Fucked from birth Part 4

Hasn’t been one in this series since last September (see Mouth Replaced – Tears Removed) So I feel almost obliged to cough up some of the backlog of bile I find choking me in the wake of Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

What have we got here then? A loveless wanabee who sucks old cocks for money? Addiction to the idea of celebrity being a valid life choice? Inability to exert self control (encouraged decline by facile peripheral characters morning, noon and night)? Drugs and weight issues spiralling in the public eye under the unquestioning, judgemental but non-intervening gaze of the world on TV?
A weeping cab driving judge lowering the definition of pond scum – only to meet Ya Ya The Whore‘s husband down there? Depression? Abuse? Sex? Your ongoing premature death drama played out on entertainment rather than news pages (see here for instance)?

And there, right in the heart of it all – and being fought over by low life forms each with seemingly valid paternity claims – is a five month old girl.

I ask again – as we circle ever downwards – what hope?

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