The listener listens

Another Pilgrim New World Homestead review has popped up – this time from a listener taking the time to put up a blog entry on his myspace profile.

This one really caught my eye because I had just about given up on the possibility of anyone actually scratching at the musical quality of the work. All the emphasis has been placed on the noise, drone, experimental yadda yadda la-di-dada pedigree – which is fine – but limiting.

This chap, however, notes the passing of harmonics into disharmony, the simplicity of the tools used to make the sounds, and even hints at the severe editing regime i employed to cut the whole thing back to the absolute minimum components required.

Naturally, I am also delighted that my production has been flagged up as impeccable – almost counteracting the doubt left in me by Colin Potter who told me in Paris that he thought the bass was too prominent.

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