Fucked from birth Part 5

Another one in an occasional series (four, three, two & one (scroll down to “baby girl had human bite marks” and, the very first archive entry “Fucked from birth”)) and – no, this is not, surprisingly, in any way bound to the recent Josef Fritzl case – although here is a little statistic to turn over in your mouth whilst having your dinner.

Rather it is to relate the thick wave of doomed nausea that overwhelmed me when I was walking through Edinburgh the other day. I passed Canonmills Primary School and saw – between the boarded up windows, high above the barbed wire and black iron railings the school’s new motto; work hard. play fair… There was a third part to this soulless, local authority – ergo fat fucking idiot – generated maxim, but I got too sick to hold it in memory long enough to bring it back here.

Work Hard. Play Fair. Is that it? Is that how to get these little stars a’shining?

Why didn’t they just go the whole fucking hog and scrawl in big fucking letters; Comply, Then Die.

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