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All magazines are guilty, to some degree, of regurgitating the same core of content month in month out. But I must confess to a harmless hobby of mine that surfaces at this time of the month. The UK published Sound on Sound does a nice line in combining well informed reviews of emerging audio tools and software, but combines this with a hangover of its own home spun roots in the shape of studio improvisation. This is where pencils and rubber bands make sibilant blocks for microphones, and placing monitors on drawing pins and china tea cups improves frequency isolation, and so forth.

Every month, without fail, there is mention of hanging a duvet behind a singer – perhaps stationed in a wardrobe – to reduce “boxiness” I savour the moment that I first open up the pages and scan the likely areas – studio sos, your questions answered – until – BOOM. There it is!

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  2. A duvet behind a singer, huh? I shall have to try this on my next recordings. Not that I’m a singer. I just use my voice.

    Perhaps a sheet or even a pillow case will do for me, then…?!

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