Paraphilia: "When Greed is Good"

Paraphilia Magazine‘s third issue has just been released. In there can be found some of the textual material informing and underlying Moonsuite. Including the section on “Dalkeith’s Next Top Model” which – co-incidentally – is the section of Moonsuite narrated by LeeDVD on Human Greed’s contribution to the forthcoming Lumberton Trading Co compilation “Autumn Blood (Constructions)”

Also, within this issue can be found “When Greed is Good” which is a continuation of the dialogue/interview between Canadian writer and film maker Kate MacDonald and myself that grew out of the original interview material for the Adverse Effect interview “Fine Arts of Language and Sound”

The magazine is free to download in PDF format and can be found here:

Choice quote? “I feel as much sorrow for a generation who have been given no room for their own minds to grow as I feel deep, profound seething hatred and loathing for Simon Cowell”

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