Fovea Hex – I:I:XII Hail Hope

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I:I XII Hail Hope

Fovea Hex

Ladies & Gentlemen!
The darkest day is here again – time to take cheer!
It seems we are not alone this year in feeling that our claim is even more resonant than before – the darkest and most midnight hour is the hour to begin to sweetly sing about the breaking dawn…..
and so….
We are happy to announce that HAIL HOPE, is making a timely reappearance. Timely, and tangible, in the form of a CD single.
Whilst Carol remains, as before, a slide and shift through darkest night, Lullaby (debris mix) has been revisited by spectral voices and pulses, and produced by Michael Begg.
If you like your dark a little sweet, your lightness a little sinister, and your promises lustrous, you’ll take these two strangely perfumed songs deep into your own winter cave and learn again to sing.

Digital Release available from from Dec 21st €2.15, and you can order CD at Bandcamp for €6 (inc P&P) and receive immediate download of digital files in a format of your own choosing, plus delivery of CD from Jan 4th

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