We shall overcome, and be cosy

We each have our own way of contributing to the revolution. This is mine!
Thanks, once more, to the mysterious partisan force that is Guerilla Knitting

My beautiful scarf was stolen some time earlier in the winter, but news spread, and one night, not so very long ago, whilst waiting on the train platform I heard a voice speaking closely into my ear: “Pssst, do not turn around for my identity must always remain secret to those who remain pure of heart in this world of tar and shame”.
Her breath was cold on the back of my neck. She went on:
“We have captured the swine who stole your scarf. She has been broken, melted, stretched and racked. Finally, we spun her remains on a terrible loom that we purchased in a sale of alchemical curiosities whilst on a field trip in Romania.”

I felt a parcel insinuate itself into my hand. Then the voice was gone.

Sometime later on the train I opened the parcel. It was a scarf. It is almost exactly the same as the original. But it is softer. I feel a little nauseous, yet a little thrilled, at the prospect of what constitutes the ‘wool’ from which the garment is rendered. Ultimately, I am just grateful to GlittrGrrl for taking the time out of more pressing matters to keep my old neck warm in the watery cool light of a Scottish spring.

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