I have no conscious memory of allowing others into my own work in the past.
For the new Human Greed record, however, I have found myself actively soliciting contributions based on the idea that in order to make sure that an idea has been realised fully the originator of the idea should field it for interpretation in order to see if there is a negotiated meaning that still remains true to the original idea.

I offered a line from Dalkeith’s Next Top Model to a few folk who I know, love, admire – or a mixture of all! and gave them free rein to interpret as they wish.

It would be a little premature to divulge all the names contributing to the record (a lady must retain some mystery!) but I can say that hearing the words returning through other voices is much more affecting than I could have anticipated. It is genuinely overwhelming. In terms of what it means to the life span of the lines themselves – the process – I can’t even begin to explore the consequences of that just yet. But never has a sliver of work seemed so alive for this lonely little artist!

“Sometimes, it’s like the silver coin of the moon is tossed, like alms for the poor, across the cold, midnight sky”

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