINI Sentinelle Del Mattino. Electronics/modern classical crossover. Limited. Oversized sleeve. Released in 2007. The Eastern Front, Israel. £5.00  NEW!

BASSHOLES  eponymous. Ex-Gibson Brothers rough ‘n’ ready garage bluster, from 2004. Dead Canary Records, USA.  £5.00

BEEQUEEN Sandancing. Album from 2008 by this ‘80s-sounding experimental/synth-pop group featuring Frans de Waard and Freek Kinkelaar. Important, USA. £5.00

THE BE GOOD TANYAS Blue Horse. Americana/neu-folk by this US female trio. From 2000. Nettwerk Records. £5.00

JELLO BIAFRA with THE MELVINS Sieg Howdy! Rockin’ punk/noise crossover, from 2005. Alternative Tentacles, USA. £5.00

JELLO BIAFRA In the Grip of Official Treason 3CD. Spoken word set from the ex-Dead Kennedys singer. From 2006. Alternative Tentacles, USA. £6.50

MAURIZIO BIANCHI YNOHPMYS. Six new cuts by the Italian electronics king, sometimes given to noise pieces and at others more tempered and atmospheric. Released in 2010. This is one of 70 that include a signed film negative by him. Tourette, USA. £15.00  still sealed

MARTIN BISI All Will Be Won. Hispanic-influenced experi-rock from the Sonic Youth/John Zorn/Bootsy Collins/Die Haut/Afrika Bambaataa producer. Includes collabs w/ex-Pussy Galore’s Cristina. 1993. New Alliance Recs, USA.  £7.00

JASON BIVINS & IAN DAVIS Benthic. Nine electric gtr and percussion duets from 2002. Come back Stefan, all is forgiven! Family Vineyard, USA. £7.00

BLACK FACTION Reworked. Remixes of this dark electronica Polish group’s album on Soleilmoon, by John Hudak, Rapoon, Universal Delux and Black Faction themselves, etc. Vivo, Poland. £6.00

BLACK MAGIC DISCO eponymous. Debut/one-off album from 2007 by this group who blend manic psychedelia, drones, noise and improv. Important Records, USA. £4.00

BLACK TEMPLE CARNED III Smoke. Not entirely sure whether this is the correct name or title or what, as it’s not entirely clear on the cover plus has no other details or clues. Another release from this lo-fi NZ label, however, dedicated to noise, ruffled minimal music, droneworks and so on. This CD is more noise/hum and not so good for headaches. CPSIP, NZ. £7.00

OLIVER BLANK Karhu ja Tiikerini CD+DVD. Cinematic and melodic post-rock/electronica with a contemporary classical feel. Released in 2010. Cocosolidciti. £8.00

BLAUBAC Surprisingly Pleasant e.p. Debut by a London-based duo, bringing together three cuts of atmospheric yet angular electronica. Moth Records. £2.00

BLEIBURG Till the Last Night. Industrial/electro crossover. Released in 2011. The Eastern Front, Israel.  £7.50   NEW!

BLINDEKINDER [helfen bauen]. Abstract electronics/improv duo from the Czech Republic. Album from 2006. Everest Records, Cz. £8.00

BLOODHAG Hell Bent for Letters. Hardcore punk, from 2006. Alternative Tentacles, USA. £6.00

THE BLOOD OF HEROES Remain. Electronica/dub/grindcore crossover comprising individual remixes of this collective featuring Justin Broadrick, Dalek, Enduser, Gator Bait, Bill Laswell, etc. Released 2010. Ohm Resistance, USA. £8.75

BLOOD OV THEE CHRIST Master Control. Released in 2005, this collects four tracks recorded between 1984 and 1988 that mostly originally appeared on a cassette. Full-on electronic noise from Sweden. Segerhuva, Sweden. £8.00  scw

TORE HONORé BOE Zenography. A collection of pieces from 2001/2002 by the Origami Republika member. “Opus for unprepared piano + e-bow + street life” is how the sleeve itself describes it. Not heard it myself yet. Jazzassin, Norway.  £7.50

BOMBAY MONKEY Vanish!  Sample-laden electronica/molten dance from this group based near London. From 2005. Lo-tek.  £6.00

BOSCH’S WITH YOU Dreams That Come a Thing… Dynamic post-rock from this Russian group. Released 2007. RAIG, Russia.  £9.00   still sealed

BRUME & NOMUZIC Transports. Collaborative album from 1997. Abstract electronics/post-industrial. Cheeses International.  £6.00

BRUME & TBC House Unwillently CDR. Collaboration from 2001 of five post-industrial/musique concrete pieces. Promo version of the album, packaged in 7” sleeve. Wachsender Prozess, Germany. £4.00

BUG GUTS Big Bowl of Warm Fur. Lo-fi noise/rock. Vinyl Communications, USA.  S/s  £4.00

BURNT HILLS To Your Head. Album from 2007 (I think) by this US destructo/stoner rock outfit. Flipped Out Records, USA. £7.00

CAFé TEATRO eponymous. Savage Republic-meets-Sergio Leone in a post-rock setting, from 2002 (I think). Amanita, France. £9.00

CAMP BLACKFOOT Critical Seed vs. The Spartan Society. Dead Kennedys-inspired hardcore punk, with jazzy breaks. From 1999. Pandemonium Records, USA. £4.00

CANTWELL, GOMEZ & JORDAN eponymous. No Wave-style US trio, 2003. Hypno-Vista, USA. £8.00

CARTA An Index of Birds. Melodic post-rock similar to Low, Piano Magic and certain Kranky artists. Released in 2010. Silber, USA. £7.50

DAMIAN CATERA Process, Object, Intuition. Five processed gtr pieces by the New Yorker who used to be in Con Demek.  Harsh House, USA. £5.00

C.C. NOVA Milk Cult Dispatch. Cut-ups/noise pummel/plunderphonics. Communion, USA. £5.00

C41 Copenacre. 1998 album of ambient/site recordings and sound processing by a project featuring Joe Banks (Disinformation), Ashley Davies (Project DARK) and John Everall (Multicide). Staalplaat, NL. £8.00

CHAOS AS SHELTER Dead Air Broadcasts. Noise. DTARecords, USA. £3.00

CHI The Original Recordings. “Fourth world ambience” on a 4-track, 1996. Container Music, USA. £5.00

CHOP Over a Foul Line/Simple Questions Cdr/CD-rom.  Four electronic pieces by this duo featuring Chinese improviser ZenLu. Released in 2007. We Play Records, China. £8.00

CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS  eponymous 3” CD.  Two electronic pieces from 2005 by the long-serving US duo. Testing Ground, Spain. £8.00

COBRA KILLER & KAPAJKOS Das Mandolinenorchester. Album from 2005 by the German glam-folk/electronica duo, here having songs reworkedby a mandolin orchestra, replacing the usual electronics. Monika Enterprise. £4.00 promo copy

CONCEPT 7 The Undeniable Constant. Godflesh-meets-late Killing Joke at a death metal party. Sheesh. Concept Records. £2.00

CONCEPT 7 Extract e.p. Three more cuts of the same. From 2004. £1.00

CONSCIOUS/UNCONSCIOUS Put 2 Part 1: Containment. Improvised digital/acoustic ravaged droneworks. Audiolaceration.  £4.00

CONTACT Sound Sanctuary. Pastoral and melodic pop/rock imbued with shades of Nick Drake from this UK group. From 2005. Lo-Tek. £6.00

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM Thin Skinned. Reissue of a lengthy two piece cassette originally on SSSM in 1989. From 2010. Industrial Recollections, Finland. £7.00 mint

COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse. Spare/mint/unplayed copy of the debut album by this now defunct Leeds duo dedicated to cut-ups/collage/noise/junk-rock. Will Montgomery Records (a Dirter Promotions/Fourth Dimension collaborative offshoot). £9.00   rare!

