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Only a master can punish you and make you grateful

I recently came across this sweet footage of the induction of Leonard Cohen into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame.

Cohen recites the first couple of lines from Tower of Song and, perceiving that this well fed and oiled crowd of industry bosses and pop-whores did not even recognise the damn song, seemingly decides to punish them by reciting the whole song, verse by chiselled verse.

I was recently offered back stage access and a chance to meet Leonard at his forthcoming performance at Edinburgh Castle. This once in a lifetime opportunity is unworkable as it transpires that Fovea Hex will be playing the very same night in Trento, Italy. Fuck.

3 thoughts on “Only a master can punish you and make you grateful

  1. I can still get that Blue Oyster Club tour t-shirt to make up for your loss. Honest once you get it and it’s all snug around your bod then things will all feel so much better.

  2. I. Feel. Quite. Sick.

  3. I of course meant Blue Oyster Cult.
    A Blue Oyster CLUB is a horse of a different colour.

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