Michael Begg | Human Greed – Dirt on Earth: a pocket of resistance

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“A milestone release… Absolute Masterpiece”
Dark Entries

Michael Begg offers us another magnificent piece of occluded ambience… A brilliant album

“The glacial symphonies of Dirt on Earth could coat the Sahara in frost. There is no music on Earth that sounds as haunted as Human Greed.

“Dirt on Earth is a masterful creation… There used to be a trinity of Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and Coil. Now the sonic gate keepers are a quartet; Nurse, Current, Cyclobe and Human Greed. This is an essential album.”
Was Ist Das

“Political commitment returns to the field of abstract music. This record is an act of resistance against alienation. Any mystical beauty has its light… and here is a reflection in obsidian, with winter wind and flowing blood”

“Music of a great quality. Majestically played”
Vital Weekly

“Gloomy symphonies full of harrowing emotional life… a majestic, powerful, compelling masterpiece”

“Dirt On Earth is a creature of the night… pressing up against the listener and tugging at hair and clothing.

“The geographies of Dirt On Earth – in particular majestic closer ‘Scenes From The Carefree Life’ – feel like secret routes through highland terrain that’s already vaguely, naggingly familiar, with certain landmarks along the way reminding you briefly of your location before ushering you swiftly towards hollows and hills you’ve not yet explored.”
The Quietus

Omnempathy presents

Michael Begg | Human Greed

Dirt on Earth: a pocket of resistance

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An Innocent in the Aisles
A Child is a Cup
Kitchen Tools
Invocation of the Scottish Winter
Your Little Hand as Warm as Milk
Pomegranate’s Endurance Medal
Scenes from the Carefree Life of a Roman Lady

Running Time; 71 minutes


“All the lies converge into one colossal falsehood: the supposition that life is a commodity and that those who can afford to buy it are, by definition, those who deserve it! Most of us know this is false, but very little of what we are shown confirms our resistance.”

John Berger, The Shape of a Pocket

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