CRAWLING WITH TARTS Sarajevo Center Metal Doors. Lotsa clanking, rasps, scrapes, scratches & textures from this (now defunct?) US duo, 1992. Realization Recordings, USA. £8.00

CRAWLING WITH TARTS Mayten’s Throw. A blend of skewed pop, jazz, convoluted hum, avant-mulch and suchlike. Asp, USA. £8.00

CRAWLING WITH TARTS Operas 3 and 4. More clanking around, tape spew, percussion workouts, textures and fragmented melodies. From 1994. Asp, USA.  £8.00

CRAWLING WITH TARTS I Am Telephoning a Star. US duo, w/turntablism techniques, avant-pop/rock, drones, atmospherics, etc. Asp, USA.  S/s  £8.00

CRAWLING WITH TARTS I Am Telephoning A Star. Lo-fi musings from this duo, wavering steadily between insanity, oddball noodling and, well, unadulterated drivel. Asp, USA. £7.00

CYCLOTIMIA Music for Stockmarkets. 2008 album by this Russian electronic group, combining computer bleeps and poots with melancholia and a more atmospheric approach. Zhelezobeton, Russia. £7.50    NEW!

CYCLOTIMIA Sci-Fi Music (Sountrack to a Nonexistent Movie). More abstract electronica from the Russian group. From 2010. Shadowlplay/Zhelezobeton/Monopoly, Russia. £7.50  NEW!

DACHISE Imbeciles In Love  CDR. Experimental noiseworks from a London based artist. Released in 2000. Limited to 100 copies and in a special box package. Tochnit Aleph, Germany.  £4.00

DACHISE Twin Braids. Electronic noiseworks. Released in 2002. Assemblage Point. £6.00

DEL Projectionist Please Focus. Album from 2000 by this Norwegian experimental rock outfit featuring Lasse Marhaug, Fredrik Ness Svendal, John Hegre and others. [ohm] Records/Apartment, Norway/Sweden. £10.50

DER BRIEF Volum. Trio recordings from 1999 by John Hegre (gtr + electronics), Jorgen Larsson (synth) and Nils Are Dronnen (drums). On  Lasse Marhaug’s label. Jazzassin, Norway. £4.00

DéSACCORD MAJEUR Le Point Immobile Vibrant. Post-industrial experimentalism/semi-Classical crossover, from 2002, by this French outfit. Packaged in heavy-duty 7” card package. JJS, Czech Republic.  £9.00

DES ESSEINTES/E.P.A. AZ50HD. Split CDEP release with two tracks by both artists, including a Shinjuku Thief remix. Experimental/industrial works, almost 30 minutes in total. From 2005. Fin de Siecle Media, Sweden. £8.50

DEUTERROR Le Gueule de Guerre. Album from 2007 by this post-industrial group from France. Steelwork Maschine, France. £8.00

DIAL eponymous. Album from 2009 by this US hardcore punk outfit. Robotic Empire, USA. £8.00  s/s

DIALTONES A Telesymphony. A symphony of ringtones and dialtones by a trio. For fuck’s sake! From 2001. Staalplaat, NL.  £8.00

DIRECTORSOUND Two Years Today. Album from 2010 by this US folk artist/guitarist. Tona Serenad, USA. £6.00

DISORDER OF DEADEIGHT Voidkollapse. Release from 2006 by this Finnish psych-rock outfit who also blend in industrial and ambient elements. Vaticanian Roadkill, Finland.  £7.50

DIVINATION Ambient Dub II: Dead Slow. 1993 collaboration between Mick Harris, Jah Wobble and Bill Laswell. The music is as the title implies! Subharmonic, USA. £7.00  ex+

THE DOMESTIC FRONT The Perfect Swarm Cdr. Limited edition release from 2007 by Thomas Bailey’s abstract electronics/noise platform. 8k Mob Records, Denmark. £7.00

DsorDNE Gru/o/mo. Moody/atmospheric experi-pop/rock. Hax, Italy. £4.00

screamer. Improv/noise/hiss assault. Starlight Furniture Co., USA.  £5.00

DVA Botanicula Soundtrack. Folk-inflected contemporary electronica from this Czech group. Released in 2012. Self-released.  £6.00

LEIF ELGGREN and THOMAS LILJENBERG 9.11.  Hour long collaboration consisting of nothing but laughter. From 1999. Firework Edition Records, Sweden. £5.00

ELVERS eponymous. Free jazz debut/promo release, numbered edition of 100. Released 2011. Forwind. £9.00   NEW!

EMEME Plague and Bloom. Album from 2005 of trip-hop and synth-pop inspired electronica by this Japanese artist. Starry Night Records, Japan. £11.00  s/s

EMERGE Canvas – Live 3” CDR. 2011 release by this experimental electronics artist from Germany. Limited. Packaged very nicely in mini-DVD case. Attenuation Circuit, Germany. £4.50   NEW!

EMERGE Angle 3”  CDR. 2011 release by this German experimental electronics artist. Limited, in special mini-DVD case. Attenuation Circuit, Germany. £4.50  NEW!

EMERGE Contrition 3” CDR. Another release from 2011 by the prolific German electronics artist. Limited and packaged in mini-DVD case. Attenuation Circuit, Germany. £4.50   NEW!

EXTERIOR MIRROR Hupp. Post-industrial electronics/noisescapes, 1995. Katyn, Germany. £7.00

FATHER MURPHY No Room for the Weak CDEP. Four tracks of a slightly neo-folk/goth-industrial slant, including a Leonard Cohen cover. Released in 2010. Boring Machines, Italy. £3.00

FELLAHEAN Insignificant Scrap. Thirteen cuts of full-on electronic noise by a US artist. From 2008. Fellacoustic, USA. £8.00

SZAM FINDLAY Die Hautfabrik. Moody post-dancefloor workouts, bringing to mind Autechre and FSOL pushed into a horror film score setting. Resonant. £8.00

FINN The Ayes Have It. Album from 2005 by this post-rock outfit who also blend in electronics and a pop sensibility. Sunday Service, Germany. £5.00  promo  s/s

PAUL FLAHERTY/RANDALL COLBOURNE QUARTET Visitants. Well, it certainly isn’t pop and it ain’t dinner jazz, but you can probably guess what it kinda sounds like… Sax, drums, gtr & bass improv (“without overdubs”) from 1995. Zaabway Music, USA. £8.00

FLIM Ohne Titel 1916. Ten cuts from 2006 by this molten electronics project who fuse electro-acoustic techniques with drones/tones. Plinkity Plonk, NL. £7.00

FLOPPY µ 3” CDEP. Four kinda post-techno/sample/soundscape tracks, released 2005. Testing Ground. £3.00

FLOSSIN Lead Singer. Release from 2006 by a trio with Kid 606 connections. Free jazz-inspired post rock/noise. Ache Records, Canada. £8.00

FOURTH PAGE Along the Weak Rope. Debut of free improv work using bass, piano, vocals and percussion. Released in 2011. £9.00   NEW!

