Michael Begg – Live Dark Arts At The Classic

Live Dark Arts At The Classic
(Volume III of Scenes From The Carefree Life of a Roman Lady)

Michael Begg

(with Mary Millington (viola) and Fiona Richmond (cello) who appear courtesy of Soho Strings Attached)

Digital only release available exclusively through the Omnempathy Bandcamp Page

Available Now from the Omnempathy Bandcamp. Order Here http://omnempathy.bandcamp.com/album/live-dark-arts-at-the-classic

1. A Child Is A Cup
2. An Innocent In The Aisles
3.Tuath (Klosterruine coda)
4. Time Piece
5. Your Little Hand As Warm As Milk

Further Info, slipped under the door, written on blue paper…

The third in a series of occasional recordings intended to be imbibed, digested and consumed with red wine and moonlight.

The Classic is La Scala. the works contained here were delivered to ghosts who lingered in the stalls.

Here is where you brought the gifts of black water, sheep pellets and hill grass to the knees of Mondo Erotica. The light of a certain star takes 21 years to reach me here. In the light, Mary and Fiona hand me fragrant copies of Park Lane Monthly and invite my little boy memory to the Soho Press Bar. Now practise your lines, “Honest mum, we went to see The Empire Strikes Back”

“Late in some evening of your middle age the truth will out. You saw instead the measure of your future. Do you remember lust? I remember it distantly, and almost as well as my innocence. Well, I turned and filled that old porno theatre in the same manner as I have filled cathedrals. I claim my past and I claim that cold star whose light, travelling at 185,000 miles per second, takes 21 years to reach me.”