Lower down in the mushy

Google Alerts recently threw up a Japanese blog review of Pilgrim. Of course, I had to engage my old habit of feeding pages through the Google translator. Here is the review in its entirety…

1267. Who? TEKA What is this machine have? Jacquet’s buying or job. Labels not know. Motive unknown. I was in the title homestead footed ARIEN I buy from. Michael Begg Scottish Human Greed is the later years to spend in Morocco to meet with Paul Bowles was created.

Paul Bowles is the people who think you know, born in New York in 1910 under the influence of Pau, France went after Cocteau met Gide and the music center stage as a musician. After writing activities, and a major influence on beatnik writers. That literary decadence to accept all kind of presence. Bowles is actually Michael Begg and exchange of ideas and exchanges happened I do not know. But Begg Bowles music from the向ったmotive for literature (music大雑把speaking in a deeper part of human expression not) to become the opposite sense.

Begg is music that is the human desire to be the most appropriate approach is considered. Although included in the spoken word, Begg was actually aimed at the integration of words and music is that you must have. Both words and music are able to contact the human depth of the problem is aesthetics looks like the word is the concept of demand, and by understanding the meaning of human Given that the music is inexplicable as tantalizingly also seems to be deep. However chain of music is just as pleasant to provide stimulus only to be expected.

Although the book is a novel, Dark Ambient真新しくないless. As a metaphor for “the human desire to lower down in the mushy,” meaning that it is no longer meaningless. But as a high quality music, blocked petty personal differences depends on the judge. When there is not much difference radical, or the other way and pull the experience to meet the needs when there is no identity of the high-quality machine that’s over. Oh, you can still describe this music is a personal collection that has been stimulated by others. Anyway Why I bought this machine?

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