FNS eponymous. Reissue of Fredrik Ness Svendal’s debut solo album from 2005, here with an extra previously unreleased piece. Incredible psych-drone works with an experimental folk slant. Miasmah, Norway. £9.00   mint/still sealed

FREIBAND/BOCA RATON split. Recordings from 2005. Cronica, Portugal. £8.00

FREIBAND Homeward. Another fifteen cuts of micro electronics and rhythmic textures by this Frans de Waard project. From 2002. Bottrop-Boy. £8.00

ERIK FRIEDLANDER & TEHO TEARDO Giorni Rubati. Collaborative work from 2004 utilising cello, electronics, rhythms, etc. in a fairly accessible yet abstract setting that owes much to jazz and modern classical. Released in 2006. Bip-Hop, France. £8.00

F.R.U.I.T.S. Forbidden Beat. Collection of tracks recorded between 1996 and 2003 by a Moscow duo featuring Volga’s Alexei Borisov. Beatronica, samples, post-drum ‘n’ bass touches, etc. From 2004. Laton, Russia. £7.00

GENERIC Torture. Post-industrial atmospherics/soundscapes. Released in 2008. Fractured Space Records. £7.00

GOEM Lokatie CDR. From 1999. Eight pieces of minimal glitch-bound electronica by Frans de Waard’s project. Microwave Recordings, NL. £5.00

IDO GOVRIN Moraine. Micro-sounds, textures, abstract oscillations, etc. over six pieces dedicated to the sound of these icy deposits formed in glaciers. Released 2010. Interval Recordings. £8.00

GRAVITAR You Must First Learn to Draw the Real. Five cuts from 1996 by this US noise-rock trio. Powerful stuff. Monotremata, USA. £8.00

DARIN GRAY & LOREN MAZZACANE CONNORS The Lost Mariner. Seven collaborative pieces of a subdued, pastoral and ambient nature by these prolific artists. Released 1999. Family Vineyard, USA. £6.00

GRUEL eponymous. Doom-rock/psychedelia with an experimental slant. Debut release from 2010. At War With False Noise. £8.00

TIM HECKER Mort aux Vaches. Release from 2004 by the minimal drone/electronica/glitch artist. Limited to 1000. Mort Aux Vaches, NL. £8.50

BORIS D. HEGENBART [somethingmovinginsideplasticbox]. Experimental electronics/abstract digital works. From 2003. Quecksilber, Germany. £8.50

HI-GOD PEOPLE Soundtrack to the Movie: Nega...  Lo-fi rock/noise snarl. Varispeed, Australia. £3.00

WILLIAM HOOKER QUARTET Lifeline. Three lengthy recordings from 1988 featuring William Parker (bass), Alan Michael (alto sax), Claude Lawrence (alto sax) and Hooker himself on drums/’recitation’. Silkheart, USA. £7.00

HURRA CAINE LANDCRASH Unanswered Questions. Debut from a Manchester guitarist given to creating textural ‘scapes by dropping objects on the strings and, of course, a laptop. Released 2008. Split Femur. £7.50

HYBRYDS Urban Rhythms, Urban Rituals. Album from 2010 by this long-running post-industrial electronics group. Sleepless Records, USA. £9.00  s/s

I/DEX Seqsextend. Minimal electronics/beats on this limited edition album from 2003. Nexsound, Ukraine. £9.50

IMPACT TEST Gangwar. 1995 entry in this series… Pure/RRR, USA. £3.00

ISOLÉE REST eponymous. Minimal house-strained electronics/beats, complete with French vocal musings, from 2000.  Playhouse, France. £8.00

INTERTRONIK Live Bei Radio Gagarin CDR.Four pieces of electronics and bass, from 2003. Packaged in 7” sleeve. Wachsender Prozess, Germany. £4.00

I:WOUND Ram Nam Satya Hai. Just found a couple more copies of this release from 1998 by Germany’s Sascha Karminski, here blending samples, textures, drones and field recordings together to pretty great effect. In cardboard sleeve packaging. Stein Sein, Germany. £8.00

I:WOUND The Siamese Box 5 x 3” Cdr. A set from 2004 by Germany’s Sascha Karminski, blending textures and field recordings over these specially packaged discs. Limited/rare. Verato Project, Germany.  £15.00   mint

JAZKAMER Balls the Size of Texas, Liver the Size of Brazil. Release from 2007 by the long-serving improv electronics duo featuring Lasse Marhaug. Purple Soil, Czech Republic. £7.00

JUDE Combat Exhaustion. Grinding electro-noise. From 2003. Self-released, Poland. £5.00

KAPITAL BAND 1 Playing By Numbers.  Third album by a this avant-pop duo who blend electronics with acoustic instruments and vocals. Released in 2007. Mosz, Austria. £8.00

KEELER Trapped in the Hi-Fi Zone. Minimalist, art-noise, electronics blend, 1995. Multimood, USA. £8.00

KEUKHOT Mita Otat Mukaan… 1993 album by this Finnish avant/junk-rock outfit. Bad Vugum, Finland. £9.00

KINETIX Gestaltsystem 01: Possible Forms 2CD. Album of good minimal techno/glitch works from 2006 by this artist who has been operating since the beginning of the decade. Think of Goem or early Thomas Brinkmann. Monochrome Vision, Russia. £8.00

KLANGWART Inkiek 3” CD. Two pieces from 1997 by this German duo intent on shaping space via some nice, quiet and always evolving electronics. Pretty good, actually. Staubgold, Germany.  £3.75

KORONAR Biopunk Romantica. Industrial/metal crossover. Released in 2011. Sturm, Latvia. £6.00

KOTRA Dissilient. Album from 2004 by the prolific Ukrainian improv electronics/noise artist. Nexsound, Ukraine. £8.00

STANISLAV KREITCHI ANSiana. Released in 2000, this album collects eight pieces that utilise the ANS synthesizer and an acoustic instrument known as an Ovoloid. Electroshock Records, Russia. £9.00

K2 Ha Ga Ne. Three pieces from 2009 by the Japanese electronic noise project. Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies. Triangle/Cerosene, Poland. £8.50   mint

KUNST ALS STRAFE Movement Across a Barren Surface. Post-industrial debut album, from 2010. Sleepless Records, Germany. £9.00  s/s

NORA LOUISE KUSMA Deep Superhalo. Decent enough electronica from this Traci Lords-related projected. Rodeo Gay. £8.00

KVETY Jablko Jehio Peri. Avant-folk/rock hybrid from the Czech Republic, 2004. Indies Records, CZ. £7.00

LA GLORIA Jeremiad. Album from 1999 by this avant/art-rock outfit utilising radios, record players, tapes, sampler, etc. Furry Bear, New Zealand. £7.00

JEAN-FRANCOIS LAPORTE Soundmatters. Four lengthy electroacoustic pieces by this Montreal-based composer. Released 2007. 23five, USA. £11.00

LE FORCIBI DI MANITU Trivelogue. Album from 1996 by this Italian group. Experimental/collage music, in special package that has a game included (designed to be played while the album also is). Staalpaat, NL.  £10.00

GIUSEPPE LELASI & HOWARD STELZER Night Life. Four electronics collab pieces from 2005, in Korm Plastics’ Brombron series of specially packaged releases. Korm Plastics, NL. £9.00

LEZET Performance is Inherently Unlikely Cdr. Also two other Cdrs by this Serbian post-industrial/electronics artist.  Abdicate Cell, Serbia.  All three discs for £5.00 total.

