Digital Bus Lane

The process of getting Human Greed material available for digital download is one of the most tediously dragging processes I have ever come across since starting Omnempathy. judging from my mail box I am not the only one.
iTunes itself will likely not touch a small operator – preferring you instead to go to them via an aggregator. Essentially, ths amounts to saying that if you’re Britney or Elton (earning a bob or two) come on in. if you are an independent artist of independent means (living hand to mouth) go to someone else who will happily cream a cut before passing on the small change.
Same old, same old, same old.
I have, however, found a reasonable way of getting digital representation – and now having set up I am expected to wait TWO MONTHS for them to go through all the bum sniffing admin work that they need to assiduously follow.

Never think of technology as progress. It is not. It generates activity – that is all. Never think that all these endeavours into new media change anything, other than – well… consider this scenario… Your record shops are dying on their arses. your appreciation of music as essential soul-compost has been eroded to sand and all you have left is the eternal activity of tapping keys and viewing pages and counting friends and feeling so very little – but having good lists, lots of lists, well organised charts outlining the being you might have been or aspire to be. And you wear that like a coat in winter around the vacuum of your life online.

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