Water Tower

I have spent the past couple of days meeting folks for the first time.
First, a scan introduced me to the child my wife is expecting in September. Then I drove down to Lincoln to meet Clodagh Simonds for the first time – who I have been corresponding with for some time.
(I came across her footsteps in my back garden in the heart of winter, then she provided shoes for my son)

I have been bewitched by the sounds of Fovea Hex since Clodagh first brought her/their work to my attention some time late in 2006. I was delighted, therefore, when she gave me some files – consisting of a bunch of random piano recordings, all of a single note played at 91bpm in 6/4 time, and an indication that the whole would be compiled as a work called Oblivion – and asked me if I could do anything with them. Of course! I was all over it like a rash!!

So, my trip to Preston was to Colin Potter’s Water Tower Studio to listen in and bark where appropriate at the final mixing of the work. So, Colin was the third new person to meet in this short and dizzy period. Again, I knew him already from his work (with Nurse With Wound and through some recordings I have featuring him and Paul Bradley) but it was nice to put a face and character to the work.

His studio, for the record, sways in high wind and gives the feeling of recording at sea in high winds – which I now cannot help but link directly to the NWW Shipwreck Radio recordings that he kindly gave me on the morning I was leaving.

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