LIQUID SPHERE Gizya CDR. Electronic soundscapes. Limited/numbered edition of 150. France. £2.00

LOBE Hibernation. Ambient technoscapes. Quite pleasant. From 1999. Swim. £8.00

THE GIUSEPPI LOGAN QUINTET s/t. Eight pieces of steady yet smokin’ jazz by the saxophonist’s group, otherwise featuring a piano, trumpet, bass and drums. Too ‘trad’ for my tastes. From 2010. Tompkins Square, USA. £6.50

LONGSTONE L.I.F.E.Span. Fifth album, from 2003, pushing their sound towards a kinda collaged, sometimes rhythmic, Radiophonics Workshops domain. Blackbean & Placenta, USA.  £9.00

LONER eponymous. Pretty good post-punk/no wave-inspired rock, from 2001. Non Mi Place, France. £9.00

FRANCISCO LOPEZ untitled 2006-2007 2CD. Sixteen pieces by the popular Spanish field recordist/sound sculptor. Monochrome Vision, Russia.  £6.00

FRANCISCO LOPEZ Live in Auckland. Recording of a performance from 2004, released in 2008. Monotype, Poland. £8.00   s/s

FRANCISCO LOPEZ & LAWRENCE ENGLISH HB. Collaborative exchange using each other’s field recordings. Released 2009. Baskaru, France. £4.50 NB: Promo copy with ‘promo’ written in marker on the CD label, otherwise all ex+

LT. CARAMEL J’ailo Doigts. Early/mid-’90s experimental soundworks. SFCR, France. £7.00

LUDICRA Fex Urbis Lex Orbis. Hardcore/black metal/thrash. From 2006. Alternative Tentacles, USA. £5.00

LUMINANCE RATIO Like Little Garrisons Besieged. Abstract droneworks and molten late night ambience, from 2009. Boring Machines, Italy. £4.00

LUX MAMMOTH Hertz Circus. Bass, sampler & effects-generated excursions to Organum/Morphogenesis-type territory by an Australian duo. Bloodstar, Australia. £6.00

KAWABATA MAKOTO Inui 3. Three lengthy improv psych workouts, featuring guest vocals on one piece. From 2005. VHF, USA. £8.00

MANIFOLD Chesterfield Suite. Canadian free-noise unit using chairs as source material on this 1998 album. Trans-siberian Music Company, Canada. £4.00

MERZBOW & NULL Deus Irae. Reissue of the cassette, from 1993. Nux Organisation, Japan. £7.00

MERZBOW/SLUGBAIT Arctic Twilight. Two lengthy collab pieces from 1996. Packaged in a printed tin. Dirter. £12.00   RARE!

METAL EATER Virus. Improv workouts between Steve Buchanan (sax, guitar, voice, drums) and Ron Anderson (guitar, percussion, voice, drum machine). In oversized sleeve.  Limited/numbered/500. Released 1996. Amanita, France. £9.00

DAVOR MIKAN Täuschung. Abstract digital works and what sounds like field recordings. Released 2007. Crónica, Portugal. £8.00

MIRO Subtidal. Jazz/lounge-tinged post-trip-hop merged with clicks, pops, textures, etc. Varunee Recording Group, USA. £8.00

MOE STAIANO The Lateness of Yearly Presentations.  Industrial jazz, improv and atmospheric swirls. With Ron Anderson connections. From 2001. Amanita, France. £8.00

MOLR DRAMMAZ Boazeria. Scrunched-up electronics/beats and so on from this group who’ve not been active since 2006. Good album, similar to early A-Musik releases. From 2001. Mik Musik. !., Poland.  £6.00   new!

MONOPIUM Mesmerised. Abstract electronics, dark folk and dark ambience. Released in 2009. Beast Of Prey, Poland.  £4.00   mint

MOUSE ON MARS Actionist Respoke CDEP. Promo CD from 2001 by this respected German electronica outfit. Domino. £3.00

niA NeulAnfang. Electronic noise/industrial. From 2004. Paranoise Records, Germany. £4.00

NADJA/TROUM Dominium Visurgis. Collaborative album from 2010 by the drone-rock duo and the atmospheric and textured-noise duo. Everything recorded in a studio improv session. Nice. Transgredient Records, Germany. £5.00    NEW!

NAEVUS Perfection is a Process. Post-industrial noise/experimental, with leanings towards the work of early C93…  From 2004. Old Europa Cafe, Italy.  £9.50

NARKOSE X eponymous. Electronic noise/drones/post-industrial, from 2009. Sturm, Latvia. £7.00

PETE NAMLOOKNamlook VII. Almost an hour’s worth of music from the electronic/ambient pioneer, recorded live in 1994 and released the same year. Fax, Germany. £12.00

NAMLOOK/LASWELL Psychonavigation. Ambient odysseys by Bill Laswell and Pete Namlook, from 1995. Fax, Germany. £9.00

THE NIGHTINGALES Insult to Injury. First album in a few years by this long-running UK post-punk/indie group featuring songwriter Robert Lloyd. Features some Faust involvement on occasional bass and the production. Released 2009. Klangbad, Germany. £7.00   promo sticker on back cover

ANTON NIKKILA White Nights. Experimental electronics by the Finnish composer. Released in 2002. N&B Research Digest, Russia/Finland. £8.00

NKT World At War. Post-industrial noise/atmospherics and neo-classical crossover. Released in 2011. Les Nouvelles Propagandes, France. £7.00   mint

NOMA/REJECTAMENTA Friede In Den Gedanken… Split release from 2009 by these two abstract electronics outfits related to the noise groups Seppuku and Tetsuo. At War With False Noise. £8.00

NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED  eponymous. Debut from 2001 by a Swiss duo melding atmospheric swirl with trip-hop beats. Manifold, USA. £3.00

NOVATRON New Rising Sun. Noise-drenched & bass-heavy release from 2000 by Anthony di Franco (Ramleh, Skullflower, JFK, etc.). Cold Spring.  £8.50

NOWAK I Am/Crazy Jungle Acid Punk/Love. Twelve cuts of breaks-bound electronica/drum ‘n’ bass. From 2003. Rodeo Gay, France. £4.00

NULL Ultimate Material III. Two lengthy processed gtr pieces by the Jap noisester. Manifold, USA. S/s  £5.00

NULL Erg per Galaxy. 2002 album of processed space-mulch by the the Japanese gtrist. Opposite, USA.  £8.00

O PARADIS Pequanas Canciones De Amor. Album from 2008 by this Spanish post-industrial/electronics artist, here delivering 17 vaguely ‘pop’ songs that draw from traditional Spanish, mediterranean and Arabic music and include a Bob Dylan cover. Tourette, USA. £11.00  s/s

ORIGAMI REPUBLIKA SchMerzPunkDada. Seven electronics/noise tracks from 1997 by one of Norway’s Origami spin-offs. Seven cuts, packaged in 7” record sleeve. Jazzassin, Norway. £7.00

PACIFIC 231 Stif(f)le: Etats Brut et Balances CD-R. Five tracks from 2008 by this long-running electronics/noise project, here treading calmer waters. Limited edition of 150. Monochrome Vision, Russia.  £8.00  s/s

MICHAEL PETERS Impossible Music. Experiments with software-generated algorithms using a piano as a source by this German composer. Released 2009. Hyperfunction, Germany. £8.00

ANATOLY PERESELEGIN Download the God. Moody electronic/soundtrack-ish composition from the mid-’90s by this Russian composer. Released in 2000. Electroshock, Russia.  £8.00

PHARAOH OVERLORD Siluurikaudella. The latest album by this mutant avant-rock group from Finland with Circle connections. Released in 2010. Ektro, Finland. £8.00   still sealed

PIMMON Mort Aux Vaches. Release from a couple of years back by the Australian minimal electronics/pulseworks soundsmith, catching him live in The Netherlands. #586/700. Staalplaat, NL.  £8.00

ROBERT PIOTROWICZ/BURKHARD STANGL/ANNA ZARADNY Can’t Illumination. Guitars/electronics and saxophone collaboration in entirely abstract setting from 2003. Musica Genera, Poland. £9.00   mint

FRANCIS PLAGNE Idle Bones. Release from 2006 by this artist who humourously combines field recordings, “special effects”, etc. with a pop/non-pop sensibility. Synaethesia, Australia.   £9.00   NEW!

PLAID Parts in the Post 2CD. Remixes by Plaid of Unkle, Nicolette, Bjork, Plaid themselves, Goldfrapp, Herbert, Grandmaster Flash, etc. Fine electronica/beats. Peacefrog. £4.00

COLIN POTTER and MICHAEL BEGG Fragile Pitches 2CD. Fantastic collaborative set from St. Giles Cathedral, December 2009. Atmospheric and rich in detail.  Released in 2010. ICR.  £8.00

PXP Nada. More mostly abrasive, but occasionally refined & melodic, rhythmic computer gush. Released 2005. Dekorder, Germany.  £8.00

QUARTER eponymous. Moody & contemplative songs with an experimental/twilight edge, somewhere near Clock DVA, Legendary Pink Dots and Coil. Vivo, Poland. £5.00

QUEST FOR BLOOD eponymous. Metal with Asian influences and manic flute playing throughout, from 2008. Ektro, Finland. £6.00

RADIUS Iz Punkta A V Punkt B. Release from 2005 of pretty good abstract electronica. Laton, Austria. £9.00

PAULO RAPOSO/MARC BEHRENS Further Consequences of Reinterpretation. Collab album from 2004 by these purveyors of abstract and sometimes noisy electronics. Cronica, Portugal. £8.00

REHAB Man Under Train Situation. Album from 2008 featuring John Hegre and Bjørnar Habbestad performing 9 electroacoustic/improv compositions formed around guitar, flutes and electronics. +3dB Recordings, Norway. £8.50

RAIN JACKET Um Jin. Album from 2002 by this IDM/electronic outfit. Nviron, Canada. £8.00

REFUSE TO DIE The Penguin CDR.Industrial/avant-garde group from Israel’s sixth album, from 2009. Limited, of course. Tan! Kaven! Ash!, Israel. £8.00 NEW!

PETER REHBERG Kapotte Muziek by… CDS. Release from 2006 by Rehberg, using Frans de Waard’s cut-ups project as source material. Promo copy (simply stamped thus on the sleeve’s reverse). Korm Plastics, NL. £5.00

REJECTAMENTA/NOMA Friede In Den Gedanken/Amusia/Ssilence split. Release from 2009 by these two Glasgow-based electronics/noise outfits. Two tracks by Rejectamenta, one by Noma. At War With False Noise. £6.00

REVENANT Topolo. Sounds generated by the rubbing, scraping, bending, swishing, bowing, etc. of natural objects (trees ‘played’ with violin bows, etc.). Released 2006. Prele Records, France. £8.00

RHYTHM & NOISE Chasm’s Accord. Post-industrial/experimental electronics from 1985 but here reissued in 1996, by a US outfit. Asphodel, USA.  £4.00

JEFFREY RODEN The Floor of the Forest. Dislocated & plaintive bass-led compositions, occasionally augmented by female vocals, Brandon LaBelle’s drums and electronic flourishes by nephew, Steve Roden. A tribute to Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls. Big Tree Music, USA. £7.00

ETHAN ROSE Oaks. Third album by this electronica/acousmatic artist, with all sounds generated by a Wurlitzer organ. Released 2009. Baskaru Records, France. £3.00  PROMO (has the word in marker pen on CD label, but maybe this can be removed with a little careful cleaning? Either way, it doesn’t effect the playing + the packaging is near mint…)

JACK ROSE & THE BLACK TWIG PICKERS eponymous. Album from 2009 by this excellent and prolific US folk guitarist. VHF, USA. £9.00  still sealed

SANKT OTTEN Sequencer Liebe. 2012 album by this electronics artist who forages those realms Cluster, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream have. Denovali Records, Germany. £7.00

SCANNER with DAVID ROTHENBERG You Can’t Get There From Here.

Smooth and lounge-style electronics with clarinet. Released in 2011. Monotype Records, 2011. £4.50

GüNTER SCHROTH Barcode Music. Soundworlds using signals from scanned barcodes as source material. From 2000. Archegon, Germany.  £6.00

SEETYCA Bleakscapes. Abstract electronics in a moody and filmic post-industrial setting. Released in 2011. Essentia Mundi, Germany. £7.00   NEW!

SCRIPTA SENSUS Conscious and Unconscious…  Dark ambient/folk crossover. Released in 2008. Sturm, Latvia. £6.00   mint

FREDRIK NESS SEVENDAL FNS. Reissue of this fantastic album first released as Cdr in 2005 then later as a vinyl edition. Rich and atmospheric folk/drone by the man behind Apartment Records. highly recommended. Released 2010. Miasmah, Norway. £9.00   still sealed/new

SHIFTS Afterthought 1 – 8 CDR. Frans de Waard’s drone guitar project. From 2000. Limited to 80 copies. MSBR, Japan. £11.00   new/unplayed

SHIFTS Pangaea. Frans de Waard’s experimental guitar project. From 1998. Elsie & Jack Recordings. £6.00

SILENT KILLER & BREAKER Amongst Villains. Progressive drum ‘n’ bass/electronica featuring collabs between Silent Killer, Breaker, DJ Hidden, Scorn, Counterstrike and others. From 2010. Ohm Resistance, USA. £8.50

SIMULACRUM Upuaut. Post-industrial soundscapes tethered to occasional rthythmic passages, piano chords, electronics and suchlike. From 2003. Old Europa Cafe, Italy.  £8.00

SIX AND MORE Do Not Open. Debut by a German group using all manner of instruments and objects to deliver like Stockhausen on acid. From 1993. Archegon, Germany. £4.00

SIX AND MORE Blue Q. Their second album, from 1996. Archegon, Germany. £4.00

SIX AND MORE Oisi Voci. Third one, from 1998. Archegon, Germany. £4.00

SKYLINE Noiseotica. Gtr noise, turntables & trip-hop rhythms from NYC. Harsh House, USA. £5.00

RAN SLAVIN The Wayward Regional Transmissions. Glitch-addled electronics blended in with Middle Eastern sounds by this Tel Aviv-based artist. Released in 2007. Cronica, Portugal. £7.00   NB: Promo copy with stamp inside booklet

SLO-FI eponymous CDR. Glitch electronica, from 1999. Debut release on this short-lived Staalplaat subsidiary. Microwave Recordings. £3.50

SOLVENT eponymous. Frazzled techno &  shredded beat overload with toytown electronics, melodic synth lines and suchlike. Suction, Canada.  £5.00

SOLVENT Solvently One Listens. More developed second album, from 1999. Suction, Canada. £5.00

SOUTH SATURN DELTA Experience the Concreteness. Four mostly lengthy electronic-noise pieces by this one-off Japanese group. From 2007. Cold Spring Records. £6.00  s/s

STOCKTONFOSTER High Dilution Therapy. Dark ambient drones, harsh passages, collages, etc. From 2003, I think… Audiolaceration. £7.00

STOP Nilomtapoux Cdr.Limited edition release (numbered 40 of 50) by this Polish electronics/noise artist. From 2004, I think. In nice packaging. Never played it. Simple Logic, Poland. £9.00

STROPS Likuma Burts. “Proletarian lyrical power industrial music” – sticker on front cover. From 2007. Sturm, Latvia. £5.00   s/s’

SUBHUMANS New Dark Age Parade. Another album of punk/hardcore from this longstanding Canadian group. From 2006. Alternative Tentacles, USA. £6.00

SUDERSUK Feather. Experimental, pounding & slow rock, but with vaguely gothic overtones, by a NZ group in 1996. Prickly Products, New Zealand. £4.00

SUN PLEXUS Or Ou Ferraille ? A Quelle Profondeur ?  Fourth album, from 2004, by the French post-industrial/punk/electronic group. Ronda, France. £8.00

SUN PLEXUS 2 En Souvenir De L’Horreur. Another album by Sebastien Borgo’s post-punk/industrial/electronics trio. From 2008. Ronda, France. £4.00

SUN OF THE SEVENTH SISTER Farben Raum. Improvised psych-noise from 2007. Doubtlessly limited. Heard Worse Records, Australia. £9.00

The SUNTANAMA Another. Think this is an offshoot of NNCK’s, but it sounds like fairly ordinary fug-rock to me, perhaps 35 years too late…  From 2003. Drag City, USA.  £8.00

SWARMS The Silver Hour. Album of post-industrial drones, textures and ripples by this Norwegian group featuring Kim Solve.  Released in 2006. Vendlus Records, USA.  £8.00

SYMPTOMS eponymous. Cinematic & haunting electronics, from 2000. Swim. £8.00

SYRINGE eponymous. Sinewy gtr rock/pop, like a Sonic Youth and Slint hybrid. Little Mafia, USA. S/s  £7.00

Aoki Takamasa Silicom Two. Software splurge, stutters & tics from last year by this Japanese multimedia artist. Progressive Form, Japan. £7.50

TAM QUAM TABULA RASA Lacrymae Rerum / Muleacenani 2CDr. Release from 2004 by this Italian group devoted to post-industrial atmospherics, drones, submerged rhythms, etc. Old Europa Café, Italy. £8.00

TANAKH Ardent Fevers. Fourth album by this US/Italy-based group who craft melodic, sometimes dreamy or folky, pop with an ear for invention and some carefully woven touches of experimentalism. Released 2006. Alien8 Recordings, Canada. £6.00   promo with punch through jewel box & booklet

TBC No Animal Conviction CDR. Post-industrial textures, from 2005. Packaged in 7” type sleeve. Wachsender Prozess, Germany. £4.00

TEAR CEREMONY Resin. Post-industrial texturescapes, 1997. Simulacra, USA. £8.00

TECHIX Monosymphonic CDr. Modern classical arrangements-meets-atmospheric electronica. Nice. Released 2004. Anticlock Records, USA. £8.00

TELEFORM Cosine f. Second album of hard-drive noise/atmospherics, 2002. Domizil. £8.00

TELEFUNKEN eponymous. Thirty short digital pieces by Noto’s Carsten Nicolai, designed to be heard via both your televsion and hi-fi, 2000.  Raster-Noton, Germany.  £8.00

THEE ELECTRIC BASTARDS Live at Club Awesome. Recording from 2006 by this eclectic US psych-guitar outfit whose blend of rock, keyboards, noise and pop bears similarities with early Flaming Lips. Chrome Peeler. USA.  £9.00

THILGES 3 Polka. Microstructured babbling & clicks, 2000. Staalplaat, The Netherlands. £6.00

THINK ABOUT LIFE eponymous. Debut from a Canadian group who blend punk, noise and energetic rock. Released 2006. Alien8 Recs., Canada. £6.00

310 Nothing to See Here. Nice ambient driftworks. Manifold, USA.  £6.00

WARTON TIERS Brighter Than Life. Debut from 1996 by the US engineer/guitarist famous for his work with Glenn Branca, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Helmet, etc. here in guitar quartet mode. Atavistic, USA. £7.00

ASMUS TIETCHENS  FT+. 2003 album collecting abstract electronic pieces sourced from a wide range of contributors by the prolific German artist. Crouton, USA. £8.00

PAU TORRES Hostile. Abstract/grizzled digital works by this prolific Spanish artist. Testing Ground, Spain. £8.00

PAU TORRES Songs for Hula 3” CD. More leftfield electronica. Released in 2007. Testing Ground, Spain. £3.50

ROXANNE TURCOTTE Amore. Electroacoustic works from this  Canadian artist. Released in 1994. Empreintes DIGITALes, Canada.  £7.50

MATT TURNER Patina. Cello improvisations pushed through a realtime software environment. Released 2002. Fever Pitch, USA. £8.50

TURN ME ON DEAD MAN Technicolour Mother. Garage rock/punk, from 2006. Alternative Tentacles, USA. £5.00

LUIGI TURRA Enso. Album from 2007 by this Italian artist who combines subtle musique concrete techniques with abstract electronics/ambience. Small Voices, Italy.  £6.00

ULAN BATOR Soleil CDEP. Five new songs by this great French trio who mix post-punk sensibilities with experimentation, pop, drones and vast dynamics. Released 2009. Acid Cobra, France.  £6.00

ULTRA-RED Second Nature. Frazzled electronics/electroacoustic works forming an ‘ambient pastoral’, from 1999. Mille Plateaux, Germany. £8.00

UNEXPLAINED TRANSMISSIONSeponymous. Album from 2000 by this US experimental electronics/ambient duo. Ochre. £7.00

URAL UMBO Fog Tapes Cdr. Eight tracks from 2010 by the Swiss post-rock/noise/drone group. In special stickered card sleeve. Hinterzimmer, Switzerland. £4.50

URKUMA Rebuilding Pantaleone’s Tree. Improv/noise/electronics and sometimes acoustic music from an Italian solo artist. Released 2006. Baskaru, France. £8.00

VACUUM TREE HEAD Excel (eye eye). Ron Anderson & co. w/more improvised electronics/rock/jazz blends, 1993. Megaphone, USA. £4.00

Vallribera/Moore Assessments & Translations. 1995 collab with Josep Vallribera (gesto-grafia) and Tony Moore (cello), based on four scores. Pretty good and ‘moody’, actually. Matchless.  £8.00

JULIO SANZ VAZQUEZ La Razon de la Sin razon. Album from 2007 by this Spanish artst given to recitations over accompaniments of electro-acoustic, piano, didgeridoo, electronics, etc.. In special wooden packaging. No idea which label released it, but it looks nice from the outside. £10.00

VENETIAN SNARES Hospitality. Breaks-inspired electronica. Released in 2007. Planet Mu. £7.00

VIC TRIGGER BAND Electronic Wizard. Reissue of an LP originally released in 1977 as a private pressing by this rock trio who pack a pretty heavy punch. Some neat touches in there, too. Mr. Nobody. £6.00

VOTE ROBOT In Meorm NA. Electronica formed from turntables, mixers and totally non-digital sources. From 2002. Scratch, Canada. £5.00

Wagsta’ff Funkencomputer. Headfucked beat splurge, sharing ground with certain A-Musik and Tigerbeat releases. Quick Latin Handful/Leiter-wagen, Germany. £6.00

KOICHI WATANABE Sine00-Noise2000. Release from 2000 by the Japanese electronics/noise artist, here with two collage pieces and another couple utilising textures/tones/samples and so on. Doppelganger, Japan. £8.00

JOHN WATERMANN Calcutta Gas Chamber. Reissue of this great atmospheric electronic album by the late soundsmith. From 2006. Cold Spring. £6.00

WAUVENFOLD On the Blink CDEP. Four frazzled beat/electronica cuts, 2001. Promo copy. Wichita.  £2.50

WEBCAM Weaving. Atmospheric electronics, triphop rhythms, dub basslines, etc. Noise Museum, France. £3.00

Ralf Wehowsky/Lionel Marchetti collab. A piece by each of these electro-acoustic artists, from 1996. Ralf Wehowsky’s uses segments from a track originally on a collab. CD with my previous group, Splintered…! Selektion, Germany. £9.00

SIMON WICKHAM-SMITH Two4dancin’. A lengthy loop-based piece from Richard Youngs’ former collaborator. No idea who released it, but it’s in an attractive enough screen-printed gatefold sleeve. Probably USA. £6.00

WICKED KING WICKER God is Busy…Save Yourself. Noise-metal. Released in 2009. Cold Spring. £6.00

ACHIM WOLLSCHEID Moves. Micro-frequencies, space and frazzled undercurrents. Released in 1996. Selektion, Germany. £8.00

WORMDOOM Last Days Boogie. Smog-churning basement rock, 1994. Twisted Village, USA. £7.50

YOUR FAVORITE HORSE Everyday Magic. Chris Jeely (September Plateau, Accelera Deck, etc.) project from 2002, combining plaintive guitar with protean shimmer/electronic glaze. Enraptured, USA. £8.00

THALIA ZADEK You’re a Big Girl Now. Ex-Come/Live Skull’s vocalist & songwriter’s slightly blues-strained depresso-rock, from 2003. Acuarela/Kimchee, Spain/USA.  £8.00

ZEN Derya. Fantastic avant-psych-smog-out from Turkey that’s up there with early Amon Duul or somesuch. released 1996. Great album. Surprised nobody’s gone for it yet! (I have a copy myself!) Father Yod/Ecstatic Peace, USA. £8.00

ZENI GEVA Trance Europe Experience. 1994  Euro-tour highlights from Null & Tabata’s hi-powered industro-rock machine. Nux Org., Japan/USA. £4.00

CARLOS ZINGARO Cage of Sand. Violin & electronics from this collaborator of Otomo Yoshihide and Voicecrack, amongst others. SIRR.ecords, Portugal.  £9.00

ZONK’T Falling Down Fearless of Bruises. Noise/triphop/electronics, ‘99. Sound On Probation, France.  £4.00

ZWEIZZ/KIM SOLVE Pronounced “Sex”. Recordings from 2002 to 2007 by these Norwegian post-industrial drone-artists who blend all kinds of other sounds in with their compositions. Interregnum Records, Norway.  £9.00

V/A 904Noise. Electronics/noise collection from 2004 featuring Lafererra, Birds In The Meadow, Monolith Zero, Stephen Smith, Mi, Harm Stryker, Metal, To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie, and more. 804 Noise, USA. £6.00

V/A Ah! Quelle Belle Journee! Features Krackhouse, Voodoo Muzak, RWA, etc. Amanita, France. £3.50

V/A Anomalous Silencer. Industrial/noise w/Hermit, L.O.W., Sukora, Sonic Disorder, Napalmed, etc. 1996. Napalmed, Czech Republic. £5.00

V/A Anomalous Silencer #5. Blacklight Braille, Sklo, Mark Lane, Degenhert, Lava, Ant Riot, Pressure & others, 2001. Oversized packaging. Napalmed, Czech Republic. £5.00

Aphasia/Dachise split. Textural-noise collages from both, released 1995. Realization, USA. £6.00

V/A Anyb Abahrapha. Dunno what the correct title is, due it being in Russian, but it resembles this. Includes The Haters, Roughage, Nocturnal Emissions, Leif Elggren, Alexei Borisov, De Fabriek, Erinys and others. Packaged in oddly cut/misshapen digipak. Insofar Paper Bulk, Russia.  £9.00

V/A Austrian Audience... Industrial/electronics/noise/breakbeats from a selection of modern Austrian artists & groups, including Boutique Meteor, Haudey, Lepenik, Schlund, Pestcore & more. 2002. KiM, Austria.  £8.00

V/A Circle O 2CD. With Andreas Berthling, TV Pow, Taylor Deupree, Kid 606, Mokira, Dion Workman, Hayce and countless other micro/digital/electronica/etc. exponents. Released 2002. Fylkingen, Sweden.  £12.50

V/A Cornucopia c. Works 2CD. Remixes of the Spanish experimental group’s ‘c’ track by Lasse Marhaug, TV Pow, Kim Cascone, Ultra Milkmaids, Frncisco Lopez, Andrew Duke and more. In DVD case. Released 2005 on The Locus of Assemblage + 2 other labels. £9.50

V/A Culmination 2CD. Abstract electronica/IDM/glitch works by Alexei Borisov, Park Modern, F.R.U.I.T.S., Mombus, Zavoloka, Thilges 3, Radius, Brain Fork and many others. Released 2005. Laton, Russia.  £9.00

CULVER/SEPPUKU split. Lo-fi drones from Culver, two lengthy industrial-metal/noise/drone pieces from Seppuku. Released in 2009. At War With False Noise. £3.50

V/A Deconstruct. With Christian Marclay, Bruce Gilbert, Phillip Jeck, John Oswald and others. From 1994. Blast First/Disobey. £9.00

V/A Does Time Affect Memory? 2CD. 1998 compilation with Circle, Climax Golden Twins, Project DARK, Badgewearer, Ron Anderson, Headbutt, etc. Amanita, France.  S/s  £7.00

V/A Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music, Vol.5. With Dieter Moebius, Claire Laronde, Karda Estra & others. From 2000. Electroshock, Russia.  S/s  £9.00

V/A Epitaph for John. From late 2005 and featuring exclusive tracks by Asmus Tietchens, Merzbow, Freiband, RLW and the late John Watermann (who this is of course dedicated to) himself. In oversize sleeve/plastic wallet. Korm Plastics, The Netherlands. £9.50

V/A Garten Der Verschlungenen Pfade. With Sudden Infant, Nomex, Column One, Sniper and other soundscapers. Artefakt, Germany.  £8.00

V/A Halogen Ball CDR. With Alchemy Of The 20th Century, Dieter Müh, Grey Park and MNEM. Negative Foundation, Finland.  £5.00

V/A Just About Now. Music from some sound installations in Rotterdam, 1998, with Frans de Waard, Ryoji Ikeda, Peter Duimelinks, Francisco Lopez and others. V2-Archief, The Netherlands. £7.00

V/A Just Drums. Dedicated to drum solos by 17 artists, including William Hooker, Jason Verhagen, Weasel Walter, John Mettam, etc. Weirdscaping to (obviously) rhythmic tracks. Fever Pitch, USA. £8.00

V/A Low End Recon. Heavy ‘dark-hop’ collection from 2000, with Mick Harris, Larvae, The Dustmite, Alien Radio Station, Silk Saw, Ocosi and others. Hed Nod, USA.  £9.00

MNORTHAM/BRUME & TBC split CDr. Release from 2004 comprising three pieces from Mnortham and six collaborative ones between Brume and TBC. Abstract electronics/electroacoustic. 100 only, in papyrus cover. Wachsender Prozess, Germany. £14.00

V/A The Nature of Sand. Live collabs. between Illusion Of Safety, Life Garden & Voice Of Eye, from 1995. Twilight ambient trance-outs. Manifold, USA.  £9.00

V/A Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish. Captain Beefheart tribute album, featuring Mike Watt, A Warm Palindrome, Jad Fair, Moy, Trumans Water, Azalia Snail, Don Fleming, Bright, etc. Released 2000, I think. Animal World Recordings, USA. £8.00

V/A Network, Volume Two. Fifty-four music miniatures from Martin Archer, Dual, Transient vs. Resident, In Be Tween Noise, Simon H. Fell, Mole, etc. Discus. £7.00

V/A Nexsound Sampler 1 Cdr. Features Kim Cascone, Muslimgauze, Kotra, Radian and others. Nicely packaged. From 2004. Nexsound, Ukraine. £9.00

V/A 90% Wasser. Label sampler of tonal, electronics, electro-acoustic and spoken works by  Francisco López, Column One, Genesis P-Orridge, Scimox, Le Bach, Andrew Loadman, The Excellent Listener, etc., from 2001.  90% Wasser, Germany. £7.00

V/A No Noise Compilation. With Dustbreeders & Junko, Gulty Connector, Reynols, Tabata, Dave Phillips, Birchville Cat Motel and others. Released in 2005. Even Stilte, Japan. £8.00

V/A  No Watches, No Maps. Collection of electronics/post-dance/avant-digital/etc. demos received by this label, with Jetone, Opaque, Meek, Mokira, Skist, etc. 2001. FatCat. £5.00

V/A Nummer Een. Abstract electronics & post-dancefloor from Autophonic, Phako, Duracel, Eog and more. Phonics, Canada.  S/s  £8.00

V/A Object 5. With Blackhouse, S*Core, The Haters, Vidna Obmana, etc. Ladd-Frith, USA. £6.00

V/A OR MD Comp. 24 exclusive tracks by Farmers Manual, Francisco Lopez, Gescom, Hecker, Incapacitants, MAZK and Shirt Trax, 2003. It’s A Or.  £8.00

V/A Pangaea Noise. Compilation from 2008 with Heart Burnt To Ashes, Cornucopia, Dave Philips, Error, Zbigniew Karkowski, Mindfuckingboy, and plenty of others from places such as China, Iran, Slovenia, Latvia, Belgium and singapore, etc.. Noise/electroacoustic/electronics. Syrphe. £9.00

V/A Product 06. Abstract electronics, glitch, etc. collection from 2005, featuring Pawel Grabowski, The Beautiful Schizophrenic and James Eck Rippie + Paulo Raposo. Cronica, Portugal.  £7.00

V/A Pure Will... Features In-Ex Splue, Dislocation, Architects Office, etc. Livevil, Japan. £9.00

V/A Recycling Buzz CD + CD Rom. ‘Deconstructed dancefloor’/electronica collection, with Forestopper, Idoia, Voodoo Muzak, Formatt, and others. Not bad, actually. From 2002. Amanita, France. £8.50

V/A Schlagstrom Vol.1. Collection of post-industrial/noise/electronica, etc. artists, from 2009. Features In Slaughter Natives, Insekt, Bad Sector, Analog Suicide, Le Moderniste, Asche, etc. Sleepless Records, Germany. £5.00   s/s

V/A Schlagstrom Vol.5. Collection of post-industrial/noise/electronica, etc. artists, from 2010. Features Portion Control, Sonar, Twinkle, Sudden Infant, Job Karma, CX2, Yura Yura, etc. Sleepless Records, Germany. £7.50   s/s

V/A (si’ke-del’ik): Volume One. With The Haters, Christian Renou, Noggin, Broken Penis Orchestra, Contagious Orgasm, Rowenta/Khan and others. From 2004. Psychform, USA. £9.00

V/A Solar. Featuring Scanner, Michael Prime, Freeform, etc. Soleilmoon, USA. S/s £8.00

Splintered/Headbutt split-CDS. Two songs from both, released 1992. Not one of my proudest ‘moments’ (I think the idea, at the time, being to reconfigure Jap-noise into a rhythmic rock context, or somesuch…). Slightly damaged cases. Noiseville, USA.  £3.00

Stocktonfoster/Lee Knights split. Gtr improv, drones, electronics, etc. from the former, digital ambience from the latter. Released 2003. Audiolaceration.  £7.00

V/A Strch Prst Krk. Collection of NZ art-noise, electro-acoustic, improv., electronica, etc. works from 2002. kRkRkRk Recordings, New Zealand. £8.00

V/A Strewth!  Abstract electronics from Austrlia and New Zealand, released in 2002. Candlesnuffer, Oren Ambarchi, Xonk, Zy’z X, Matthew Thomas and many more. Synaesthesia, Australia. £5.00

V/A Surpising Encounters. With Jimmy Tenor, Circle, Worms, etc. Bad Vugum, Finland. £8.00

V/A Swarm 2CD. Just found another copy of this release from 2006. Includes Andrew Liles, Shinjuku Thief, Band Of Pain, John Watermann, Zos Kia, A Challenge Of Honour, Deadwood and more. Cold Spring. £8.50   still sealed

Syllyk/Basso eponymous CDS. Two short pieces (19 mins total) of molten driftworks, from 1997. Dedali Opera, France. £4.00

V/A Testament. With Michael Prime, RLW, Thomas Dimuzio, Koji Marutani, Artificial Memory Trace, Jerome Noetinger, etc. RRR, USA.  S/s  £6.00

V/A Terror Campaign. Reissue of a cassette originally released in 1994. With Con-Dom, Macronympha, Contagious Orgasm, Taint, Nimoy and others. From 2010. Industrial Recollections, Finland. £7.00

V/A This Music is Silent Until You Listen. With Martin Archer, Katherine Norman, Simon H. Fell, Robert Godman and Simon Vincent. Discus. £6.00

V/A Three Owls, Six Ears. Features about 20 mins of music each by A Warm Palindrome, Feverdreams and Badgelore. Experimental/dron/folk-rock. Released 2000. Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers. £6.00

V/A Total 2. Crispy techno minimalism & electronica from Dettinger, Reinhard Voigt, Jonas Bering, Closer Musik, Sascha Funke and more. Kompakt, Germany.  £9.00

V/A Variable Access. Collection of electronic pop/electronica, released 2002. Features My Jazzy Child, Aerosol, Hypo, Osaka, Durine Muraille, Domotic, etc. Active Suspension, France.  £8.00

V/A Xing-Wu 2CD. Still sealed/new copy of this label sampler/collection featuring Climax Golden Twins, Reynols, Eric La Casa, Oren Ambarchi, Lee Kwang, Volcano The Bear, Jeph Jerman, Loren Chase and many others. Released 2004. Xing-Wu, Malaysia. £8.00

V/A You’ve Got Your Orders: Volume Two. Includes exclusive tracks by Nikki Sudden, Jim Coleman, Amps For Christ, Elliott Sharp, Silver Apples, Blues Goblin, The Scheme and others. Released 2009. Chrome Peeler, USA. £8.00




CHANSON ELECTRONIQUE Das Taxi MiniDVD. Eight music videos from 2005 by this German krautrock-inspired experimental rock group. Knistern, Germany. £5.00   NB: Postage same as a CD

CULVER The Plague of Wisdom CASSETTE. Limited edition tape from, I think, 2009 by Lee Stokoe’s drone/noise project. At War With False Noise. £4.00 NB: Postage same as a CD

CULVER The Lady in the Flames CASSETTE. Another ultra-limited tape by Lee Stokoe’s noise/drone/electronics project. From 2009…I think. At War With False Noise. £4.00  NB: Postage same as a CD

GERT-JAN PRINS & BAS VAN KOOLWIJK Syncronator DVD. Distorted TV waveforms combine with digital frequencies and noise on collaborative ten videos by these two artists. Released 2009. Cavity, NL.  £8.00   promo copy

4 x CDRs on the Stellar Auditorium/New Age Dawn label… SEMPERVIRENS, PROCER VENEFICUS, UNDERJORDISKA and UNDERJORDISKA/SPECTRAL LORE. To be sold together. All of a glloomy ambient/atmospheric drone/post-industrial persuasion. Released by this Greek label in late 2008 in limited editions of 300.  £8.00  total




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